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New Matrix 13


2-04 松林的低語


we to start a fire in circle c/21st century

whatever it takes

that fire will lit

- guardians chief

from destination

are you certain it happened ?

are you certain it need be the antecedent cause ?

are you certain you have a body ?

21st century

march 6/7 2005

like night lost

fire started about 3 am

sunset 7 pm/dawn was about 6 am

"we find  a place in between to land 

and rest for awhile "

we are in a parallel dimension

right next to him that night lost

here and now ...

his headlight fell from pocket

so he had to stop to look for it

"is anyone here ?"

- john

all gather into one circle

around him

to help him start 

the eternal fire



how will i find it ?

it will find you


"even at night, the sun shines just as brightly ; it may be that we are not in position to receive it at that time, but it is always there

at such times, a warm camp fire may be just as abundant"

the sun rise/sets the same way

- it doesnt move

if focus on the sun instead of the movement

 the sun is only veiled

otherwise, if focus on movement 

the sun/dharmakaya sets and rises

stay with it


​"where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence;

and where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”

- joseph campbell


we need that fire


we need respect

they are different standards of "need"

how to appreciate the basic things


"it is the love that keeps you warm"


First of all there will appear to you, swifter than lightning, the luminous splendor of the colorless light of Emptiness, and that will surround you on all sides. ...Try to submerge yourself in that light ...

- buddha


maybe that night i was liberated from the mental body

and have maintained link to that state since

trying to find way back to it ...


maybe they not showing us how to exit the canyon

but how to return to the "inner state" of that fire


dont know if it a new place - e.g. hopi inner sanctum ?

but a new inner state opened

a state/dimension of non body consciousness

this is new - we just looking at it

8-2 / 6 pm



like lucid dream

this is like a dream ; brain stem root of the vision

if see beyond it, there the waking world

if cross into it, the dream "this place will just vanish"

/stilled in time


images (4).jpeg

went to rainier ; it pulled us again - we been waiting

there a shift

this will take little time


once sunrise

he clear campfire

something tells him he will remember it

the smoke no more yet it feels the fire still there

so he turned back again to put more dirt on it

yet the feel of fire/life force still strong

he heads west, away from the rising sun ...

there a dry small creek he follows



images (3).jpeg

this feels like seeing that dirt road that morning

there an excitement/pull from future

the path opens



wherever it may take us

it now has feeling of compassion


the road opens

"there is no limit to approach the unknown

the possibilities are endless"

there was a relief upon seeing the dirt road

he took turn to right ... 

it was a joyful feeling

the morning freshness


in script - for our show


manjushri (circle a) vs.  john (circle b)

they both share/see same memory


to john (circle b anchored in a) he sees vision as vision

but to manjushri, there is neither vision nor no vision

"All things are empty:
Nothing is born, nothing dies"

- heart sutra


from circle b

john sees circle a is stainless and is pure

to manjushri

"nothing is pure, nothing is stained"

- heart sutra


to john in circle b

adventitious memory wave in circle b is cause of samsara 

to manjushri

"There is no suffering, no cause of suffering"


to john/those in circle b

in vision, the body is created by the memory wave

to manjushri/circle a

there is no body

"there are no eyes, no ears,
no nose, no tongue,
no body, no mind."- heart sutra


to john of circle b

there need not be antecedent cause/can be neutralized ; time is inner movement

to manjushri

there is no space/time

"in a single moment, you are born, you age, you die, you transmigrate, and you are reborn."

- buddha



 it is all of the mind but not in the head 

the inner body  is all in the head

where is your body ?

- manjushri

it is not here

this just a vision body

memory body wave and its display

only there when observed

- john

it is all empty

once that is seen

the real body/kaya reveals itself

- manjushri



how to view cause/effect

- john

it hasnt happened

- manjushri



you are inside my world

- dream lord/mara

we standing on same ground (circle a)

- manjushri

your body wave (in circle b) is in my world

-and must be same as my body code

-  dream lord

my wave is in my world

your wave your world

- hanuman

ok, but if you enter my form worlds

you must be same as my body wave/code

- dream lord

you say what you say

- hanuman



are you certain it happened ?

are you certain it need be the antecedent cause ?

are you certain you have a body ?


the sphere of compassion/dharmakaya

wuchi is non polarity

the primal luminosity/consciousness

everything is non differentiated

the stratum beneath the body consciousness

the natural state


close your eye and what you see is inner body

close your eyes and tell us when you see outer body

"are you certain you have a body ?"


