Page 5


we thank the PVF staff

all past forgiven

as we close another door 


there are no secret relationships

we all friends ready to help

"The force of inner truth depends chiefly on inner stability and preparedness. From this state of mind springs the correct attitude toward the outer world. But if a man should try to cultivate secret relationships of a special sort, it would deprive him of his inner independence. The more reliance he places on the support of others, the more uneasy and anxious he will become as to whether these secret ties are really tenable. In this way inner peace and the force of inner truth are lost."

- The I Ching



 not waiting nor looking for any funding source

they are of the past


if it should arrive

future must first agree as past been let go


chewpiland seems like another setting 

it a silent rising sun writer follows

but that future still / always here

"where attention goes energy flows"

this the challenge of our time


there is one more circle to thank

and that people who surrounds the hidden lake


"past cleared ; we start over"

"it benefits to over forgive "

- airball 7

we have our own new culture

one of mutual help ;  forgiveness and freedom​

people just want to let live

and co-exist with simple rules

they have a future that give them passion

as inner  we are more  happy 

and so ... we more 

"how can we help ?" to the world 

if writer goes anywhere

he be back so long this is here


why write ?

just had to



who reading this ?

- the future

5-15-18 (8-15-03 chewpiland)

maybe at root  always three  

even if they are they are distinct square circle and rectangle

if someone can do something in reverse and yet it appears joyful and practical to other circles

it neutralizes the over strong circle ...


in the reverse world

goddess is male

but act female etc.

the straight binary making up 5 percent have parade pride every year

they just born that way

they long for a reverse world

where they be majority

it be like heaven


young people new culture vs. past

if you out of touch like writer is with the young people

simple walk around and listen them chat

"northwest culture is progressive"

- Kelley, in her 20's

at expresso stands

"you sip I sip we sip "

(line of the month)

they say it and get discount and high five from other stand in line / baristas



am writer seeks diversity of inner movement to create

he may drive different places ; call people different background etc.

that was chewpiland years

that was his job

late 60's hippies

  had a vision ...

it was themselves 50 years later

happy singing too same

as if 

telling them ...

"come this way ..."


rainbow root

 like rainbow to the plant

it silent and empty


three circles

inner male flow both ways

inner female same

same difference from emptiness

a third emerges from the mud

- mel


the weak circle's weak flow should be called the chicken power

- ireland

"chicken power attracts people"

​- elva

"no chicken power can change who we are

so you got nothing to lose with more chicken power"

- sophie

the academy of chicken power science

research and development staff


future to past

by telling people hey you look younger

it strengthens  weaker flow of  weak circle

so say it even  more

we all need it then


fong chi originated in modern america

name is based on ancient literature

"fong chi has no center"

- old professor 

 "few can stay long in it"

- fong chi analyst jr


it no matter how long the siege is

only how much stronger we are relative to them



"one inner movement with many units


billions same atoms within each unit

same difference

if the inner movement is unbalanced

it one inner movement with many units

vice versa"

- the academy of chicken power science

"after a few days of smog

a normal day look that more clear"

- elva

"we should always appreciate  normal days"

- kelley


in reverse world

climate getting colder

population decline etc. 

chicken science as mainstream

listed as career/major at universities

"it may not be that far away"

- the old professor


"elegant and sophisticated

we know now why madam Voltaire is her name"

- old customers at the cafe two way nods in agreement

chewey bows with honor and respect

 academy of chicken science

research and development staff

"if you not have enough chicken energy

you will have little chicken power"

- mackenzie

"yes, to have little chicken energy is like a chicken with little power"

- kiana

"no matter how busy, we should always make time for chicken energy"

- tyler

"imagine wearing chicken dress and walk down avenue

the part that fear being laughed at is the weak flow "

- ireland

will there chicken convention this year ?


"wisdom of imperfection can mean it not wise to be bound by others standard f perfection"

- AJ 


begin dialogue of what future needs

and what we can do to meet them


counter balance not need size

just strength

strength needs not size

just one which works

I still  feel natural as an attorney 

even if it been some time since practice

more so than a writer

a collective spirit


something new this energy body

 fashion and diet adjust

semi vegetarian diet



Portland, Or

Laurelhurst area

thy  act/talk more advanced civically

writer sent by chicken academy 


eating vegan chicken meal

"here thy a coffee purchased herewith"

-  elegant waiter

"much appreciated is thy's gratitude to thee"

- sophisticated customer

chewey bows with honor and respect


Clover Park 

Tacoma, WA

Talent show titled

"I Love Tacoma"

featured performance by simon (chris griffin) and garfunkle (phil)


the performance followed by sheila demonstrate dribbling two basketballs same time

then kurt read a few poems by the great poet

francais avouir

that nearly brought audience into tears


reverse muscle fitness club 


"the more you hang out

the stronger your reverse shape"

