the power of intelligence

the air nation

to decode the old program

the power of silence


the fire nation 

to protect/ remove inner obstacles




the power of beauty

the water nation

 to purify the root


the power of abundance

the earth nation

 to deepen/anchor within root


that what old family would say

keep going dont look back


in script 

last year

that feeling from this year 

tells him go certain places

it gives that feeling of support


to show intention we need not be there

to gather family we need not make journey

they will guide you

the future

we(they)  know your sincerity

- tour guide

​even if necessary

we can take care 

- frank


what i learned from my dad

the silent fearless/independence

and the taiwan oldies

the joy you feel listening to it

the same joy he feels

we felt listening 


dont let masks fool 

let go adventitious

preserve the memory/frienship


lesson here

it compassion which shift perception 

once one sees it as how he would help his brother(s)

then the perception of it gives the answer

and with it also resolution

shi wei chu

birthday is july 20, 1939

like ...

if there a party in past world

and one couldn't be there

that way

then best way to simulate it is this way

it like passing on

everyone is past

yet some remains link

they all wish you best

dont look back 


keep going

share your joy


knowing him

not care of the attention b day

july 20

but to make tribute/gift

he would want us to speak for taiwan

 debate international audience

on the taiwan issue

like ex girlfriend

cant just insist it

they do/say what they do/say

but there has be persuasive basis

for the world to agree

if this your own land

you speak up for it too 



even if none of it here today

but we can send reinforcement to that time/place


 trust your feelings

cant imitate real love/friendship

The New Matrix

part 3

coming home


if past/future clear

what in middle is adventitious


his emptiness not moved

even as enter other circles

at end of day

he same as before


keep going ; dont look back at the adventitious


in a simulation

the body is new / not born past

there is no past age

just appearance present

memory/habits of perception

energy body we see


if mic was in town in different form

i would insist he lives here



1785 walpi

in a small town

there a couple

they live below mesa

walpi their ceremonial home

they belong to circle of shamans

locals say they are very old

interchangeable with the spirits


like chewpiland

if it deep/good/sincere enough

it'll endure

relationship is that way

the connection has be there

the adventitious they must see as shared

help each other take on them

clear them out together 


future they see same clear

a common ground which will endure

i am your future which clears your past

you my future which clears my past


we each use our strong circle to help others past strengthen other's weak circle

then future feels the difference instantly

that how it works here

so always improving 

in chewpiland

there no government to pay tax to

regulations are recommendations not requirements


like a simulation

except there no body to wake to

so one is set free of it

this is the awakened state

because energy cannot be divided

what simulates you simulates itself


the outer form is ever shifting

past/present/future the same energy cannot be divided

in dream state/simulation

yesterday does/did not exist

only the memory of it in present


hopis start over at certain stages of life

in simulation/dreamlike state

memory of past body 

it does/did not exist

that it need not be necessary 


people same mind - of one root 

yet each unique


in script

if one were to move to another place distant outer planet

then it be new identity etc.

if outer space then good bye to earth be sentimental

if the inner body shifts into new dimension

outer energy body may become lighter in frequency until invisible to outer senses

it be effortless/spontaneous 

but to those next - they may see a rainbow and disappearance of body

they be another world and/or just invisible to others - it a middle field easy enter/exit once they travel enough

each time return can change shape

language seem spoken but it was intent which transpired


new people / new world

the train keeps going

for those left

they dont want get off

and/or want back on

it a lonely path

but no one wants off




The light that at the full moon outwardly shines forth

Is present at the new moon but withdrawn into its depths.

So too, the dharmatā, unchanging and completely free of thought,

Is the unchanging vajrakaya, permanent expanse.

- jigme

ceaseless learning

in past it seems fast learn

but when look back it less

this past year

it seem slow learn

yet transformation is fast as its time

so teaching is silent and humble


This peaceful space contains the highest of all attributes.

Therein the strengths and ocean-like enlightened qualities

Are all perfected and complete.

In their appearance they are all distinct.

Assessed in terms of realization and elimination,

This space is the abhisambodhikaya.

the world of joy 


beyond our consciousness/awareness

and our binary concepts /perceptions

 it here/now


As the mind’s pursuit of knowledge objects ceases,

So too, deluded grasping at a knowing mind is shed.

Awareness, self-cognizing, does not fall into extremes

Of permanence or of annihilation.