01 Ava Maria

another easement request ...

if this someone from gompa ?

 if it not random 

 guardians to surround seven ways now until they speak and reveal the circle behind the vision

we to move into them at start/not they into us

like airball full court press


the real battle is between

guardians vs. makers of these visions

- inner kung fu 

but the guardians need first train/know how to deal with the real influence behind e.g. the world conflicts

because if guardians get pulled by anything other than the source of them - we play right into their game

so we first gather composure/clarity here

and identify the field we to battle within

this a vision but these patterns are duplicated in other world and if we can rival it here  we can rival it there

and this the easiest place to rival the wave


that 9th level illusion spell of  dragon lord/wizard

this the simulation designed to train guardians to rival/neutralize its power/influence

- guardian scout #1

legendary kung fu novel


he cant see the guardians and cant find them anywhere

that why he is scared

the guardians here are beyond his vision

- guide


writer just a messenger

write only the essentials

not the game plan 

that he not know until revealed

the hopi book club


the third body/world we speak of is little different than the root of second body

it not the non dual peace people think of

that just sambogakaya


visiting teresa/michael

i need to apologize to you (teresa) and you need thank me (micheal)

- john

they look on pensively

(to teresa) i had a good book to give you but it was so good i read it, so i need apologize

(to michael) you need thank me because if you had read that book it be too powerful  so i read it for you

- john

somewhere in that a middle laughter body is seen

but no know whose body it is

 the heyoka body/world/field ; the body of joy

it is unique ; inconceivable

and at root of it a laughter soundless


the poop heaven

the recent sighting of the big foot poop

near small town orting, wa

chewpi news sends reporter 

"how do you know it big foot's poop ?"

- chewpi news correspondent

if there poop, there must first be body

- big foot expert

how can you verify the authenticity of it ?

- chewpi news

"we had it verified by the big foot poop expert

- big foot expert

but what if people not believe it credible ?

- chewpi news

"we will have it verified by a second big foot expert ..."

- big foot expert #2

" wow ... we believe it"

- hotto club

we are first luminosity then a physical body

the inner world is not outer/solid

the inner world at root is luminosity

field of quantum wave/light

then something somehow got in between

our inner sees inner as outer

and then movement is fixed/one way

because outer cannot be changed by inner

then somehow some way we remember that luminosity

the inner world is not solid

and the physical body we see is but the reflection of the inner world

the inner world is first luminosity

field of quantum wave/light

emptiness is beyond it


close your eye and what you see is inner world

close your eyes and tell us when you see outer world

dont get pulled by it


in personal vision/dream

there no other body here

there not even our mental body needed

yet spirits communicate through non sensory

and the apparitions we see 

like a dream/vision

like that movie contact scene

she was in a quantum hologram and given the information/knowledge that way

"that has been the way ..."

vision of compassion

everything is pre-destined in this vision

"down to the smallest detail" 

every outer movement

every inner thought

every word written/spoken

every reading

every memory

it all pre-scripted

we just reading it

we cant change what we see because we are not the mental body

but we can detach from it

and then self  can influence what we see

from our 6d then

there is no decision to make

no responsibility to take

no memory to accept

like dream, there no body here

if there no one else here

and this body is vision pre scripted

every little e.g. ant bite etc. came from vision maker

not the ant

"this vision helping you

mic is protecting you"

- guide


the non sensory world is without this vision body/world

which was never us in the first place

just display of lights/virtual reality

a vision is an inner movement

separate out the separable

this vision is created by wisdom/dharmadatu

For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.

- 2 Corinthians 5:1


our director of vision is compassion

and/or mic 

so it always compassion


The self-experience of self-perfected insight
Is fields, and palaces, with their thrones, and ornaments.
They make their appearance in many rays of light.

