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the inner luminosity

reinforcement (2)



how we appeared is also how we submerge

"if we understand how a tree is contracted into a seed, we understand the future unfolding of the seed into a tree"
- The I Ching

how the sun sets is also how it rises
it not move

if focus on the sun instead of the movement
the sun is only veiled
otherwise, if focus on movement
the sun/dharmakaya sets and rises
stay with it

return to the source

in vision/dream
the sun stays same
our mind/inner moved

our ground stays same
our second floor veil moved
dharmakaya is unchanging relative to rupakaya

if focus on the sun instead of the movement
then the sun is veiled by the inner movement
if focus on the inner movement instead of the sun
the dharmadatu/sun sets and rises

stay with it
“…the three men I admire most, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost – they caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died.” - song lyric american pie
to some, the sun always same
- compassion never abandone
to others, they see a setting sun into "the coast"
"dont get pulled by the rip tide"

the outer sun may be the source of outer light
but the inner sun is not the source of the vision
it just an inner movement

dark matter cannot be seen by outer light
yet they say it exists

dark energy is not five element energy
not subject to its ripening process/movement

"having realized ... the nature of (dharmadatu) just as it is those of understanding are released from birth, sickness, aging and death"
- uttaratantra

in vision/dream
if sunlight is without antecedent cause
- it did not take light years for the sun light to get here
the body is also same
- it did not take years for it to ripen into this body
it just here

since with respect to the ...dharmakaya, these four aspect of destruction are not present ..."
- buddha nature

"being of nature forever indestructible ...
is the explanation (of the uncreatedness)"
- uttara tantra
in vision/simulation, the vision body was never born and so no age /ripening ; free of antecedent cause

wherever we are there is only what is in front of us
it need not have inner antecedent cause

as inner dharmakaya cannot be moved relative to rupakaya ; and that makes all the difference

wherever we are there is only what is in front of us
(as inner) it all compassion

we inching closer into it/the sun is rising
the clouds are dispersing/veil losing its pull

"in a single moment, you are born, you age, you die, you transmigrate, and you are reborn."
- buddha

there is only what is in front - this moment
it the same moment each vision experiences
this moment same no matter where we are
this same moment is eternal

there really no one behind the mental body other than ourself
the mental body's mind cant change what is already created nor itself so everything is predestined to that mind , but if quality transforms
the mental body/place transforms
to the "big mind"
nothing happens in the mental body's mind has antecedent cause to it

the body sphere of dharmakaya cannot be stained

this place has no flesh body/world
and mental body is not needed
the nature of the energy is not exhaustible

the spiritual body not need mental body to exist

each vision experiencing different moment
vs. same moment experiencing each vision

to that same moment - nothing happens

there no trinity inside dharmakaya/big mind
only when it divides the perception
rupakaya is seen

inner calendar is part of the (mental body)
time is natural movement but a one way only time is skhandhas
inner astronomy/astrology is also (mental body)

"It is the mysterious place where all things begin and end, where death and birth pass into the other"
- i ching
vs. there is a state without mental body

it not a place where mental body can enter/exist
so if one enters with a mental body, the mental body (4d) is no more, and the 5d energy of mental body also no more
if without mental body, it a different experience

mental body compassion  vs.  dharmakaya compassion
one a mental body duty/program/second floor pull
the other is a natural instinct
that duty is one of mental body's inner pulls

it cannot be measured as in length height etc.
there is no here/there because it without substance
it is at bottom of everything because there is nothing beneath

there really no one behind the mental body other than ourself
to the "big mind", nothing happens in the mental body's mind has antecedent cause to it
are you certain it happened/need be antecedent cause ?

without the mental body, it is all compassion
the sphere of compassion
it cannot be stained by the mental body
the ultimate medicine

dark energy is inexhaustible
it is like honey, the polarity returns quickly to zero
it is our  (mental body) which expires

mic's compassion is another level
it easier to follow him than to try to realize the inconceivable within
same effect ; different path

the effect/result same - we are inside sphere free of that wheel of antecedent cause/inner movement

like merry go around
someone has to pull you out/let you in
stay with it




close your eyes and the body you see is inner movement
close your eyes and tell us when you see outer movement
"are you certain you have an inner body ?"
- this where we now
- john
open your eyes and what you see is inner movement
open your eyes and tell us when you see anything that is not inner movement
"are you certain you have a body ?"
- manjushri