- kelley's mother

the water queen

"so land of plunging sun in a over rising world


is the counter balance created from constant


against over rising 


so it may and/or may not be practical to the one way flow


but useful to the three circle rotation"

- ireland

graduate student

chicken science

practicing presenting her doctoral thesis at the conference venice beach

the customers are impressed and many will ride along/aside the chicken bus when it departs for the world cup


the chicken lords are among the favorite to win the fong chi trophy 



time go two ways and third

"Here it reverse of other world

younger direction  act more mature

older direction act more kid"

- alvin

morning coffee

explaining why he act more mature


in the reverse world


" just as there a world where phil is funny as frank ; there world where chu plays in the NBA


that parallel world stays close as long as chu believes phil is funny"



"and so same with parallel worlds where they live longer "


"new way of perception / language be like ...

i know where i'm going

but dont know where i'm from


we know where we from but dont know where we going"

- mac

practicing  her doctorial thesis

"this new world yet it same and/or

this same world yet it different"


use "we" to better fluid the different circles of ourselves


mature adult / inner child /wise clown

professional /home/party

- kelley

presenting her thesis


if fear is when three circles not rotating 

e.g. fear of ghost

does strengthen third wheel

dissipate that  fear indirectly ?

- ireland 


on 1 - 10

if inner density is 3 and outer 7


inner 4 outer 6

same inner/outer

but different field

that tai chi field








It is said of the wild goose that it calls to its comrades whenever it finds food, this is the symbol of peace and concord in good fortune. A man does not want to keep his good luck for himself only, but is ready to share it with others.

- i ching

everyone identifies a  weak circle flow

find a person who has it as strong circle

combine the synergy in a movie

identify weak circle in community

find circle who has it strong


it be the vibe they attract to

because it strengthening silently their own weak circles in funny ways

say one circle is 95% west 5 percent east

other circle is 95 % west

5% east

(any polar opposite)

the middle circle which the 5% of both can enter


can flow both ways

and they each remain same

 they get along 

some people even if they in majority would rather live in middle



​there world  

seahawks lost that superbowl

and they still celebrating it

we should leave rock signs for them to follow


"stories can transcend dimensions

images not

a good humor imitated here there and everywhere

there had be first no laughing contest in human history"

- narrator #1

and here in chewpiland

they value their humor history

what humor was like in 15th century ?

in china

what was it like 1915 ?

in guam

university course taught by phd professors

if fans of serious comedy 

this documentary is"

-  narrator #2


"the continuity of flute music is concomitant and coexistent with those who play the flute"

- ireland PHD

the flute academy

concert attendees nods agreement


quantum  thing - when it realized one place the same idea realize other places same time



the humor historians identified  two same style humor arising same time 15th century Ireland and japan


phil  : "al, you are a chicken"

al : " : "but ,  I am a human, why you call me chicken ...  ?"

"I am being funny"

- phil


- they laugh


at same

Nagoya , japan

kano : "あなたはチキン"

(you are a chicken)

sato : "でも私は人間だなぜ私をチキンと呼ぶの ... ?"


chicken academy

"chickens came before humans"

- ireland PHD


takamono sato

not many 18th century flute  legends are spoken so fondly of  many centuries later

some say he lives today

with wife in remote japanese mountains

his name rarely spoken  but within those who knew

the name is suchness

- japanese music commentator

"there are others who can play the flute"

- kelley

ms quantum hopi

"yes, if he cant play the flute

we probably would not have heard the performance"

- kelley mom

concert attendees nods agreement

challenge of any relationship is always whether their weak circles can create middle

at chicken academy

we here to show off our weak circle


in same way ... represent the emptiness of the inner movements

hopis the emptiness of outer

ms t the source of energy

that what hopis first told him 

they are matriarchy

she the one her circle gravitates

including writer

her name was ms no fear

before she became voice

you are looking at synergy

reflected by the writing and the music




energy with intelligence

the power of intelligence

that we can have smarter energy


energy which not fear being laughed at

smarter than its opposite

energy that can laugh smarter than that cant

- kelley phd

chicken academy



as inner

"after awhile the middle circle self sustains itself

that all three be moving  in compliment


then once inner/outer can flow freely both ways

you have the  triple body"

- Mac

PHD (chicken science)

The Chicken Academy

customer nods as they sip


the power of a penny




water heaven

1850 b.c.

story teller tells tale of world

they dont have to walk down mesa to fetch water

they can simply stand on a place and command it and water pours from above

it warm and fresh ...

- voice

"wow ..."