Subtle primal wisdom is absorbed within but not obscured;

It is unceasing knowledge, basis of the kayas and the wisdoms.

This is seen by those who rest in perfect equipoise

And it is called the peaceful dharmakaya.

the world of compassion

sky no sky  / earth no earth
angels not angels /demons not demons

humans not humans

everyone mix talents

because it compassion so not matter

this world is different


fong chi

scene #7

cheap expresso

16 customers standing in line

kelley only barista

time 7:48 am

next scene

time 7:55 am

all customers seated sipping their drinks, looking satisfied

next scene

same cafe

16 customers

different barista - (your name here)

it is 7 :48 am

first 30 seconds barista drinking tea

next scene

it is 7:55 am

all customers seated looking satisfied

this coffee is of elegant taste and finely consumed

- customer speaks 

"oh, we not to under estimate the value of the barista for its elevated quality"

-  customer #2

"finely spoken thy does ..."

- customer nods

1850 b.c.


"once we past that portal

our body/memory may change

the place and people ..."

the romantic game of century

5d online worldwide

they play it before real wedding

and/or just for fun

enter without memory of eachother ...

the fong chi wedding

they dont care if people laugh at them

"love overcomes all"- 


reverse be : the appearance of

the bottomless hole

here everything equal

same energy

you laugh first 


no you ...

- love

the earth village

kung fu novel


dark world


like fire
what is outside it is beyond what is inside

vice versa


those followed lost the hiker after sunset

he gives you a chance and we there

the path leads into

the city of fire

deep within the fortress


underseas palace of dakinnis

where no male ego co-exist

inside it hidden gateway

the ancient village




earth village museum

in heaven and/or hell

male egos dominate

whether it angels and/or demons

​- ms buddha butt

introducing 21st century earth culture

to the audience

even our mountains and rivers were named after male egos​

- ms no fear jr

"wow ... it must been worthy of such honor"

- audience

"the male egos of 21st century is the most intelligent of all species in recorded history which still believes it evolved from apes"

- kelley phd

earth studies professor

"wow ... how they sustain such knowledge ..."

- audience

the staff is free to introduce what they want of the earth culture to this new planet they migrated to

"you have dishonored my male ego"

is what they may say

if their pride cannot be sustained

"wow ... pride ..."

- audience


if past/future clear

then the adventitious is trapped

in the present

hunt death like male ego

to begin the story

we go to a place/time ancient

more ancient than time itself

at a place which is not of a place as we know it ...

the playful couple 

the villagers here are peaceful


you and her/he are one person

now we same energy

but not sure what she/he looks like

always shapeshifting 

there may be a form you yet to see



what if everyone 

even the camera person etc.


just the two of us ... ?

since ... oct 2002  ?

then that be cool

nothing to fear / get over attached to

there be trust


there times kelley look mickey

macquenzie look madam voltaire

madame voltaire look dominic

romi looks kelly ?


same energy (5d)

different 4d/3d


same writer

different stories 

if simulation

all of it present memory display


it like part of me already there/here

 "it like they looking in from glass

they cant get in"

- hu

mystery unknown

how one entered

dont even know when it ...


no matter how alone the train ride gets

no one wants off

even if offered mansion

so now the appreciation is there

for this lonely journey


"1850 b.c.

the village of opulence
quality and class
nicknamed the bonsai village
(10,000 years)

because it bestows long life
and opulence
the plants grown from this region
e.g. bontsai plants
strong in demand across international  commercial markets

- the japanese tour guide"

sinking back of mind to ground 
means it where it is



6...Neither one nor many,

It is neither an existent nor a nonexistent thing.

It is like space; it is beyond all thought.

It has no stain—all manifesting radiance is stilled.

It is beyond the reach of words, belonging to the highest truth.

No concepts, reasons, metaphors, or arguments depict it,

For of mind, analogy, and thought, it is the very contrary.

Not even mighty beings on the tenth ground can encompass it.

- jigme lingpa

cant imagine what it like inside black hole


Only to the Buddhas is it manifest:

The fair interior of the mansion of the vase,

Profound and peaceful, ever youthful.

The Buddhas of the three times always dwell therein,

And yet, as to their aspect, do not see each other.

