not reincarnation

because it  is timeless and directionless

there is no coming and/or going

he here now like we here then

beacons of past/future converging


it is  and was his intention to link compassion to and/or from their future and/or our past

This marks the consummation of the effort to attain tranquillity. One is at rest, not merely in a small, circumscribed way in regard to matters of detail, but one has also a general resignation in regard to life as a whole, and this confers peace and good fortune in relation to every individual matter.

- i ching

the  nagas see human money as inner movement

the humans see money as outer movement

that why nagas always have wealth

the ancients see human body as inner movement

that why they regenerate

they see movement of time as  relative 

so there always beginning

death desire and duty

as inner

emptiness and passion is bliss  (power of beauty)

emptiness and death is vitality (power of silence)

emptiness and duty is power (power of abundance)

inner duty  is empty

don't over value the bait

the less inner duty gravity 

the more effective outer accomplishment

duty trappers/hunters

when no outer duty yet inner duty 

deprogram the inner first

do what need do outer

boredom is inner lacking counter

moving one way when need not

an inner obligation/conformity




inner money is empty

emptiness is compassion


inner passion precedes outer

it expansion / contraction same time

there always three 

deeper awareness of contraction

the more liberated the expansion

emptiness is the silence

outer may seem less dense

inner more impersonal

inner duality is relative density

relative density of inner is empty


there is permanence  if there is impermanence
there is impermanence  if there is permanence

this fills the whole body with the creative potency of the pure and total presence generated by innumerable such as dakas and dakinnis in sexual embrace. one meditates in this way on the first day. By doing this the phases are harmonized and the conditions for disturbing body and mind cannot arise"

- yeshe tsogyal

take on deeper duty

surface duty less important/disappears

- universal compassion

as inner movement

we can only think we are organic

master hu

master of emptiness

"The old shamans discovered that the entire universe is composed of twin forces," he began, "forces that are at the same time opposed and complementary to each other. It is inescapable that our world is a twin world. Its opposite and complementary world is one populated by beings that have awareness, but not an organism. For this reason, the old shamans called them inorganic beings."

- don juan matus


as inner movement

space and/or abyss


as inner movement

" I saw how every one of them turned into a blob of luminosity, and together they ascended and floated above the mesa, like phantom lights in the sky."

 the most advanced form of the rainbow body generally entails that the practitioner is able to transform their body into light and is able to remain functional and visible through that light.

so reverse it be

" I saw how every one of them turned from a blob of luminosity back into organic being"

 "the most advanced form of the rainbow body generally entails that the practitioner is able to transform their light into body"

as inner movement


 the inner body of deepening density

reverse in that the inner compress into density/abyss/dark 

abyss without bottom(無底洞)

inner space and/or abyss ; same emptiness

金剛體 (inner body of steel)

not male ; not female

not form ; not empty

Don Juan had said that by means of discipline, it is possible for anyone to bring the energy body closer to the physical body.

Normally, the distance between the two is enormous.

- active side of infinity

at a point of realization

the body has a light

the light has a body

it has to do with compassion

- master hu

only if we can regenerate our own micro

will the new earth regenerate

if we add light to every body

then a shift of perception may make what was ancient past and distant future more near to present


the physical earth need to closer to energy earth

the  energy earth need to closer to physical earth

we not the  energy earth

but we can be a bridge to/from it

we are not the physical earth

but we can be a bridge to/from it



sky earth and/or emptiness

"He had emphasized no end that this force that binds that group of energy fields together was, according to the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, the most mysterious force in the universe. 

His personal estimation was that this force was the pure essence of the entire cosmos; the sum total of everything there is.

He had asserted that the physical body and the energy body were the only counterbalanced energy configurations in our realm as human beings. He accepted, therefore, no other dualism in our lives than the one between these two."

- active side of infinity


as inner

pink and brown equally empty

like outer rainbow

as inner

most and least densest equally empty 

 the inner is no denser than the outer 

as inner

busy afternoon and silent morning

aborigins/advance outer people

  same emptiness



softer than inner water

yet immovable

more empty than air

passion is empty ; empty is passion (Buddha)

the trinity cannot exclude the water

- the female naga enlightened as Buddha

naga princess must let us into her corner 

but only the empty can match to create the middle


- master mel 

as inner

body need not be below


the past "I" needs fluidity 

"fluidity the key to longevity"



if empty enough

body can be purified into compassion

- mel

on the possibility of rainbow body

as inner so outer


perception can continue to shift until all resolved


Khadro-la has said "in my mind I have a very strong belief that the essence of life is only to have the realization of Bodhichitta and emptiness."

