Chewpi Studio

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April 2018 to ...  June 2021          


subject/object in dreams are preset
there a third/ground layer watching the dream 

there no one here - from third layer
from second floor - everything seem real

there no time, just movement of memory - from ground
from second floor - time moves one way



like 5 hour energy drink

it boosts immunity vs. fatigue

useful to some but not to all

some factories require all their workers to drink it

to make sure there be no one tired

some allows them choice


in script

from future view

people passing on  earlier then expect may not be the issue they looking at/why they return to help

it may be the inner darkness that makes the third circle no longer flowing

the machines inner becomes the base of inner movement


as inner

there fear based inner movement - forward

there non fear based ground movement - constant

there a reverse current

as outer do what do

but as inner ...

most caught in the inner current

their inner movements are  fear based


some can stay in constant

"deep root are not reached by the frost"

death hunters rides the reverse

they use the reverse wave



the over serious hunters

in fong chi

there the circle that in  laugh - forward

 the no laugh - constant

there those who rush the stage

the billboards/advertisement be the forward

trying to pull attention into its movement

constant be those not pulled by it



this place now is very different than oct 2020

deeper and more serene and more alone


as inner

we waiting on this accumulation of the power

our observation

this current ultimate medicine

is getting stronger .... and stronger

once it over flows ...

we will all have chance to keep building it

it just make one feel safe no matter the

inner movement

and it has a purifying effect

like if we can just stay in this as long as possible

it is accumulating and self purifying

once it ready

the current will take us places and bring us helpers