For in the space beyond conceptual construction,

They constitute a single vast expanse of wisdom

- jigme

same energy/compassion cannot be divided

no one to see anyone

"without others there no self"

- chuang tzu

relative density becomes gradually less


the world of compassion

(three kayas)

what within compassion lives on

what not  fades from this world 

sounds fair to the self born within compassion
creepy to the false programming


- notes





dharmakaya (essence body) the  constant
then energy/physical bodies of compassion have inverse relationship ?

so if energy body cant reverse
physical body flows one way only ?
vice versa


why you call yourself "the fake vietnam buddha" ?


because i am a buddha but not from vietnam

- the fake vietnam buddha humbly bows

writer bows with honor and respect

"the past has moved on"

 there is no need to let it hold us back


thanks ... 


the black hole if enter

by definition gone

black out/death

then if start over

memory fresh/birth

if can stay with it

liberation from the cycle of rebirth

the third attention of emptiness


compassion is what keeps us between black hole/dark world - that 1850 b.c.

it a paradox

those who want liberation for themselves only 


those want liberate others

 they still in this world

pulled by both sides to stay

bottom of the top/top of the bottom

the world of buddhasatvas

stays between world of form/formless

 the place where ground clears 

from emptiness vibrates compassion

death cannot overtake compassion

"compassion can deepen into it"

 compassion at bottom of darkness

 it a place where none brighter

- dr dean tsai


"one should strive to attain small things only
...  has not yet been passed

 hence there is nothing to be done and its strength lies in very fact that it does not seek the impossible but knows how to adapt itself to circumstances"

- i ching


an inner dark tunnel

leading to world of rainbow

the crossing is spontaneous 

where time/space are one

a vision told many times

- story teller


this programming world

the formless/form middle

that what we felt we entered last year


 if reverse energy is what rejuvenates the essence energy

it also what the past guardians need from us in future

that the buxins took away their reverse energy and so weaken power to protect


we to send reverse to them


the world of compassion is not a parallel state

the way our future is not a parallel state

it the source whether we aware of it or not

if size / density decrease to 100 times smaller/less dense
if it then  increase 100 times
it'll look like it spontaneous emerged
- nirmanakayas


it itself did not change size/density

just its relationship to our density
we may look to them
 like stars creating galaxy ; atoms in motion

they may look to us like one little star

"it not far away just different
the path upon reflection seem empty"
- hu


at the beginning

there a wheel

form ; formless; desire


it spins clockwise

there a wheel

form ; formless; desire

it spins counter clockwise

- dr. dean tsai

the two formed a perfect harmony

the three cannot be separated

the great compassion


because it is formless

it cannot be seen nor felt

because it is form

it can be seen

because it is passion

it can be felt


so the only way it can be seen is itself as the three kayas

essence/energy/physical bodies  

but it simply compassion


first empty then inner duty/passion/death


inner duty/passion/death

then empty



if this dream/simulation

then it first empty then the history

the daily news that computer/dream generated


first the history

then knowing it a simulation/dream

It is said that the Sambhogakaya manifests not in any kind of spatial or physical location but in a place that is not really a place; a place of nowhere called Akanishtha, or wok ngun in Tibetan. Wok mi means "not underneath," suggesting that Akanishtha, because it is a field of nowhere, is all encompassing. Ultimately wok-ngun refers to emptiness, or sunyata.

- traleg rinpoche


  before it first form then empty

here is more first empty then the appearance


first empty then see something
that something is self appearance


just labels

6d world of compassion 

"even the high beings cannot see the sambhogakaya"

one is in it once realized

once within

the world of joy is beyond 


awakened/joined to this from 6d

they all bow to this 

the wudidong

 yet they cant see eachother

inside wudidong

 pitch dark like interior of vase


"even the buddhas cannot not see what is inside void"

the being who is the dharmakaya

the mystery within the mystery


all that is left is for you to meet this being

​- notes 2018


​people/places look same yet sky/earth has transformed


writings 04 anticipated most but not changeover of people/place without people/place seemingly changing"

- writer 2019

she is one of four/five hong jun students

original village

- hu





like death

all adventitious dissolves and essence returns to the source

from there

a new inner/outer spontaneously emerges


it new / rewind to beginning

there those with capacity

once reach source

can just remain there

liberated from cycles of rebirth

they live in a subtle world where energy/physical bodies are within the world of compassion

that wuchi and/or sambogakaya

- dr. dean tsai

then there those 

the death conquers

having realized the essence

can have a body  

outside the world of compassion


from view of that world they enter

they are called buddhas

the rainbow body

they can stay in 21st century

or hang out in other worlds

that the triple world/body

- humble rinpoche



spontaneous manifestation of the Sambhogakaya

" At the culmination of the Thodgal process at the stage of vision called the exhausting of everything into Reality (bon nyid zad pa) all of the visions that the practitioner experiences whether pure or impure dissolve into the Natural State. This includes our physical body which is the result of past karmic causes and represents our impure karmic vision. For the practitioner everything dissolves. 