"want to eat more reverse of want to eat less - it a twin loop"

so try to want eat more fruits and vegetables and want to eat less chickens"

as inner


so if you 80 70 60 50 etc.

do us a favor and stop

and ask why you have to keep going that direction when it not your will

what other options do we have at this present inner movement

if we can first stop the inner movement by giving it a easy counter balance

what happens to outer maybe have potential

a potential which may not have limits

like million to billion


the power of a chicken

how lose every battle but still win the war ?

"how ?"

"by having the opponent surrender"

- mac PHD


the art of do nothing

maybe the best way to strengthen weak flow of weak circle

 to do nothing when nothing need be done

the weak gets stronger

and so the strong gets stronger and gets its rest

the reverse i ching seminar


the easiest way to strengthen our weak circle is by helping others strengthen theirs" 




"there is rational chicken humor


why chicken cross street ?

to get to other side

there is irrational chicken humor

why chicken cross street ?

because barry manilla didnt start singing yesterday

they share same common ground

that makes it funny


the power of the weak circle

​it the reverse

​but the strong circle bows to it



no one perfect

we eat chickens

- vegan chicken burrito eater 

Natural definition, existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial)


there 3d 4d 5d natural vs. artificial

there artificial which strengthen natural

creating a middle circle

- kelley


in friendship/relationship

there natural which attracts/repels

there artificial which divides/binds

if we have clearer view

we know which to repel

which to attract



chicken academy mission statement

"more and cheaper chicken is not the direction"

- staff 


step by step

"help us free the chickens"

- kianna

"i am vegan and proud"

- kelley and mac

i am half vegan and feel lighter and younger

- customer


they didnt win if we didnt lose

they didnt lose if we didnt win


transform every little details into compassion and watch all other obstacles wither

that this simulation

"part of us want get out because we not belong

part want stay because people are sincere"

-  macquenzie

her final day

working there two years



where heaven/earth meet ?

some say within the myst of 

the snoqualimie falls

instead of what for me ?

look at it and ask

"how can we help ?"


what in it for me ?


how it benefit others ?

after our research

it more than just a righteous thing

but what works for you and me

as inner

if we dont have compassion

we inside eddy



walks in bison shaman  ...

proud supporter of the chicken academy mission statement

wears it on t-shirt

"more chickens is not the answer"



"it is conjecture which underlies an overstated assumption"

- sir whealer walton jr

19th century 

kokopelli got lost in some parallel world

padmashambhava  and kokopellimana went looking for him

"he had forgotten how to play flute

but not his confidence"

- ms t

"until his music matches the talk

there be much potential untapped"

yes, nowhere to go but up"


"we must awaken his memory of the flute playing days - when we were young"

- elder #2

speaks so inspired


act (3)

"action ...!"

- director

wiping away tears

wanting to tell him her memories

"john ... do you remember playing the flute

once upon a time ...?"

john chu


looksth to the horizon ...

"why yes

tell me more ..."

new uniforms ; cheap coins cafe

kevin uniform

"i love seatac"


"seatac loves me"

dark blue uniform gives sense of elegance and class


if there few letters

reverse spin missing

we the support staff

- alvin

morning coffee

trump represented one of the reverse spins

he can speak what he wills

when that one is open ...

"Sandra Bu Rises"

- kevin

the middle force

she leads

"if any side politics get over nasty

then the one percent will unite and not vote for that party"

- jordan

and if they nominate two candidates way out of touch with middle ...

"Sandra Bu Rises ..."

- customers

the fong chi staff of cheap coins

bow to audience with honor and respect

From Tacoma (From a Distance )

Airball (Bette Midler )

From Tacoma  the world looks blue and green


the 100 years free chicken war


we help free the chickens

21st century

they help free the chickens

dark world


21st century

if 1-10 vegan (1)/meat(10)

we at 9 now and returning to balance


less people eat chickens

people eat less chickens

- free chicken strategist


dark world

the sky predators gone too far with how  they fear the chickens

we are yet to rival  the sky predators in power yet they cannot defeat us

more are shifting into our alliance each day


​the free the chickens

strategy meeting


"first we slow the chicken expansion ."

​​then we stop their momentum ..


beauty is energy

if karlie kloss disguised as wild native man

​energy the same even if k shapeshift

that also ms t ; she has the energy

and can shapeshift


​in chewpiland ​there a place

​world of beauty ​

where everyone has the energy

​female/male as strong/beautiful as male/female 

they may appear ordinary  as other world

​but they have energy and can shapeshift

​that the quality of many star actresses/actors

the power of beauty


in our script

men sit bars 

women approach

it reverse

and women may dress as men etc.

so if you no want be hit on then should dress as women

fashion like apple/orange

this world there no male/female fashion distinction

we losing in 21st century

but not in dark world


​those who want less chickens eaten

and kinder treatment

will be laughed at


"but they should know

that they are not alone


there a silent majority


the male ego recovery

is a support group which meets 

to discuss their rehab from male ego

this week

bd smith leads the discussion

about how he relapsed bc 

 someone didnt respect  his male ego

what happened ?

