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"As the moon reduces on its waning course

Until it is occluded on the night of the new moon,

Each shining phase is not absorbed into the one that follows it.

Instead, the outer glowing radiance sinks back into the inner space

From which no radiance emerges.

Thus it is that the sambhogakaya’s exclusive self-experience

Is gathered back into the great primordial wisdom of the dharmakaya.

Madhyamikas proclaim this as “supreme cessation”

In which all movements of the mind

Sink back into the dharmadhatu."

- jigme lingpa

02 For the World - Theme Music


the final chapter



has the tide turned on this pandemic ?

just a feeling

maybe ... it was this sunday ?


if airport willing to help us

we be grateful

eventually they entitled to an easement

whether it now or in future years when trees grow back


in vision it matters little

but it may be meaningful to take this momentum into next world with us 


stop it first inner

- airball captain


zhu ren zhang teaching tai chi and inner kung fu

already have students

all from nayas

some customers and staff


someone watching nba games talking about antidote issue

"man, if some cheap (bleep) motel with cheap (bleep) owner require their maids to all be (antidoted)  , then it not selfish for her to say no to owners mandate

but if this nba, they gotta do owners bidding ..."



we know people here not same as past world we remember

e.g. fisher not same person

 "fisher challenged guardians"

- guardians page

we just wrote what comes

we thought it was just writing drma

and it wouldnt come off on edit

even now

why ?

 she a representative of a spirit which s behind the scene ?

a witch old

the guardians just ask us to write what comes


"sir, we have the red october back on the radar "

 the submarine now has new carpet

and remodeled kitchen



compassion is the most powerful yet misunderstood

it not the niceness/guilt trip society has suppressed the word into - yet everyone understand what it is

the advanced people we see - they talk of it but they dont follow it - not like a donkey follow a carrot

they just speak of it as though it a nice word and act nice when they need - believing their practice is superior

then their development not progress easily and it with ceiling

they may accumulate massive power and magic - but the magic of life not there - then they need to take control over it

within compassion,  whatever it bring us is within compassion - that is simple but profound statement

we been following it 15 years 

but we dont really know how else to show it others 

- they misunderstand it as outer movement

and wont follow it as inner either because they dont understand or they already stuck in another way of thinking 

we dont know

just write what comes


a kid within compassion is far superior than an old wise man who not within it - they not within it because they not follow its flow because it just too simple

you get point


- we will never attain/understand compassion - like million never reach billion

but we always trying and it always helping

it the source of life/joy

only innocent mind can follow it




one is not enlightened but has the skill to make understand the words of those who are

body and/or compassion

- body has inner/outer

inner adventitious creates outer skandhas  body

- the outer is not the inner

"the appearing objects of perception are not, however, the mind itself"

"it is an important mistake to declare that "all appearances are the mind"

- treasury

- the outer is a ripening of the inner

"outer phenomena is nothing but the ripening of the mind's propensities"
- treasury

like dream the present outer we see is but the past ripening into memories/visions

- the inner is pure even if we cant see it

without the veil of that inner body

 the inner is originally pure and remains pure 

the outer skhandhas  is the effect of the inner adventitious /veil

- no outer lifting of veil without inner

so we first create a premise :

we need to uplift that inner veil

conclusion finding :

"it is just this inner movement we need to take care/focus in  on ... "

- chewpi news