Chewpi Studio

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April 2018 to ...  June 2021          



"i'm checking in to see where you are with completing the Power of Attorney document. 

-Marco Milanese
Community Engagement Manager
Port of Seattle


it still marco we need talk to

who is he ? ...we ask the commissioners


and how does writer respond ?

(you dont have to respond to that yet)



he pretends to have the authority but not

we yet to have clear view


'if this not random ... we not blocking the guardians"

nothing in vision is random

"you think this is some kind of a scam ? "


guardians to circle marco

let find out what really want 

- future guardians 


the tide is turning

we put the siege on them to answer

there no going forward/backward 


4-1-18 may have historic changing values

- the future says

it was his controlled mean side/act

who's he doing it for ?


on 1-10

if 8 pretend to be 10

then there an 2 extra which hides the 2 other way

foundation wont feel grounded

vice versa


this our own sambogakaya ?

this what it comes down to 


this vision is not us

and so the vision body is not us

what remains is the  natural/rainbow body


if we look younger vision body

it not us

and so if we look older vision body

it also not us

you get point