if close eyes the 3d we see is inner 4d
if open eyes the 3d we see is ripening of inner/luminosity
already happened inner/wave field

not even a  mental body remains
without inner/mental body, there no difference samsara/nirvana

if it inner movement,  it cannot be outer body
if it inner movement, it cannot be outer place

close your eye and what you see is inner body/world
close your eyes and tell us when you see outer world

without mental body, there nowhere to go
the false vision exits our field of perception
we not exit it

without mental body
there are "No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind
No colour, sound, smell, taste, touch,
Or what the mind takes hold of ..."
- buddha
it something else

without mental body
there is no memory body as past nor as cause
yet the memory is there
memory of am coffee - here  only in the present
there a mental body with memory of itself at am coffee

open your eyes and what you see is inner
the outer is the space
the inner the mental world

the inner which linked with outer has clear light
space/emptiness linked with luminosity
as inner, space as ground is without the mental body

the inner which not linked with space has mental body which sees inner world as outer
after while, inner body keeps getting on first base

the space of mental body is inner movement
- the "universal ground" is basis of mental body worlds

the causal is the universal ground/mental body space
the causal is creator of subtle/physical binary
the physical is reflector/yin of the subtle/yang
causal/subtle we call inner ; physical we call outer
but they all caused/created by an illusionary ground

"... the causal body is merely the cause[1] or seed of the subtle body and the gross body. It has no other function than being the seed of the subtle and the gross body.It is nirvikalpa rupam, "undifferentiated form". It originates with avidya, "ignorance" or "nescience" of the real identity of the atman, instead giving birth to the notion of jiva."
" It generally refers to the highest or innermost body that veils the atman or true Self."
- wikipedia

it is important to distinguish the universal ground/causal sphere with dharmakaya
it is still inside samsara/merry go around
but often confused with the highest by some teachings
- because it the perfect mental body
and knowledge of dharmakaya has faded through time

"separate out the separable"
- uttara tantra



if enter simulation - there an inner/outer space
the outer space is illusion ; the inner space is
not needed

discriminate between cause body vs. endless space body
that discriminating wisdom the greatest wave defense shield

endless space body vs. elemental space/mental body
endless space/inner luminosity vs. elemental space light/outer luminosity

let go inner body vs. inner body let go its memory

without mental body
"ultimately, nothing happens  (in this place)"
- bison

if there mental body
there must be a present memory
and so the shower 10 minutes ago must have happened
otherwise - the mental body has no basis

if there mental body
"the physical body must have existed 10 minutes ago
otherwise mental body would not have the memory"
is what mental body thinks

"It is not (even) born in a body of mental nature"
- uttara tantra

without mental body
there is the present memory we see/read
beyond that we cannot be certain
are you certain it happened ?

mental/memory body cannot exist without the memory
there no flesh body here/just spirit body
the spirit body can exist with or without mental body

without mental body
there is no age and so no aging - forward nor reverse
there not a mental body birth date

without mental body, there still be 3/4/5d
without mental body
the 3/4/5d not stuck inside a mental body loop
it returns to the big mind

as inner death/life/something else
without mental body
there no mental body death/life one way wheel

without mental body
the inner body's mind ceases to be primary
we see it as what it is and it loses its pull


elemental /mental body has elemental space as basis
rainbow body can be sensed by elemental body
but it not have elemental space as basis


If one irreversibly realizes that 'I am not the body', it is death in full awareness. If one dies thus, one is born again simultaneously and in the same place
- ramana maharshi

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God
- John 3:3

once duality of mental body returns to compassion
there a new kind of body/sambogakaya
the ultimate medicine

as present,
it the mental body which fears extinction
it lacks a steady basis because it an illusion

"This is just an appearance" There would not be any such understanding
- uttara tantra

"...this is mere appearance of a reflection, whereas the real substance  ... has not come here"
- buddha nature



i am not the body but i am the space which makes up this body
- space can be conceived
i am not the space which makes up this body
- emptiness/dharmakaya is inconceivable



dharmakaya is beyond/not relative to mental body - it one/no dimension

it not a subtle body to ascend but can maybe say it "hints at the dharmakaya"

it also not part of mental body's "totality of space"

it not the no time of mental body etc.

