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the power of abundance

it is the power of expansion with compassion

to accumulate it

easier to help others than just self 

he wants to expand more

that his passion

we the constant and the reverse

give his team a chance to make a presentation

i am also an investor - join the circle


the future protected them from center of universe

the body of ultimate medicine


the two currents have nothing in common

they of different basis even if appear same


the body is the energy

ultimate medicine the state

to strengthen link and to separate out separable


the skandhas current will pressure us to not be different

but it an inner thing

we choose to stay with this


and so if they stay with this

the body of ultimate medicine 


there no end how much deep the energy can go


age not issue

it not how old one is but how many years left and that always increasing

because that future is pulling us

the state of ultimate medicine does not age


if your body is 10% that

then 10% not age

step by step the primal current gets stronger


it much easier 

to help protect others strengthen into the body of ultimate medicine

than to just do it for own


that how gain/accumulate the gift - compassion