This sets the stage for the spontaneous manifestation of the Sambhogakaya which has been present in potential in the Natural State from the very beginning."


dissolution of sambhogakaya


"The visions (sambogakaya)  that arise are not specifically created but appear spontaneously ... from the Natural State; 


Gradually all the pure visions of the deities arise and these visions develop by way of four stages (snang ba bzhi) until completion. Then they all dissolve into the Natural State. 


Our personal reality of pure and impure vision (snang ba) dissolves into Reality (bon nyid) which is the Natural State. At the same time that our visions dissolve our physical body also dissolves because it is just one manifestation of our impure karmic vision."


rainbow body

" Returning to the ultimate source then the potentiality of the Natural State manifests as a Rainbow Body, the real Rupakaya (energy/physical bodies of compassion)


 the Rainbow Body as the potentiality of the Natural State is not limited to any particular form. It can appear in a myriad of different forms."


there worlds compassion/false programming
they both spring from same emptiness
but compassion knows how to utilize/relate to the emptiness

they both have physical/energy bodies
but compassion also has the essence body

in a dream
there the personal/impersonal

inner movement (consciousness which includes the physical)

in compassion
the consciousness is within compassion
because it is a spontaneous presence

reflection of the the essence 


death and/or compassion

death over rides everything

but the essence


it helpful people past shared their experience

perhaps this also will help others when their time arrives


​so if sky/earth has already changed

​then it like dream/simulation

 if the house live in can just be replaced in instant by sambogakaya

then so can e.g. the shape of body we dont hold onto

-in an instant

​identification/ place/people etc.

in our script

by deepening of compassion into wudidong

we may be able to return to 21st century ?

they may see us differently

but we are who we are

so if it like dream/simulation

then it not that our body appeared

but they have memory of seeing us

that nirmanakaya

notes says

they never separated from the essence body - the world of joy

 the programming world 

chewpiland writer is there 

formless/unseen it is

helping us from that side

 silently removing inner obstacles


the presence of nirmanakayas  interferes with false programming 

​they the first to slow it


the body is codes 

can be preserved as memory

from programming world



happens instantly

likely happened canyon last year

there has be a portal

layer by layer

lose the old body

yet the body still here

to go forward

not let what is behind hold you back

there permanent home

there was temporary home

this is just a train

you felt the difference 

it is serene here

- hu

so how far can this world go ?


​"want something it is there

want be there it here"


had an interesting dream


you know you in a dream and try to wake up


finally woke up from sleep

but writer still dreaming

and the one sleeping is aware

- maybe it implies

it the essence body (dharmakaya) we need

otherwise there always someone dreaming


same people 

yet they different

but the  of world before may have no link with them here


rainbow body has  levels

some has only three colors

some many 

 each phase the body is new

there is no link between body of this world and that


like there no link between dream body and awake body


so each has own world ?

every one inside has own universe

​"at this stage best to do nothing than something"

​the vision has creator but

"there seem be a director but we can find no trace"


we were in manifestation phase

maybe now we in the ceasing phase of sambogakaya

"so you have another world to go"


this the entering / ceasing/descending into it

then there the ascending/emerging/exiting ?

like train track


people/places we see

including our own body

are visions

they may and/or may not have any relationship to the same people

we not in control 


yet time moves here

only in way

 time moves in the former worlds


it timeless


as time moves 

you wonder how the old folks are; the friends neighbors

maybe they wonder how you are

many may have passed

 even niece/nephew may have family by now ?


you should reach first the destination 
then decide from there

you may then want to return here 
this place has good neighbors etc.


like station to station

there is the backdoor exit/entry

once you settle/decide

maybe you meet someone

things will then change

- la lady


there place

beyond this world




'that a place few people get to enter"