there is the present moment
within this moment the mental body is not


close your eye and what you see is inner world
close your eyes and tell us when you see outer world
"dont get pulled by the rip tide"

in personal vision/dream
there no other body here
there not even our mental body needed

yet spirits communicate through non sensory
and the apparitions we see
like a dream/vision

like that movie contact scene
she was in a quantum hologram and given the information/knowledge that way
"that has been the way ..."




we are first luminosity then a physical body
the inner world is not outer/solid
the inner world at root is luminosity
field of quantum wave/light

then something somehow got in between
our inner sees inner as outer
and then movement is fixed/one way
because outer cannot be changed by inner

then somehow some way we remember that luminosity
the inner world is not solid
and the physical body we see is but the reflection of the inner world
the inner world is first luminosity
field of quantum wave/light

emptiness is beyond it
the eternal medicine

conflict fades away within emptiness
there no conflict because no polarity

emptiness like fire we cannot see/sense
dark energy/light is beyond

as inner, all become one inside fire
and from fire light springs forth

"Western psychologists refer to the "conscious mind." Buddha called this part of the mind the paritta citta (a very small part of the mind).
- buddha

our conscious inner movement is but "a very small part of the mind"
the other inner movements always changing/moving - subconscious
so even when our conscious mind is stilled/at rest
the rest of the inner movement is moving relative to it

cant solve problem from same level of intelligence
how to see inner as inner

if we allow what is inner to be seen as outer
then the conscious mind  becomes even smaller part of the mind - and vice versa

like dream/vision - a display of lights
how can any body be solid ?
it is seen that way only relative to a mental body



the buddha in mirror a 3d display/reflection of energy body behind it

the 3d display  is not continuous but appears/manifests only when observed


there art of refining/cultivating that luminosity 

e.g. light body/yoga


a spontaneous presence/luminosity that just springs out of source - trikaya

"there a place behind this few knows"

point is : 

 five element body/compounded and rainbow body/uncompounded displays are both reflections of same field 

everything is pre-destined in this vision
"down to the smallest detail"
we just watching it - like 4d  movie

there is no decision to make ; no responsibility to take ; no memory to accept
like dream, there no body here

The self-experience of self-perfected insight
Is fields, and palaces, with their thrones, and ornaments.
They make their appearance in many rays of light.
- longchenpa on sambogakaya

without mental body
nothing within past/future of it happened/happens

three drawings by three people
1. a person without coffee am 7 am
2. goes to am coffee
3. a person with coffee 8 am

they 3 different drawings/worlds/bodies
they separate in cause of eachother
the antecedent cause/effect circle links photo 1 to 3 - like it continuous ; it then becomes one way ; the antecedent cause/effect

a mental body which can only go one way in time - past to future - is created
if inner time go only one way
there has be memory of yesterday

once inside wheel / merry go around
the inner is only able to experience the three drawings in one sequence  ; in its memory - it not able to see three slides as separate drawings and so cannot experience it in different sequence
if you 30 years old
you must had a body 29 years old
it the cause of this vision/slide of 30 years old
slides of 21st century america/authority etc.
is first seen as a slide show/inner movement
we not there anymore so it not need be here
that the drawing of 21st century need not forever be behind this drawing in sequence / antecedent cause
the old 21st century body wave need not forever be the cause of this body consciousness

the mental body's mind go from dream to dream
but in each dream we believe we are awake
and the last dream was a separate dream
point is  the past slide/drawing need not be antecedent cause - it gets further neutralized

natural light vs. artificial light
if mental body/fake light can duplicate a perfect buddha body - it would look/feel like what we imagined/visualized as rainbow light
but what is imagined is only inner movement made of artificial light

Where the view and the practice are different then the fruit or result will be different. So these manifestations the Illusion Body and the Rainbow Body are not at all the same.
- tenzin
it is mental body/mara's  deception
- a perfect mental body

as inner
49/51 counterbalances 51/49
i am not the body counterbalances i am the body
then maybe something else
are you certain it happened ? is a 49/51 inner counterbalance

from field beneath - like number 8
e.g. as inner there a flesh/spirit world ; living/non organic worlds ; body/mind spheres
solid/light bodies etc.
the point is : there is also something else

outer is what is displayed
it happens/reflected naturally/spontaneously as product of the luminosity/inner world
- like how dreams just happens
as an inner antecedent cause
nothing we see as inner movement at present moment need be an antecedent cause
and so we say "are you certain it happened?"
if we can neutralize the one way flow at the mental body ground
something else may open /reveal