- we ask

he walk up and said 

"i dont respect your male ego "

my male ego just couldnt take it"

- bd smith wipes away tears

"oh ..."

- the group ; half  of whom   women

gives comfort/support


"so it women feel comfortable

and men many may enjoy women approaching

the only men who wont like it are those women wont approach


as manager of this bar tells me


"nice men wins"


​for chewpi news

back to you 

- chewpi news correspondent


talking with fisher about a show which shows a world like this

chewpi news 

it factual fiction comedy

we go town to town

make up stories for the news staff and town's fong chi world to present



if as male can relate to the male of the female

that their weak circle

have male ego is like theirs - weak and humble

ladies all be attracted to you

- ​


can learn that from ladies who are male

same with ladies

it the man's female which he hides and needs love ; not the strong circle which desires more 

dont look down their weak circle

dont say it outer

but inner ...

"i love your inner female"


if you man

tell her

"you a strong woman" 

"go too far west end up east"

if this also how it is micro / macro

we can use our weak circle to help strong circle to go beyond itself

you mean by over softening

​you get stronger


the power is hidden within

​it is elusive

​the great mystery



in reverse world

friday is friday

but tomorrow is thursday

for someone who 30 turn 29

they gather to celebrate

in forward world

those whose b-day same

gather to celebrate 30


there a point where 30/29 becomes 29/30

that 2010 turn 2009/2011

a middle station

parallel state they ross into

even for brief second to other two realities

they remember the many years spent inside

we begin the story from

1850 bc cheap cafe


you turning 29 or 30 ?

is the question those from two sides ask each other


the answer for those living all three worlds

each year renewal of lawyers membership 

past says let it go

he has no intent on returning

something future yet to tell him to resign from it


like once reach point of no care

the personal resigns

he readies the letter


and then impersonal decides what to do with the inner movement

maybe it has something to say before it concludes

writer bows with honor and respect

12- 7-19

posed this question to the future

if worlds were to transform

in ways we yet to understand

then perhaps there is  passion/place 

it can be a voice

wise to keep it until clear


it has something more to say ...


"hearts treasure" (song title)

may have inner form (sambogakaya)

outer form (nirmanakaya)

pg - 13 means only your inner child enters sambogakaya

"it is more lasting to relate to other's kid than the mask"

- reverse i ching

am coffee

​every time chu sees kelley's great mother

​"you outstanding young people work hard

​that is very good !"

​"the little kid in her is pleased

​​the mask in her is pleased

​seeing her great mother pleased

kelley is pleased

her cooking is "star chef quality"

based on online review

- the story tellers


it be same cafe 

but the outer world of nature

same house

but water fall

the ancient chicken village

what can one do in chewpiland with a chicken science phd from chewpi u ?

- kelley

you can be the assistant professor of the chewpi u  chicken science department

- chewpi u 

what can we do with a degree in comedy engineering  ?


chewpi inc. is seeking comedy designers

but you must have some experience in comedy

a degree only make them think you funny

- chewpi inc.


we to create/upgrade the light rail

so they can know where they are each stop

be given a tour

to link that phil to this phil

time travel will revolutionize humans

we use 1984 tacoma matrix

you the messenger 

we'll start remembering things from that year"

- phil

we can make up anything

anyone here can be there

1984 tacoma forever 

- chu


how we influence/change the past ?

- writer

we can/t change the particle

but we can maybe change its waves 

- phil 


missing synergy future may want to express ?

it be like writing without website 

wave we create may not be enough ?

we need first get out of this

to a place/environment where we can make a minimum pilot

volunteers we will need

it their own future

use our help while it here



chicken academy feb 29 a good day to close show

if it meant be

we'll gather make show

- chicken kung fu wave one of the departments chewpi u


"90's georgetown small  bar

japanese tourist elder

complimenting their vegan french dip


Kore wa Furansu yori mo sugurete iru"

satoe translates

"they say this is better than france”



“watashiwa glad-dou anata food-dou like it des ka”


- the waitress smiles bows and smiles"

- script pvf

that the georgetown bar upside down world

on the other world they all feel normal 

Raja Bufe

"India vegetarian buffet guide book

to western Washington"