- longchenpa on sambogakaya

it a wisdom of "self perfected insight"

- effortless deepening of compassion


reading back new matrix 8 (2020-2022)

like the mental body wanting go somewhere but just keep cycling/melting within a timeless compassion

our 4d gets pulled back forth until it learns to separate out the separable and stay with the ground

- the ultimate medicine


they already have it all planned for you

- guide

so what next ...?

we dont care





it all pre written yet correspondents to our deepening qualities so a paradox

once reach new level

everything is pre scripted like a dream

but from that new level of quality


without mental body

nothing within past/future of it happened/happens

like without merry go around in which the walls we see has displays of e.g. day and then night then day etc.

young/old/death/birth etc.

without mental body, none of it within merry go around is seen the same way from outside


three drawings by three people

1. a person without coffee am 7 am

2. goes to am coffee 

3. a person with coffee 8 am

if they each different person 


they same person same background same artist 

they 3 different drawings/worlds/bodies

they separate in cause of eachother

e.g. that the person #2 buying coffee is a separate drawing/slide 


- it pulls our inner 

the antecedent cause/effect circle links photo 1 to 3

like it continuous


it then becomes one way

there no stopping it

the antecedent cause/effect

a mental body which can only go one way in time - past to future - is created 

if inner time go only one way

there has be memory of yesterday

because no reverse current is available to counterbalance


once inside wheel / merry go around

the inner is only able to experience the three drawings in one sequence  ; in its memory - it not able to see three slides as separate drawings and so cannot experience it in different sequence


if you 30 years old

you must had a body 29 years old

it the cause of this vision/slide of 30 years old


maybe that how spontaneous healing /rapture etc. takes place

the continuity of the three drawings is cut off

replaced by another slide from a new sphere



slides of 21st century america/authority etc.

is first seen as a slide show/inner movement


we not there anymore so it not need be here

that the drawing of 21st century need not forever be behind this drawing in sequence / antecedent cause

the old 21st century body wave need not forever be the cause of this body consciousness

it done so within compassion

then a new world slide is introduced step by step

replacing the old vision with a new slide / sphere


merry go around described above


a middle station

so same merry go around but different drawings/digital display and slower speed

the drawings/visions designed to turn their attention to beyond merry go around

the slower speed allows them to see

what is already/always there unchanging like sun


what is impossible becomes possible when we understand that drawing of past need our be our antecedent cause at all, psychologically speaking


with each slide we can return to innocence

start from zero - free of the other drawing

it'll take teamwork and repetition to gradually neutralize the wheel of mental body

and what remains is what has always been

the dharmakaya is without antecedent cause


download (47).jpeg

a national holiday


ok ok my love

we will make this day the national bonsai day

a national holiday 

- chiang speaks with authority

she hugs him

"wow ... so romantic ..."

- hotto club

it’ll wither away like ice melting upon warmth

once reach certain the depth of dharmakaya 

the mental body is seen as inner and loses its duality


its duality gradually wither away once the ground is seen and/or from ground, the duality of mental body withers away because there no new fuel


the inner duality of mental body is withdrawn into ground and/or return to innocence


mental body like number 8

it made with duality/binary

if the middle not seen

the two polarities creates the mental body

if there is past which pulls

there must be a future memory/mental body to become

they same two circles 

e.g. as inner, something solid if something is not

if mental body is solid then something is not

to us/mental body, manjushri body is light ours solid

to manjushri, no solid body no light body


to dharmakaya, nothing happens

“resemble dreams that never stir from sleep

they come from nowhere ; nowhere do they go”

- jigme lingpa

nothing happens in light display

(yet the "outer" phenomena is reflection of it)

"For this reason earth has no need of purpose. Everything becomes spontaneously what it should rightly be." - i ching


as  mental body/illusion subside

sambogakaya apparent/reveal

like night lost, at first  couldnt see past few feet in dark

as night went on/mental body subsided

could see much more clear 

12-31-22 (1-1-99 chewpiland)


asking what is next/beyond this from here is that we are still here but this is not​

the more here is here

the less this is here


extinction into compassion

- future beacon​

duality of inner movement/mental body subsides into ocean of compassion

yet we still have a body/memory

- light body and memory w/o antecedent cause

a non five element /spiritual body 

memory free of antecedent cause means nothing happened


we are not the mental body

that the bottom line - the original false program

take care of that and all fine

more repetition of it counter balances the mental body

no doer means no antecedent cause

without a mental body

"you are not therefore the karta (the doer)"

as inner

whenever something moves in counter clockwise within compassion and its what we need

there easy to laughter

can take them in but cant stay

we can give you a role in fong chi world cup

so when you in fong chi

you here world of joy


yomama fong chi team

yomama is already from clown heaven

she brings her two apprentices

funny mann and putt putt professional

they visitors / guests of yomama

she gives them each script to say 


a consummate professional

putt putt pro to imitate the PGA professional golfers seriousness/emotions while playing putt putt golf


a serious business woman

funny mann real name is fanny mann

her birth certificate was mis spelled

her friends call her funny

are you funny ?


yes, that is my name

- funny

so are you ... funny  humor too  ?

- chewpi news

what does that have to do with it ?

- funny

serious tone

a serious business woman who speaks serious and taken seriously by serious business people

audience  listens attentively

zhu tai ming is a writer working with zhang fang pi on the autobiography of william su 

their most recent additions to the classic :

"when williiam su sings to the taiwan ladies in 90's

the tears that naturally spring from their heart and soul ...

can not be measured in ounces

but in pounds

and when william married ms hawaii taiwan 85/86/87 

the amount of tears of ladies crying cannot be measued in pounds

by in gallons ..."

- movie script

"wow ... so romantic ..."

the hotto club

listens attentively  / wiping away tears of romance

"in vision

the body - e.g. the heart - is a light display

only to the mental body’s mind does it seem solid"

so why our mental body sees inner as outer ?

same reason why it sees itself as outer

“the i have a body idea”


pt is, it is the luminosity which forms the heart 

once we see it here

it already beats in energy world

so it not a solid thing - our body

if it fine in luminosity/inner world

it fine in the reflected pond/outer display

vice versa

this is a new science

passed on to us by friends 

it has potential to resolve things at root 


A luminous thing giving out light must have within itself something that perseveres; otherwise it will in time burn itself out. Everything that gives light is dependent on something to which it clings, in order that it may continue to shine.

- i ching

the luminosity based on mental body as basis

compounded and defined/limited


luminosity with dharmakaya as basis

one is wuchi/natural light

"from within the expanse of the uncompounded primordial wisdom of the dharmakaya ... a naturally , outwardly glowing radiance is spontaneously present as the sambogakaya buddhafields ..."

- treasury of precious qualities 


if mental body as basis

a subjective/subconscious body is created that appears to our mental body/mind as objective

the mental body becomes the veil which usurps our link to the natural inner spring


fong chi world cup

as they greet eachother upon arrival to the festival

they talk differently than the worlds they from

"i am sorry i will make you laugh"


how you doing


i am always good

but never as good as you 

oh, if i only have half of your abundance and talent i be fulfilled


oh yea, i need only 1/4 of of your talent to be content


etc etc.

well, if you four times more funny than me then you should be laughing by now


to the contrary

i said i be content if i am four times less funny than you


it feels like we are crossing into a new state/beacon ?

there is a state without mental body


above is our art version of trikaya

so this eternal fire became lit  this evening

a deeper/central view ; base camp

we dont know ; something new

the eternal fire is freedom

the sun rises/sets same way - it not move


05 Track 05


the mental body has a mental mind

the mental mind/brain sees mental body as outer/object

itself as inner/subject

"Western psychologists refer to the "conscious mind." Buddha called this part of the mind the paritta citta (a very small part of the mind). "

mental body's mind sees "a very small part of the mind"


the 3d body is natural if the mind is normal/not interfered with

"This is just an appearance" There would not be any such understanding​

"...this is mere appearance of a reflection, whereas the real substance  ... has not come here"

if a two way flow 

the mental body/place is seen as "just an appearance"

e.g. above photo of writer

it not the real substance

and the real substance of what we see is in the light body/the wave field


the mental body's mind/brain sees a reflection of itself in the stem

like a projector​, if it flows only one way

the brain stem only 

projected/buck to hundred/i am the body

and not reflected/buck to penny/i am not the body

a seemingly solid mental body is experienced by the mental body's mind/brain

and the light/wave field is veiled

a subconscious divide is created

the mental body's mind/brain sees the mental body as "the real substance"


the night of shiva/dharmakaya is beyond the field of wave/light

a sign one has see it is in seeing the mental body more clear​

The pure 'suddha' state of daylight that shines forever is the 'Sivaratri' (the night of Siva).
- ramana


reverse within compassion

if someone from dharmakaya can get people to worship him as a monkey

that be reverse circle flowing

if it can get a monkey to be called king

that also be counter clockwise

he always a servant and monkey/childlike

he only wins when he needs to

always loses whenever he gets to

he of the same current as dharmakaya people

but somehow people think not that way

just he a fool but is friends to gods and demons


hanumon is just one name

he has over 100 other names

e.g. "cheerful" ; "lord of monkeys"


he has a monkey army

the tricksters guardians always pretend to lose

wait for the "winner" to over peak 

known for wisdom compassion mischief and power

the clown chief is this sambogakaya /spirit

this monkeying place is called the world of joy


a rainbow light being / circle a

hanuman energy body cannot be stained by mental body


reverse within compassion


above photo

circle a is the 3d

circle b is the luminosity field

circle a the dharmakaya


reverse of 3d is not same as reverse of circle b is not same as reverse of circle a


false programming/mental body's version of reverse is not same as reverse of pure vision 

etc. etc.


until they truly realize the value of reverse

we will stop showing it

and then they will just come to you

otherwise, let it go


"you ... sir walter mathews ...?"


oui ... and you ... olivia pouquo ...?


they gaze into each other 

"wow ... so romantic ..."

- the hotto club



the circle a of compassion


the space of mental body is inner movement

- the "universal ground" is basis of mental body worlds



the causal is the universal ground/mental body's space

the causal is creator of subtle/physical binary

causal/subtle we call inner ; physical we call outer

but they all caused/created by an illusionary ground

" It generally refers to the highest or innermost body that veils the atman or true Self."

"separate out the separable"

- uttara tantra



to the "big mind", nothing happens in the mental body's mind has antecedent cause to it​


49/51 counterbalances 51/49

i am not the body / i am the body

then maybe something else​

are you certain it happened ? is a 49/51 inner counterbalance 


"this past 20 years nothing happened"

it is/was an inner movement

as inner, are you certain it happened ?


outer is what is displayed

it happens/reflected naturally/spontaneously as product of the luminosity/inner world

- like how dreams just happens

as an inner antecedent cause

nothing we see as inner movement at present moment need be an antecedent cause

and so we say "are you certain it happened?"

if we can neutralize the one way flow at the mental body ground, something else may open /reveal


the little mind

"containing all object of thought

the universal ground is known as mind" - treasury

the big mind sees the object of thought as inner movement

the mental body sees the object of thought as outer movement

the big mind sees the mental body's mind/memory as not happened/have no antecedent cause/not continuous with the previous slide

the mental body sees the memory as an inner movement which is antecedent cause to the present memory body

the little mind sees the memory as itself

a continuous existing being​

etc. etc.



counterbalance within compassion

circle abc

am coffee and the cup is here

am bakery and the bread is here

to circle a - it didnt happen/nothing happened

to circle b without mental body/anchor in circle a

- it is certain of only the 3d display of the cup/bread

it sees the 4d memory of am coffee/bakery

but knows it need not be the cause

- are you certain it happened/need be antecedent cause

to circle b of mental body's mind

it sees the 3d display as its body

and sees the 4d memory as proof of the reality/antecedent cause

- so it sees the 3 slides as one way flow etc.

coffee/bread just pg - 13

its memory/antecedent cause need not be neutralized

but many things/memories do

e.g. are you certain there is/was a pandemic ?​

point is : we can neutralize its circle b wave from here/now - ​​we neutralize it circle b before it/quality reflect as display


it will just come to you ; no need seek it

that if we meant be there, it be easy flow

otherwise, this is not what it seems

- future 


so if one not there and even if they send photos after - it didnt happen ?


no, they dont exists here in that way. 

- bison


dont do it for them (they dont exist here that way)

just for yourself"

- mei



if we can return to same world again ?​

then to their view - 21st century

it be called miracle/resurrection 

they may not even know we left - "cut the stream of physical existence" - and came back as nirmanakaya

"you will see us again"

is what we tell them to pass back

that it is possible​ and if we can, we would ...​

and we may not be returning alone



this already home base

but we want to stay with the mental body/world wave a little longer - to help past

so it feels like in a no body world


a time will come, which may be soon, they will reveal themselves to you and explain this place, how it works 

they are waiting for the acceptance 

they will come to you ; you need not do anything

- yolanda



last week a dream we saw a rainbow then looked up and realize we were at/within the end of it


there are realms from which you can travel to future/past;  to distant places in an instant

you want to get ready ; it can happen anytime

i feel like you are close

- yolanda

you will anticipate it

- raja



we are taking/giving a tour of the one land

-  tour guide

the capital of it

is the elegant/prestigious

and some may even say ... a bit stuck up ...

the great twonship of 

The Poop ...

-  tour guide #2

"wow ... so elegant ..."

- the hotto club


wave a/b of compassion

the display we see - 3d = the five sensory

there is another display that is beyond the 3d/five sensory/mental body  display

that display has a 4d which is beyond the personal mind

and an energy field beyond the five elements


close our eyes and there is an immovable center to all inner movements 

open your eyes and that center is still here

wheel of time vs. wheel of eternity

different 4d movement beyond mental body time

different 5d energy beyond mental body light

there is a different 3d display beyond mental body time/space

the world of compassion


start with the 4d insights and/or 5d transformation

the display simply reflect the energy

the immovable center influences the inner movement which transforms the outer

otherwise the inner movement can get stuck in a loop

so start with anchoring into circle a

the circle b wave/energy/5d then becomes transformed into new qualities

dark energy cannot be stained by five element energy

the circle b 4d movement becomes more neutral/calm

non binary/two way flows

allowing clarity/insight/discriminating wisdom

dharmakaya is not influenced by the inner movement



there a crossing we cant enter

if one even doubt whether one is in it

one is not

writer no doubt he not 

so not trying to cross into it no more

enough is enough



the void/dharmadatu is shown through a vision

a vision within the void 

nothing happens in the void/circle a


1) reality is there only when observed 


2) we evolved from apes

both recognize present moment view as reality

first one sees present memory of ant as just a memory

it need not be antecedent cause

if this a dream, it not the ant yesterday which created the bite but the dream mind etc.


the ant bite memory is a solid fact and not just a memory

it has to be the antecedent cause of the present display


without mental body, there is no antecedent cause


mental/memory body requires inner memory/movement as antecedent cause

it needs constant motion to exist

and it goes only one way etc.

both are certain the memory is there

but are you certain it happened/need be antecedent cause ?

you get point : neutralize past/memory as present cause

"what is impossible becomes possible only when you understand that there is no tomorrow at all, psychologically speaking"


reverse within compassion

we see our future there at home base

he looking at us

sharing same thought

if you already certain we be here

and know we are/will be looking back at you once dream wakes, knowing you know it a dream/vision and is also able to link with us in our waking state while also linking to the dreamed world ...

you get the point

we in an unique situation/view - only this beacon

it maybe what/why we came this way ...

we no need to go that way

trying to wake/go pureland etc.

we already there

now we have anchor/link to homebase

we should try a different path

"you have never traveled the conventional"


"what would 051415 do ?"


this place timeless

the longer we can hang out in this unique view

more help awaken state can send to our past through us

so instead os conventional path

"they are waiting for your cultivation to mature"

"if you fall off track, you may have to do vision over again"

etc. etc.

we dont want to mature nor stay on track

- heyoka captain #3



writing pad :



writing pad :


write what comes

wake up thankful everyday


wherever it may take us

it now has feeling of compassion



wherever we are there is only what is in front of us


"the rules here are not imposed

because people are different here

they have quality

- guide

you can just relax here



dark world

chewpiland guardians

arriving at battle station

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