step by step we neutralize it at its root
in dreams/visions the outer we see is but our inner
open our mental body eyes and see inner as outer
"reason we see inner world as outer is because of the subconscious divide - we have up here/ down there
past / future solid/light distinctions/divides (as inner)

if the subconscious divide be neutralized
the inner expands into the inner viewed as outer
until we become conscious of our subconscious body/world

in vision the body - e.g. the heart - is a light display
only to the mental body’s mind does it seem solid"
it is the luminosity which forms the heart
once we see it here, it already beats in energy world
so it not a solid thing - our body

if it fine in luminosity/inner world
it fine in the reflected pond/outer display
vice versa


in an illusion/dream/vision

what is real/not real may not be as important as 

what has antecedent cause

how to be free of mental body antecedent cause


the display we see - 3d = the five sensory
there is another display that is beyond the 3d/five sensory/mental body  display
that display has a 4d which is beyond the personal mind
and an energy field beyond the five elements

wheel of time vs. wheel of eternity
different 4d movement beyond mental body time
different 5d energy beyond mental body light
there is a different 3d display beyond mental body time/space
the world of compassion

start with the 4d insights and/or 5d transformation
the display simply reflect the energy
the immovable center influences the inner movement which transforms the outer
otherwise the inner movement can get stuck in a loop
so start with anchoring into circle a
the circle b wave/energy/5d then becomes transformed into new qualities
dark energy cannot be stained by five element energy

the mental body has a mental mind
the mental mind/brain sees mental body as outer/object ; itself as inner/subject

"Buddha called this part of the mind the paritta citta (a very small part of the mind). "
mental body's mind sees "a very small part of the mind"
the 3d body is natural if the mind is not interfered with

if a two way flow , the mental body/place is seen as "just an appearance" - a display - e.g. above photo of writer
it not the real substance  and the real substance of what we see is in the light body/the wave field

if it flows only one way, the brain stem only
projected/buck to hundred/i am the body
and not reflected/buck to penny/i am not the body
a seemingly solid mental body is experienced by the mental body's mind/brain  and the light/wave field is veiled ; a subconscious divide is created
the mental body's mind/brain sees the mental body as "the real substance"

the night of shiva is beyond the field of wave/light
a sign one has see it is in seeing the mental body more clear



unborn luminosity as antecedent cause vs. memory/wheel of time as antecedent cause

one is like screen saver - returns to zero/begins with no past as cause vs. merry go around

we are not the mental body
that the bottom line - the original false program
take care of that and all fine

there a state where mental body is not
that our next beacon



The experience of occupying a body is only a mental phenomenon which is super-imposed on top of pure consciousness.
- ramana maharshi
mental body is super-imposed on top of dharmakaya

Our Real Nature is that we are and always were the bodiless, formless and indestructible Self.
- ramana maharshi
the dharmakaya cannot be stained nor changed by mental body

"A man goes to sleep in this hall. He dreams he has gone on a world tour ...after many years of ... travel, returns to ...  and walks into the hall ..."
- ramana maharshi
a dream is inner movement

"When mind pays attention to anything other than itself, we say that it is under the influence of maya."
- ramana maharshi
maya means illusion
seeing inner as outer is creating illusion

"you are under the impression... Imagining yourself to be the body, you ask me whether you were not born into the world in order so that you might experience the same ..."
- ramana
mental body asks whether it was born to experience, to have purpose etc.
we imagine ourself to be mental body
the mental body sees airport as outer

"Know that you, the changeless Self, were never born. What was born was only the body. What do you have to do with the body? You are not the body."
- ramana
without mental body
the original body/changeless self  was never born

"The body and the world it is experiencing are super-impositions over your nature of pure consciousness."
- ramana
seeing the inner body/world as outer veils pure consciousness/original luminosity
"When you Realise your Self, the world disappears as an objective Reality and is seen to be what it really is — merely an appearance in the Self."
- ramana
the inner body/world subsides once seen as inner

It is due to the 'I am the body' delusion that you regard the world that is changing as changeless (the world has always been around) and the Self that is totally free from change as changing (the three states - waking, dreaming and sleep or through aging).
- ramana

the mental body's mind sees the mental body as its ground
and so sees the "changing  as changeless"

to big mind /dharmakaya
it is without mental body and so free of the changes/movements of mental body

Through the destruction of the 'I am the body' ego the 'triputies' (seer, seen and seeing) which are based on it, fade away along with waking, dream and sleep states. The pure 'suddha' state of daylight that shines forever is the 'Sivaratri' (the night of Siva).
- ramana

the night of shiva / dark energy
is what is outside the merry go around



As inner, If in death world
There no death to enter
As inner, if in living world
There no birth to enter

it’ll wither away like ice melting upon warmth
once reach certain the depth of dharmakaya
the mental body is seen as inner and loses its duality
its duality gradually wither away once the ground is seen and/or from ground, the duality of mental body withers away because there no new fuel
the inner duality of mental body is withdrawn into ground and/or
return to innocence

mental body like number 8 ; it made with duality/binary
if the middle not seen, the two polarities creates the mental body
if there is past which pulls, there must be a future memory/mental body to become - they same two circles
as inner, something solid if something is not
if mental body is solid then something is not
to us/mental body, manjushri body is light ours solid
to manjushri, no solid body no light body

asking what is next/beyond this from here is that we are still here but this is not
the more here is here ; the less this is here

A luminous thing giving out light must have within itself something that perseveres; otherwise it will in time burn itself out.
- i ching

the luminosity based on mental body as basis
compounded and defined/limited
luminosity with dharmakaya as basis
one is wuchi/natural light

"from within the expanse of the uncompounded primordial wisdom of the dharmakaya ... a naturally , outwardly glowing radiance is spontaneously present as the sambogakaya buddhafields ..."
- treasury of precious qualities

if mental body as basis
a subjective/subconscious body is created that appears to our mental body/mind as objective
the mental body becomes the veil which usurps our link to the natural inner spring

without mental body
- there not a past "slide" to compliment "future slide" and so aging of an illusion body  takes on new meaning
- there is no past body to continue into future "slide"
they just two slides present memory
so no antecedent cause to present memory
and so inner body balance takes on new meaning
it gets neutralized inner



anchor into luminosity/endless space

vs. anchored within the luminosity

into the source of it

vs. within the source of the luminosity

the source of luminosity is  not black hole 

but the luminosity within it

extinction into compassion
- future beacon
duality of inner movement/mental body subsides into ocean of compassion
yet we still have a body/memory
- light body and memory w/o antecedent cause

a non five element /spiritual body
memory free of antecedent cause means nothing happened

"this past 20 years nothing happened"
- guide
it is/was an inner movement
as inner, are you certain it happened ?

circle abc/am coffee and the cup is here/
am bakery and the bread is here
to circle a - it didnt happen/nothing happened
to circle b without mental body/anchor in circle a
- it is certain of only the 3d display of the cup/bread
it sees the 4d memory of am coffee/bakery
but knows it need not be the cause
- are you certain it happened/need be antecedent cause
to circle b of mental body's mind
it sees the 3d display as its body and sees the 4d memory as proof of the reality/antecedent cause
- so it sees the 3 slides as one way flow etc.
coffee/bread just pg - 13
its memory/antecedent cause need not be neutralized
but many things/memories do
e.g. are you certain there is/was a pandemic ?
we can neutralize its circle b wave from here/now

the big mind sees the object of thought as inner movement ; the mental body sees the object of thought as outer movement

the big mind sees the mental body's mind/memory as not happened/have no antecedent cause/not continuous with the previous slide
the mental body sees the memory as an inner movement which is antecedent cause to the present memory bod
the little mind sees the memory as itself
a continuous existing being etc.

extinction of mental body into compassion
ascension of non flesh body into heaven
what is beyond reveals ; what is limited disappears
we offer our mental body to compassion

compassion remains same
but mental body is nowhere to be found
"even if one searches for it"

without mental body
"no topsy-turvy"

there a state without mental body
from that natural state. a new body/place manifests as the real sambogakaya
inner movement all within compassion


without mental body
thoughts (4d) and energy (5d) combine in ways beyond what we can't even imagine

no doer means no antecedent cause
without a mental body
"you are not therefore the karta (the doer)"

to dharmakaya, nothing happens
“resemble dreams that never stir from sleep
they come from nowhere ; nowhere do they go”
- jigme lingpa
nothing happens in light display

(yet the "outer" phenomena is reflection of it)
"For this reason earth has no need of purpose. Everything becomes spontaneously what it should rightly be."
- i ching
1-4-23 reinforcement (3)

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