खाना तो अच्छा है मैं रो रहा हूँ

इसे बेचने जा रहा है

- raja bufe


us help promote vegetarian as option

using humor

it the inner wave which can be changed

then our diet and body naturally changes

- jordan


chewpi news

promotion gathering 

of authors each with their new books

"this guidebook

takes us on a journey

into the rich and magical history of ancient india


where its cuisine reflected 

the power and wisdom waves

of the vedas

where what and how we eat

and how it is prepared

can alter the waves of society 

the art of india vegetarian buffet cuisine

- raja bufe

"yes ..."​

- audience nods in agreement


"he has good vibe"

- mackenzie on old man jack

old man jack

the lighthouse keeper ​

drops by for morning coffee

everyone says hi

he a real comedian

two times comedian of the year

des moines ​

would walk in and start telling a joke out loud


sat am story telling

​"oh those who ye listen

the soundless flute

tears from heaven fell

it is said

upon the wave before the melody ...."​

- katun​

"wow ... we believe it ..."

​- audience


space is space

many movements of time within space​

there unfold/enfold motions each movement ; forward/reverse waves to each motion​

like the ground

it there whether or not we use it​


the chicken crosses street because we see from other side​

- the wave of this can go many directions

humor not useful to forward

same way playing not useful to machine


cambodia that pig refusing to get pulled off tug boat image -

if it vision then the resistance makes difference 

- it that moment

20 years later

world still reading/inspired by it

if we don't speak for it who will ?

- jessica am coffee

turning point is when the meat consumption per capita reaches top - then our task is done​

our strategy includes use of humor


"even if everything return normal

or even dow rise over 40k

and pill that live over 100 

extra vacation home and robots serve etc.

they just have more to worry over

then if ask to make chicken cage little bigger

they will just laugh

"how can we deal with that with all this ?"

following based factual fiction

it may and/or not be real

upon reflection present

"i cant parle vu franque?! this ...

only  a buck ?!" 

so parle vu franque"

- outstanding customers

"you better parle vu fransue ?! it 

my friend ..."

- the outstanding staff

pvf commercial

outstanding  target and/or lowes

lighting up the counterbalance


if over expanding upper world

over fading reverse world

that what the two worlds like now

one too busy one too not busy


if you serious you not attract not serious

 "hey you look younger"  it joy vibe/beneficial

and a counterbalance within trying times

those new may give funny look and those bitter will always bitter

people are saying it else where ?

keep it up


middle director

writer likes direct the wave without interfering

he not want boss others/be bossed

so it like middle circle

he advises but those directing the shows understands the original intent


no one is perfect

but no other authority in history of world is as patient and gentle with its people as seattle

we not weak

we just dont have to fight to be a man

take step back ; listen to the people

we have world watching

when it time to dissolve

it'll seem more easy

​win win



the straight relationship

a lesbian and gay man enter parallel world

the lesbian took on a male body

the gay man female body

they fell in love


two large restaurtants

corner tukwila

​packs the customers

they funny people

​want to hear a few 


volkan at nba bar

talking about how tough the grandmas on the show are

"they can set screen

and the king be be on ground laughing"

​- team speaker


the mystery of compassion

when they return from vision quest

it depends on how much time has passed

the world may have changed

​there always a guide inside to show way

- bison shaman

it like talking dip into unconscious

now feel like emerging

​cant describe this to anyone who yet experienced it and those who know dont need explanation


it has self perfecting quality

not that it what we want/expect

but a deeper wisdom./helps us in every way ...

 - john

yea, only when we look back and then we see it

gets better

- bison shaman smiles

as customers eating bison burrito nods in agreement


like same house with different energy

energy of compassion is the presence

once we replace our old energy body with it

our house naturally changes

it endures and benefit self and others

if unevenness like roof leak

old deck etc.

it just wisdom of imperfection arising from evenness​


that song ...

"i've been to tacoma but i never been to me"

​- they singing it heyoka cafe


in vision where they only exist when seen

even if programs, we will miss them

we would hope to see them again

and remember together this journey



neighbor helen passed on

she was the perfect neighbor/old friend 

past 30 years

we will miss her

and wish her the best



the synergy is called​ PVF

"try it ... on a date

dance to the song

holding one burrito the two "

- fong chi

wow, so romantic ...

- studio audience

music by airball band

to be recorded upon the completion of the melody

dominic at guitar

chu the flute

it no matter who sings and in which language

burrito at sunset

"burrito al atardecer" originally 

french adaptation

is "burrito au coucher du soleil"

that the title to a song 

romantic oldie / salsa dance



burrito ...

burrito at sunset -
kiss me as if this were to be
our very last night.

burrito ...

burrito at sunset -
for you I may never-more see
once past early light.

more see once past early light. 

I want to hold you so closely,
look into your eyes to find
you mirroring me.
I’m sure dawn will find me lonely
cast away so far behind
where you then will be.
forever lose you...


tacoma heyoka


"heyokas we born as

you cant seek it"

- tacoma heyoka #3

it source of our joy


​if we dont  follow it

​we feel strange


​if we follow it

they think us eccentric



​we need to keep the tradition going


the outstanding customers all nod 


target am

hey you look younger

- heard a customer saying it​

look over​

talking to outstanding cashier

Oh i remember you ​

- the lady smiles with joy

last month, i said same to you

that why you remember me


we need to keep joy rising during (downward current)​

- target cashier

you are all being under appreciated​

- target customers

chewey bows to the outstanding lady and customers with honor and respect


returned to riverside snoqualmie first time since this photo last year

we have been shown the ground

we have coded it

the raw state 



hidden lake people

pg - 13​

march 2020

your future trying to talk to us

- john​

oh i dont know ...

- patty​

oct 2020

"i am trying to talk to her

it all going to be alright"

- patty

your future also talking to/through us now

she says it is all right


nov 2020

i couldn't see myself today many months ago because this wasn't what i could see

lacking faith in this future

now i can validate it

- patty smiles

the best word to characterize our business is consulting

we travel widely

always on the road even if local

meet and discuss matters of importance to people of different walk

and our websites have an international audience/market

- chewpi studio



hidden lake 1850 bc

what it like when native roamed the land

they walk naked maybe even winter

easy fishing and fruits

no one want leave their land

so peace

hippie commune 

spiritual/physical/sensual paradise


naked awareness is primal wisdom

power of beauty​

the earth medicine


knowing everything directly, she always remains totally fearless of anyone, no matter of whom...

she is unimpressed and not daunted (by others).

her mind being one-pointed as to all phenomena ...​

- big butt buddha lady

reading from buddha nature​



pg - 13​


big buddha butt lady

she from big butt buddha clan

but may not have big butt​​

then we take same script pattern​

same actress etc​

film it in west - wild west



she time travels

can appear out of wave

stronger than human


"at the point of contact, all Native American societies acknowledged three to five gender roles: Female, male, Two Spirit female, Two Spirit male and transgendered. "

anyone with two spirits will not fit the binary spectrum 


buddha butt lady and chef behind

is the strong and powerful guardian captain named ... weak chi

if the reverse must flow

we use pg- 13 words to help it flow

it the person who has most natural energy

the buddha butt lady

we want to learn from


future know everything

that how new/old friends should approach if they want link to our future

if they take advantage (of our lack of knowledge) then future wont be as forgiving

they can also redeem themself if they want return/change course


the business is rising

but may/june were the most difficult months

- raja buffett

he a person of knowledge

we to send compassion to may/june


"every male ego wants mr placed in front our holy name"

- mr bd smith

show me how to travel into chewpiland


you have to be like that pig refusing to get pulled by chiang 


no ... you ...


they hug​

"we home once tide turns"

(once reach bottom)


things still up down 

but late june it was the tide turned

- jessica - she perceptive

am coffee

everyone am coffee has reverse world nickname

- mr week chee MWC  jessica is "the fart catcher" TFC


maybe it the july 4th week ?

we to send compassion to that period


buddha butt lady is like first new friend we recognize

future tells us same being be there

and to trust her most

"you mean i am serious"

- page

you have no fear so not need play those games

- john​​

they introduce new friend

kindred in spirit

a rebel at heart

the fart catcher


we see the kid in others

so like abugee

 we see a kid trying to shoulder the responsibilities acting serious 

we want to help them

and so they see us as someone human

and want to help us


- "hey you look younger"

still do that every day

and they still all appreciate it

it our lucky mantra

now some even saying it back

"you ... look younger"

that pvf current/network remains strong just less able link to it/more hidden

do what need do outer

but as inner ... there really no choice

"you serious you attract serious"


this own simulation

like star trek hologram

we to explore within compassion the forward moving weak circle

the feminine fire which counters the expansion

still water which cannot be stirred

inner receptive which cannot be taken

because if this flow stops

the rise stops


2020 we have our own beacon ​



he only broken not defeated

what he thought he could lean/rely on disappeared​

he had to retreat and find a new basis if the work is to continue

whether our help here is influencing him there ... we can tell by his improvements ​

who knows he may even return


andrew good advisor​

"to avoid role model label

be a transgender rights lawyer

to walk in reverse

be gender fluid at work"

as inner

we like go against the over rise

support the weak link which was original/natural

e.g. we give strength to the female/male flow within male/female

dump ordinary view



the future will look back and reminisce this

and we listening/writing


we could only wish we write more

it may seem non productive

but the greatest breakthrough was 2020



power of beauty

"please the senses" vs. please the expectations

the eyes would not see beauty without the feeling agreeing

people attracted to what they attracted

vs. they told they not suppose to

e.g. in 1915  japanese women not suppose to be attracted to taiwanese men - the japanese men says beauty is japanese men

beauty is beauty no matter what race and gender and culture

beauty transcends racial national gender boundaries

it not matter if they bigger shorter chubbier standard definition of beauty

e.g. chiang kai shek may also made it to top ten sexy if japanese men had their way in taiwan

but it now democratic and people can self decide

that what love is - beauty

people know what they love

words can get in the way - it the feeling


this bakery staff explain multiverse

north bend

within this space (bakery) there multi worlds co-exists - it which we choose to (perceive we receive)

- the outstanding bakery dude

there world which we getting younger

- the outstanding bakery lady

chewey bows with honor and respect

1-21-01 (chewpiland)


we've created a pipeline

from the source to the 20th century

we laughing at same story

different worlds


advance people those who works at restaurant take out and can laugh


We are influenced by the collective ways of seeing and thinking. That’s why selecting the people you are around is very important. It’s very important to surround yourself with people who have loving-kindness, understanding, and compassion, because day and night we are influenced by the collective consciousness

- Thich Nhat Hanh


we thank our outstanding tenants

they have supported this writing

kevin and christine at jim's detail

julie at freight forwarder

and signage 

for their support throughout the years

writer bows with honor and respect


couldn't afford the quotes others gave

but mei introduced a friend


we bow with honor and respect


the joy of the bible

steve channels that joy

he knows its source

it not the words

but the sphere ​

both sides reading same words


they see another sphere

yet there now that sphere to call another sphere​

- john


you've grown john

- steve


the poop bakery​

"hey you look younger"

"you ... look younger

'this is contagious"

- ​

the current of joy 

those near can feel it​

it needs the whole package

everyone there the town the place etc.​

that sign that it has begun ...


it the number of years to go

not how many lived

and that number increases with deepening knowledge of dharmakaya

so you younger

that also what we mean 

"hey you look younger"


on energy level every part of body should be equal e.g. every chakra​

inner authority also cause of energy imbalance

if energy cant say no to something it not want be part of - it is not independent to free flow

aging is something we all want when little

but if it becomes the authority inner

then we must comply​

the subconscious authority we to neutralize

e.g. if you 29 then that inner 30 has present moment  inner authority 

but inner 28 does not  - if it does then subconscious be going backward

but it best to have power to decide


there never any wrong when inner humble

visit japan and practice to bow

it good for body and mind harmony

a natural counterbalance

it a subconsciously healthy habit

at japan restaurant southcenter

they even joyfully  imitate the writer who bows sometimes over 10 times per meal


you enter door you bow

you sit down you bow

they bring you tea you bow​

if they bow each time we  can bow too



age and/or compassion

if 20 now thinking i am 50

if 50 now thinking i am 80


50 now thinking i am 20

80 now thinking i am 50

what difference ?

just an inner movement

25 and/or 50

1992 and/or 2017

as inner what difference ?

50 and/or 80 

 what difference present inner movement

the inner reflect outer


 50 year old trying to tell others 35


50 year old saying he is 65 and/or 80

one a feeling of inner older

the other draws joy and laughter


one day future they will live 150 like our 80

 they will likely first reach 150 before they believe 150

- it a collective (subconscious)  inner movement

but we can first believe 150  before we reach it outer 

- it a reverse inner movement

by that time we know we 200

these days they cant talk ancient taoist terms and or bible believes without saying first it not modern science predictions

for some that how they remain same and/or younger

it quantum physics / science

"and you have to believe in science"


"reverse aging return youth"

regeneration of the root)


some are pull/lifted by the news they see/read

some are always lifted by the great spirit

when time are easy vs. not

it only then we know the difference​

- outstanding cashier at target

joy revolution

dharmakaya = joy = antidote

saying "hey you look younger" is a way introducing dharmakaya

it often brings laughter even now to many

then can say things/humor like

"my method is scientific ; never wrong ; you have to believe in science" etc.

maybe we show films of us saying it and watch how people respond and often say it back - it always joyful 

joy is always good

whatever it takes

"you serious you attract serious"

- reverse i ching


if future has way to link back - e.g. quantum

it would send joy vibe

there many beacons for joy to flow through from future to past - e.g. 2012 2017

but in 2020 it may have been as only beacon

otherwise it be cutoff

at bottom of it - june/july

it just me la lady/andrew and page/mic

everyone else was down and pulled by another future - helpers didnt arrive until later

- we held our ground


now we have a way to factory/create it

we to gather to keep at it

without joy, there is only the machines

it the only inner water which can dispel the fire


that irregular show

this elegant high class lady try seduce this prince but he said no because she not have quality of other (street gang) lady 

"you don't have what she has

- compassion"

imagine eternal life with no compassion 

even if they have all the powers of Q

who would you want on your team

those who has it or those don't ?

- jessica

that should be a higher priority when hiring people than their race or gender

- ​


genderless as inner is when not stuck in any one inner loop

spirit is genderless

even if it wear same uniform outer


compassion is superior

those with more compassion should feel superior to those with less

if one must feel superior/inferior about something

then use compassion as the measure

and not e.g. money profession culture etc.


if an american with no compassion travels to third world nation

he/she is inferior to anyone with more compassion

vice versa


in world of ompassion

its the samgoakaya  with most compassion we bow to

that why jesica/page / poop summoner the top here

and not the guardians



there a party end of trail

already invited are the fishers​

they are part of the future with us

once he asked

"john, are you ever serious ?"

- ​

that long time ago and i like to be same as then - you can only get down when serious

and serious attracts serious

- it was one of best compliments



"deep down we all kids pretending to be adults"

"see the kid in others"

friendship more genuine that way


the clown professor has his story to inspire those think they too old to be funny​

his speech is an inspiration

packed seminar

the bud ha seminar

"how to be old and funny when you not"

"people come up and tell me

i am too old to be funny

but i tell them

you dont have to be old to be funny

- bud ha

audience listens and nods in agreement



welcome to the clown 101

today i will give you home work assignment

you say "hey you look younger" to at least five people

- mr chee

clown graduate student

and then tell them your method is scientific so never wrong 

and they must believe in science

- sylvia aka mrs chee

the clown's wife 

she is very wise

there many buddhas

just as not every buddha is equally funny 

not every buddha is ally of human

e.g. chicken buddha protects chickens

- page

this path took me away from the conventional ways of others


once you choose the path

you accept all that come with it

- la lady

either you walk it or not

the path is easy to see

but staying on it/following it  not as easy 

when young it easier

the peer pressure is same now as in school 

but if we create an alliance / network supporting mutually "to stay true to ourself"

then the path be made easier 

and there be no regrets


living without regret j

- e.g. stand up comedy in 1984 - why ? he didnt want to have regrets

there a feeling it the right path

it may be difficult but future is with us in a very special way - he was protected


there those who see joy where there none

e.g. dalai lama

vs. see suffering where there none

if they meet up - what happens ?


we protect others fear from being laughed at

not that we no laugh at them for no reason

but they feel ok to be laughed at


the wisdom of longevity

transgender people makes up 1 percent

it remains our prediction that will stay same

they have no choice - they were born that way

but gender nonconforming people will make up 60% because  science will show its benefits to their longevity

"if you use too much one arm

you should also use the other"


all of these long living friends we show you

they all that way​

they want writer to help them gain acceptance

writer yet in their world , but may create a middle circle 


wisdom of imperfection


patty had a pear tree which seem dead last year

this year it full bloom

"not to judge ; we just don know "

- patty


and to accumulate compassion/wisdom and allow it overflow vs.

trying to control everything from surface


"... Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you
when you say to yourself,
˜I am, and there is none besides me"

- isaiah 47 10


"something may seem imperfect then some time later look back it all part of plan


vice versa

- pastor newhart


so much written 

how can we learn all this ?

- student

you have whole lifetime to learn

- joseph campbell

we have given only so much time to write

maybe we are messenger from all our future  maybe we have created a root of something which may take shape in distant future


we dont know ; time will tell​



what is reverse ?​

it the result

not the means

over losing is not losing / over winning not winning

one is driving in reverse gear vs. having no reverse gear

losers society gathering

everyone bragging about losing

e.g. rodney dangerfield

e.g. #2

2 circles of 40 year olds gather

one brags about how young they look

people mistaken them for 25 year olds etc.

- over winning even if do look younger


bragging about getting senior discounts

"wow ... i am envious ..."

- crowd reaction​

which one feels younger ?


e.g. #3

a wise friend self deprecating​

"i am stupid"


we respond ..​

"oh dont say  that about yourself" vs."you smarter than me"

the third bison poop at bison cafe

stored inside tacoma bank safe underground​

the holy poop

is stored safely inside a case made of finest gold

- bison


"the case is also adorned with finest diamonds 

- buffalo witch  elegantly speakth

"wow .. elegant ..."

-  audience​​

it has power and it here in tacoma

- ​

pilgrims  worldwide come to seek its blessing

- tacoma heyoka #5​​

"wow ... tacoma ..."