tao and emptiness





most want be one or the other

few seek be lost between

- master judy

"they are not empty enough"

- master Dominique

"it the natural state"

- master mel


"like there is water

how we perceive that water can evolve

but there is just energy"


energy is energy
energy can be compassion

energy replicates itself as form
they are one energy


for it the synergy which is effective beneficial

yet it unseen and unreal

- compassion


emptiness and compassion

that emptiness  transforms energy into compassion

compassion transforms perception to understand emptiness


"binary  energy cannot measure emptiness

time cannot influence space"


"if it vibrates

it is still empty"

"it is an emptiness which vibrates" 

spiritual  vs. material conflict

is more than be nice

"if emptiness not deep

the water too soft without firmness"

if energy is too dense/not dense

it means not balance - two sides split

inner obstacles 

"softer than water 

more empty than air

what happens if two is merged?"

"water has light

it soft and firm


 potential to cut through (inner) diamond"

you get the point

how to balance inner density?


fear of being laugh at  blocks laughter from entering the root

"if empty enough

you want people to laugh you"

- buddha butt


same energy

different forms

energy not from emptiness

emptiness not of energy

compassion vibrates as energy

emptiness which  radiates compassion


physical body / energy body 

organic/non organic

one is more dense / less dense than our mean standard 

the relative standard may be different for a hopi shaman like preston



"first lose inner form (five elements)

there is a gate"

"once crossed 

that (field) of rainbow "

death is not opposite of deathless

the primal ocean is empty


"no dirt ; no decay ; no earth"


"and still deeper secret of the secret

the land that is nowhere ; that is the true home"

- the secrets of golden flower

we perceive our body as 3d and/or

 our body/mind as one 4d movement


then love appears

within emptiness

there also numbers

but they dont relate the same way


as outer

space the common ground

as inner

space is emptiness


"the nature of the mind is the ultimate sphere, like space

the nature of space is the nature of the mind, the innate nature

in meaning they are not separate

they are the oneness of the great perfection

please realize the nature of this moment"

- longchenpa

19th century





As the moon reduces on its waning course

Until it is occluded on the night of the new moon,

Each shining phase is not absorbed into the one that follows it.

Instead, the outer glowing radiance sinks back into the inner space

From which no radiance emerges.

Thus it is that the sambhogakaya’s exclusive self-experience

Is gathered back into the great primordial wisdom of the


Madhyamikas proclaim this as “supreme cessation”

In which all movements of the mind

Sink back into the dharmadhatu.


Here, it is regarded as the self-cognizing primal wisdom.

This subtle, primal wisdom is the dharmadhatu, inner luminosity,

Absorbed within but not obscured:

The ever-youthful body closed within a vase.

Wherever and whenever there are beings to be trained,

There unfolds from this ground

Primordial wisdom of unceasing potency.

This ultimate reality, in perfect evenness,

Is the result, the state of great spontaneous presence.

- jigme  lingpa

18th century ibet

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Chenrezig (Sanskrit: Avalokitesvara) is the bodhisattva that symbolizes the compassion of all Buddhas. He has vowed to never rest until all beings enter nirvana. In order to do this he commonly takes a form with 1000 arms, 1000 eyes, and 11 heads to see and help everyone in need.



Chana Dorje (Vajrapani) takes a wrathful form to subdue enemies of Buddhist teachings. Additionally, praying to him helps with the negative energy that comes from one of the three poisons: ignorance, attachment, and aversion.

Chana Dorje is the bodhisattva of power

He is the protector of Gautama Buddha and he symbolizes Buddha’s power. His right hand holds a dorje (Sanskrit: Vajra), a powerful weapon uses thunderbolts to strike down enemies of the dharma (teachings of Buddha). Chana Dorje is roughly translated as “diamond thunderbolt weapon in hand.” Additionally, he controls nagas which protect rivers and lakes.



Manjushri symbolizes Buddha’s wisdom, intellect, and genius. As a result, Buddhists pray to him and repeat his mantra om a ra pa ca na dhih to help with learning, memory, and worldly knowledge.

Manjushri is the bodhisattva of wisdom

He is typically depicted as a handsome, young prince. However, his most recognizable feature is the flaming sword in his right hand that cuts through ignorance and delusion. His left hand holds a lotus stem close to his heart with the book Perfection of Wisdom on its bloom.

Manjushri Mantra Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi.