"The power of  force is insignificant compared to

the power of compassion"

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There is three types of change

Sequential change ; Cyclic change ; And/or no change

We cannot stop the clock from moving forward 

 That is sequential change

But we can continue to regenerate

Like an old tree

That is cyclic change

No change is the field which lies under

"Counting that which is going into the past depends on the forward movement. Knowing that which is to come depends on the backward movement"

"When ... they (the complimentary) are in motion, a double movement is observable : first , the usual clockwise movement, cumulative and expanding as time goes on, and determining the events that are passing ;

 second, an opposite, backward movement , folding up and contracting as time goes on, through which the seeds of future take form. To know this movement is to know the future.

In figurative terms, if we understand how a tree is contracted into a seed, we understand the future unfloding of the seed into a tree"

- The I Ching 

The time has come to remain quiet

If we can understand how the future is contracting into the past

We can understand how the past is expanding into the future

What is over contracted is expanded

What is over expanded is contracted


To make cyclic change possible when off balance

Understanding the middle is necessary


They come to take something not belong

Then something belongs in their future

returns to nothing in their past

Maybe that source of jealousy  ?

Not that others have more

But something belong that we do not have 

We talking within cyclic time 

But if we are talking  within sequential time then

"Sometimes undeserved misfortune befalls a man at the hands of another, as for instance when someone passes by and takes a tethered cow along with him. His gain is the owner's loss. In all transactions, no matter how innocent, we must accommodate ourselves to the demands of the time, otherwise unexpected misfortune overtakes us."

- The I Ching

It becomes an off balance  zero sum game

once we lose link with the deeper fields of time

How to play their game but not of their time ?

future to past  deprogrammer

if future 2027  says to 10 years ago that it is all ok

then why past need worry of future ?


"if there is no harm in future


why worry of past ? "

- chewpiland.net

past/future ordinarily they gain distance with movement of time


in a hologram like star trek and/or a dream

the first/last shape likely a blob of  energy circular

then the binary dance  


that first/last  is one  whole 

and the gateway to something that not of that energy/shape

to realize the non dual ground from binary is peace

to influence the duality from source is power

it the middle between emptiness/energy

that also foundation of deep healing


before there something there nothing

before there nothing there something


you been there before

so you are the bridge back

- calvin


it is the same point yet different energy projected

different forms yet same point reflected

 it be one dimension with many worlds doors

and not many other dimensions


 in chaos (in the world before phenomena , that is before the intelligible world) the foundation is laid"

- golden flower

on the intent of compassion

if future is clear

past is clear

then  there nothing left

what is here now

new outer science to discover unlimited energy

similarly, inner science to discover unlimited chi

maybe they parallel

which one more important depends on who we ask


with enough compassion chi accumulated

the inner energy of body merges into primal ocean 

with enough insight

the inner idea of body is deprogrammed


"anyone can talk about reflection, but he cannot master it if he does not know what the word means. What has to be reversed by reflection is the self conscious heart, which has to direct itself to that point where the formative spirit is not yet manifest ... strive for the form which existed before the laying down of heaven and earth. 

- secrets of the golden flower

on the point of reflection/projection

the one movement is  simultaneous



when... every shadow ... disappeared

this is refuge within cave of energy

where all that is miraculous returns to its roots. 

one does not alter the place

but the place divides itself. This is incorporeal space where a thousand places are one place.


one does not alter the time, but the time divides itself

this is immeaurable time when all the aeons are like a moment"

- secrets of the golden flower


from the root

if one not divided by this inner movement

then it the "refuge within"


not subject to the projection/reflection of that inner movement of energy/light (past/future body)


loyal people attract loyal people

it the inner imprint

movement of energy is inner/outer



paradox of nectar of purification is it sought from teachers/spirit at  some of dive places

we go them and humble

not they to us

we like to learn


... discover that something within you which is behind the mind

solve that great  problem and you will solve all other problems

- ramana maharshi


that something within us behind the inner movement is clearing everything

 it is not subject to that energy

"...  is an invisible cavern; it has neither form nor image. ... It is the place which harbours the truth, the altar upon which consciousness and life are made. It is called the dragon castle at the bottom of the sea, the boundary region of the snow mountains, the primordial pass, the kingdom of greatest joy, the boundless country ..."


- hui ming ching

ancient taoist text on longevity


we call it the middle world


writer and taoism / budhism

is that he a scholar and not enlightened

qualities may appear but they of beings near


 the art of ceaseless reflection 

(this the weak circle)

 no projection

but the ground spontaneously manifests


"if it vibrates from emptiness

the energy not be tainted"

-master hu

"it the effect, not the cause"


so that medicine is scientific ?

very scientific ; but it also of spirit

like technology created by spirits

- doctor hu

why haven't we heard more of it ?

in old orient they talk of it

"it has be realized to be used

first they practice compassion"

- hu

"cant it just reach everyone if it here there everywhere and all times ?"

"it has to be realized

that how it is"

there state where old gyaphal need not be sequentially after young gyphal

- gyaphal


​there trinity emptiness

from which "anything possible"

- master hu


the root chi has power of intelligence


that people chi is out of balance


bifurcating from root 

aging too early/mind too agitated 

"earth  has cycles

but chi is chi

if it clear it clear"


"it two way motion

there spring below where chi emerges"

"because it has no bottom

there two way motion"


body and/or compassion

compassion can go two ways

denser and/or lighter

so nirmankayas return

increases our intelligence of physical

our physical get smarter  the smarter physical beings we learn from

shiva/massauw/padma same yet different

difference is their long lasting fan base are different

just their presence  

makes the difference

"vajra means non duality of space and wisdom ; appearance and emptiness

and are free from decay and separation"

- the sole panacea

"emptiness is called vajra"

- the vajra peak tantra

"all obscurations are purified

so vajra cannot be harmed by obscurations"

- the sole panacea

"the nature of vajra is that all defilements

are purified and nothing can harm it

it is self arising wisdom, the deity of deities

penetrating everything"

- the tantra of the expanse

hard, solid, not hollow

indivisible, undisintegrating

unburnable, and indestructible

emptiness is called vajra

- the vajra of the peak tantra

"the joint action of these balanced opposites brings order into the whole situation, and naturally everything goes well"


there point four powers converge as one taste -the power of compassion


the middle world is physical enough that it can enter it

spiritual enough that it can enter to it


if one recognizes or is instantly aware of it in the way that lightening strikes, all the cause and result of the suffering of samsara that exist from the past are purified by themselves, unlike purifying with great effort as in the tradition of the common vehicles

- the sole panacea

earth water fire wind

these four elements gathering in substance are the support of consciousness  ...

which are called casual form

- the sole panacea

it explains at root

"mind's nature is clear light "

"all stains of duality are cleansed, and all nondual wisdom is expanded. therefore it is called the buddha"

- the sole panacea


"all faults and qualities of samsara ... can never affect the vajra emptiness ... the self radiance or self appearance ...

the empty essence wisdom .. is an unceasing manifestation of compassion  ... like lotus flower stainlessly blooming .. from mud but without stain of mud , which is nirmanakaya buddha ...

"therefore, in the self phenomena of nirmanakaya buddhas, there is no separate duality of an object to be tamed and a subject who tames ...

according to beings phenomena, nirmanakaya buddhas abide until samsara becomes empty, effortlessly granting ... sindhis to beings"

- the sole panacea

they most rare

the purification and/or

the compassion of physical

reverse world riding our world be to each take seat - give that word enjoyable counter


e.g. death hunter ; poop hero

"poop = earth (soft) water (fluid) fire (heat) air (aroma)

 it is emptiness which vibrates"

- mrs poop hero


if past/future clear

what in middle is adventitious

"not of inherent nature"

stay with it


keep going ; dont look back at the adventitious


"compassion is the beginning/present/end"


compassion which vibrates

compassion which not vibrate

"what is impossible becomes possible only when you understand that there is no tomorrow at all , psychologically speaking."

"what is possible becomes impossible once we realize there is no tomorrow at all ..."


within space a spontaneous arising

reverse it be

a spontaneous return to space


the heaven and earth in harmony

within compassion

compassion energy cannot be divided

it can be all places same time 

it ceaselessly reflect onto the outer


the canyon spirit never cease

- tao te ching

it cannot be found

yet it keeps one strong

- mel

it is not inner/outer/emptiness

tibetan calls it the white island

- hu

as inner - here/there/everywhere else

same difference

​"the fourth time"  timeless also a place

rich/middle/poor as inner empty

that fourth the real abundance


​similarly ...

​lack/money/no lack an inner trinity etc.

​you get the point of medicine

dharmakaya (essence body) 



sambhogakaya (enjoyment body) - the energy body of compassion

nirmanakaya (the body of  transformation)

- the physical body of compassion

there much ancient text they yet to share


(world of compassion)

is the outer luminosity of the essence body

there is an inner luminosity known only to those ones viewing from inside

the awakened ones (buddhas)


"the fair interior of the mansion of the vase"

(the world of joy)


from essence
it is oblivious to the energy body 

dharmakaya cannot be tainted

classmates bow with honor and respect




 Compassionate healing


within compassion, what false programming terms as sickness or disease is merely restriction of free flow of senses. Since senses makes up the physical world - or it can be said that the world of free moving energy contacting the senses - it is only false programming which restricts, and thereby creating discomfort, of the so called  physical body. Within false programming, this restriction is given a label, a classification, as though such classification has any real meaning. Classification is useful only for the purpose of relating and describing a certain physical symptoms – it itself has no energy and real power, i.e. just a word and concept to describe what is really just a restriction of senses. 


Within compassion, senses are not restricted because there is no false programming to hinder its free flow. Like the world of atoms, the movement of the physical flows with the world of compassion and reaches its intended images and shape and purpose. Within false programming, a hindrance to the free flow of senses is not attributed to a false programming deeper than one’s awareness, but instead given a certain classification to describe the discomfort of so called body, or one’s experience of the physical dimension/senses. Once a restriction to physical movement is given a classification, the free flow of energy ceases because the possibilities of movement of energy within such classification is very limited. 


label of restriction of senses/imbalance of body can be useful to describe its characteristics and reflected physical attributes, but if used to classify and identify such label as a certain solid fact, then false programming has grasped the senses within its control, and the rest of recovery is subject to the laws of such programming – one would require, for example, to take a certain drug or act in certain ways in order to relief oneself of such discomfort. Within compassion, discomfort/disease of the physical is merely restriction of natural flow of senses. If such restriction is given back to compassion, then the imbalance re-balances itself.


For example, a certain sickness such as cancer is merely the senses being restricted in a dimension deeper than one’s awareness and also beyond the awareness of so called modern science. Such restriction is within deeper layers of false programming. If one were to be identified by this label, then this identification becomes one’s personal history and is given life as though this label has a certain reality to it, when it is merely a blockage to the free flow of senses. Free of such label and concept, the body then has a chance to return to compassion. within compassion, such label has no meaning and symptoms related to such label are merely indication of deeper imbalance, or rather, one’s inability to resist the patterns of false programming.


Immunity is really one’s inherent ability, and/or developed ability to combat false programming. Within false programming, one is programmed to believe such immunity to come from something tangible and solid within the so called body. With this programming deeper than one’s awareness, one is subject to the laws of this false programming and real immunity is restricted and limited – one is programmed to believe, for example, the longer one lives, the less such immunity. If one were to subject to such programming, then one must necessarily live such pattern within the holographic like world – like a programmer installing certain codes into a software. Once one chooses within deeper dimensions to subject to false programming’s code of the rules of body, then one necessarily lives by its rules.


No matter how much one tries to rationalize that it is merely false programming dictating the rules of body, that without such programming, the body lives in very different possibilities and rules, one is still subject to false programming’s description of the physical until it can be displaced by one’s power of compassion. without such power reaching such depth to challenge the depth of such false programming, such rationalization is merely an intellectual exercise. Only until one intends from deep within to free others of such false programming, or having the courage to simply let go of all concepts dictated by false programming regarding the body, will compassion be activated to intervene within this deeper level of programming. 


Within compassion, there are no rules with respect to the body that one must abide, just as there are no rules to one’s thoughts. Potentially, just as there is intelligence which reverses, there is also senses which can reverse, leading to reversal of, for example,  physical aging. This, however, requires very deep and powerful compassion, and must spring from sole intention to benefit the happiness of all sentient beings – world of joy. 


Gender within compassion


there is psychological gender discrimination and actual differences of physical characteristics which can be generalized as different gender. Such psychological gender difference is false programming. 


within false programming, psychological gender discrimination is used as a powerful means of manipulation, creating the root of personal desire. Within compassion, such psychological differences do not exist and gender differences are merely playful aspects of nature to compliment and create beauty and harmony – there is no sense of lack or need or craving here.  Within false programming, the interaction of such opposing tendencies create craving/personal desire, while within compassion, they merge to create harmony and transformation.


Physical differences of so called gender is merely one of various compliments created by playful nature of compassion, our original nature. Once they are contaminated by false programming, a new form of gender discrimination is created and gender takes on a new importance to uphold the control of false programming. So long one identifies psychologically with a made up false programming term of gender, one actually distances oneself from the real meaning of one’s real gender. If one is free of such discrimination within one’s limited mind and lets go to compassion, then real meaning of gender emerges and continues to transform. Within compassion, there is no conflict of gender, only harmony. Here, relationship takes on a different meaning.  

Compassionate power


False programming takes power away from compassion, limiting it to merely a feeling. Thereby when many refers to power of compassion, they are referring to just a sentimental feeling. Without false programming, compassion is intense power, the most potent power there is. Most understand the gentle and nurturing side of compassion, but few understand the assertive and power side of compassion – it is best reflected to the writer by the passion of freedom.


Fortress of joy


One does no one any favor by not being joyful. It is actually lack of compassion to be not joyful, as joy is the best quality to liberate suffering and transform the slow frequencies of humanity. False programming would like to limit joy to only special occasions and at times makes many guilty to feel joyful, especially when others are suffering. Free of false programming, there is abundant joy which is ever transforming and expanding. 


Everyone follows joy, including false programming. If one were to be fortunate enough to touch real joy – not false programming’s idea of joy, which is merely surface senses being stimulated and requires external conditions – but real joy, which is unconditional and is a very deep compassion, then one is truthful to oneself to hold tight to this root and allow it to re-emerge. This fortress of joy is unshakable and has power beyond anything in this world, yet one’s connection to it at beginning is likened to few little kids defending a straw house against the massive army of false programming – but if compassion is sufficient, the fortress will hold and solidify, and then expand.


To enter the world of joy, one must become proficient at laughing at oneself, which will increase one’s ability to make fun at others within joy.


The fortress of joy is becoming visible to humanity.

Kumbaya My Lord

writing pad :

(excerpts from eternal fire)

A day later, chewey went camping with the hopi book club in a very remote spot in hopiland, a place they called the parle vu fransue?! camping spot:


Celena, who was singing the parle vu fransue song: “parle vu fransue!? Parle vu fransue?! Parle vu fransue!!??, parle vu fransue??!!, parle vu! Parle vu! Fransue???!!!”


Chewey: “where you get that song?”


Celena: “I don’t know, I heard Leroy singing it, and I just start to sing it myself”


Chewey, to Leroy: “where you get that song?!”


Leroy: “I don’t know, I saw it on lisa’s t-shirt and heard her singing it and I just start to sing…”




Darrell: “yea dude! When life is up, parle vu fransue?! When life is down, parle vu fransue?!”


Chewey: “huh?! What are you talking about?!”


Preston: “you know how everything has a polar opposite? Well, parle vu fransue?! is what links the opposites.”


Colleen : “all patterns are different, but take away the judgments, they are all parle vu fransue?!”


Geraldine: “parle vu fransue?! That sounds nice!”


Jeremy: “the best way to attract what’s best for you is to accumulate joy, so … parle vu fransue?!”


chewey: “me no understand!”


Leroy: “either way, you become parle vu fransue?!”


chewey: “even a caged chicken?!”


Lisa: “wherever you go, you end up parle vu fransue?!” 


Voice: “7 billion people and yet we are here, that means we have parle vu fransue?!”


Chewey: “hmmm … that is very interesting indeed…”



Next day, the hopi book club took chewey to spend a night in Walpi, the ancient, timeless village, still operating strong without running water and electricity



chewey woke up the next morning, as he was walking out to see the sunrise… 





season 2


ma ma  is sho mei lin chu

ba ba is shi wei chu

every time i say that - mama and/or ba ba

they get younger

from this place we ceaselessly  send they receive

the ultimate medicine

from/to past present and/or future

from this future

we see each their 100th birthday

we to humble to that future​

- john j chu


zhu ren zhang


鳳飛飛祝你幸福Coden Official Audio MV

medicine and/or compassion

ultimate is emptiness

compassion is medicine

compassion coming from emptiness

so it a good name

it not just transcendence

but it helping others same time



dharmakaya cannot be tainted

the best way to stay with it

once sufficient understanding

is to keep sending the medicine to all

it will first go through those we love/closest



we hope we have reached a sufficient basis to help others

then we be advancing into it

whether we have sufficient of it

we dont know

but you can all help us send it



above song is to send 幸福 (xing fu)

good fortune health happiness

that also the nature of dharmakaya


it is ultimate in that

once new sphere / layer realized

anything is possible

we just need know how to use it

"It is afterwards same as before

this is the dharmata ever unchanging"

- uttara tantra

these faults, however, do not truly exist

they are merely adventitious and able to be removed

- buddha nature

we only need remove the adventitious

it originally dharmakaya

no death sickness aging

the original sphere always here




if an old tree is regenerated/purified into new

its history cannot change that fact



if imitate the flow of this home

it sends to the parents then family

they also people of dharmakaya

we can see them as buddhas/satvvas

they are at the center of this sphere

this is a middle sphere

they from dharmakaya

the way to help someone improve is to see their future as good fortune healthy happy (xing fu)

- i see no suffering - dr hu

he sees their dharmakaya


seeing them what collective would



we want to perceive a future with xing fu

within multiverse

we choose which future to link into


if learn how to help/take on others suffering within compassion


then we dont suffer

- it a paradox

e.g. 94/5 and/or 05


trust the great spirit

just stay with dharmakaya no matter what inner thoughts

the great spirit takes care rest

it needs not our deliberate effort

we only need write what comes


energy body/medicine

teachers showing us the ultimate medicine

a field of light available to all

it cannot be contaminated and always here

all need do is to align mind/body to it

- that takes faith at first

but if many also see it , it be easy

if we only rely on outer antidote

there be even more fear / reliance

no matter how advanced

but if it is balanced by inner knowledge of dhamakaya

that they dont really need the outer but can use it

the two creates a balance

age and/or compassion

if 20 now thinking i am 50

if 50 now thinking i am 80


50 now thinking i am 20

80 now thinking i am 50

what difference ?

just an inner movement

25 and/or 50

1992 and/or 2017​

as inner what difference ?

50 and/or 80 

what difference present inner movement​

the inner reflect outer


50 year old trying to tell others 35


50 year old saying he is 65 and/or 80

one a feeling of inner older

the other draws joy and laughter


one day future they will live 150 like our 80

 they will likely first reach 150 before they believe 150

- it a collective (subconscious)  inner movement

but we can first believe 150  before we reach it outer 

- it a reverse inner movement​

by that time we know we 200

these days they cant talk ancient taoist terms and or bible believes without saying first it not modern science predictions

for some that how they remain same and/or younger

it quantum physics / science

"and you have to believe in science"


"reverse aging return youth"  - ancient taoist 

regeneration of the root)


the power of beauty

qualities dont have limits

it can deepen forever/accumulated

it the nature of physical /body​

like billion to our million

if we two million then one million issues no more​

it can be accumulated

like intelligence abundance and silence

potentially the body inner/outer inseparable from deepening beauty and it self heals regenerates​


first realize its potential as yours

and then work hard to accumulate it​

how to more accumulate it ?​ we here to learn 


each day they get closer

the body/mind begins to get younger​

the skandhas replaced by 

the power of beauty

- which is spontaneously always here​

there is regeneration

it like forests snoqualmie

it has sufficient power of beauty so always green



imagine if that is our inner world 24/7

then it not difficult to see regeneration and renewal

we heal someone just because we want to accumulate power of beauty

not because they need our help

so win win



wisdom body is a body which has a mind​

a mind with wisdom with a body which has mind​

a body with a mind which has wisdom to stay link to physical 


they know theoretically and from some people ​

that the most impossible is possible only when impossible​

if we can think of it, it has a pattern

if we have to reverse everything

then everything can be reversed​


but how ?​

the future already knows ?​

then we dont care the how and what​

just that it is that future

writer same place the rock still here

we all here​

we all fine

- the no fear rock 

to/from your own future 2031

to/through  this website

"(your name) is the best !"



sho mei chu is the best !

shi wei chu is the best !

we humble to that future


1990 (chewpiland)


the power of beauty