- la lady


 i am asian but enjoy making fun of myself

- hopi tourist

hopi is one culture in america that pride themselves on laughing at themselves

- hopi tour guide

it why we are happy and peaceful  in a world where it the opposite

- lisa

hopi clown historian

hopi means peaceful people

- julie

hopi clown professor

clowns means to be playful

- jason

hopi clown translator 

"no hopi was chubby until the not chubby people entered our land"

- hopi j pop

hopi clown sasquatch 

"no hopi was funny or peaceful until the outsides started calling us that"

- adam

hopi tour guide

our clowns had acted just like them, all serious and self righteous etc. 

 then they arrived and the clowns dont know how to act any more

-hopi clown chief

their clowns only know how to laugh at other people

- hopi clown queen


polacca, az

alex youvella  a wrestler high school

at a distant house

there metal hanging on wall 

his pinning opponent  

6 seconds (mid 80's)

(fastest pin record award

chu was 13 seconds in 1981)

but this not home of youvella

but that opponent

his kids so proud


in our script

we'll say chewpiland a parallelw world

with concentric layers 1-10

at center is 10th layer 

which even the 9th cannot see

and at core of it is the great mystery

- the vajra world 

inside the world of joy

the original village




"compassion is the beginning/present/end"


so there a 

"金剛界" ?

(diamond realm)

"it formless"

 so few can be it

it has to do with understanding death

yet they all like to get closer

- hu


as inner

the wallet (world)  is empty

we dont need it

yet it still here

 discussion with these people

preserve their presence for this place

we lucky to have their presence

we can pre-write the script

there something precious

they also like to preserve

humor is significant in hopi/tibetan culture

writer lacks the insight 

but can supplement the humor that makes the essence more human

"it indescribable yet it funny"

it the synergy

writer will need director/producer


Akanistha heaven (the Sutra method) do not represent real Buddhahood.

since this Gyulu is something that arises from causes and the same is true of rebirth in Akanistha it is therefore not permanent. If knowledge of the Dharmakaya were brought about by antecedent causes it would be something that is impermanent. We cannot proceed from our conditioned existence to an unconditioned state. There is no way.

Lopon Tenzin Namdak

the world of joy is unconditioned

it always here

with and/or without energy/physical bodies


there something then nothing

(it needs to have something)

there nothing then something

(it needs not have something)

- hu

the crossing  from one view

to the other

is our project


​those who want go heaven

when get there

will still want to go heaven

"Now the thing that I call livin' is just bein' satisfied
With knowin' I got no one left to blame"


as inner

we need inner body

(impure vision/false programming)


we dont need it

(pure vision/compassion)


we gather all knowledge we can

use own language 

it feels like being pulled by own future

trust it we do

this time to last year :

we tell him to stay low

trust no one but self

we felt it then ...

it the right message


what it say to us this year ?

a new world


we shown visions of sambogakaya/nirmanakaya

but as inner we dont need it no more


world of joy is paradox

so it can have body/form

if we dont have one

we can control what we see of the sky

but not the sky

million can co-exist with billion

but it not it

only thing consistent is feeling of joy


world of joy

it is death so we are life

it is trapped in dark vase

so we free

it not laugh so we do

it not funny etc.


there is the deepening of compassion

if deep enough

including compassion for death

and being laughed at

then perception shifts

including everything 

everything takes care itself

that our simple formula for this journey


the world of joy is beyond form

and so it beyond mind

yet it can intermingle with both

- notes 19


In figurative terms, if we understand how a tree is contracted into a seed, we understand the future unfolding of the seed into a tree"

- The I Ching 

there stage where root becomes tree

where seed became root

there stage where tree returns to root

root to the seed

 second, an opposite, backward movement , folding up and contracting as time goes on, through which the seeds of future take form. To know this movement is to know the future.

the roots cannot be seen by tree

yet can be felt

the seed cannot be seen by the tree

before there was tree and root
the universe was inside a single  seed


in our script

the stairway  

is circular but not in one way direction

so after awhile

it seem same yet different layers can be observed

the deeper into world of compassion

 more intermingled  the polarities

at 10th level

it non - polar (wuchi)

it the compassion which vibrates


it the compassion which not vibrate



For in the space beyond conceptual construction,

They constitute a single vast expanse of wisdom.


From within the natural radiance of unobstructed knowledge,

Cognitive power shines out as the sambhogakaya

Endowed with the five certainties

Of place, time, Teacher, teaching, company

- jigme linpa

this the study of the crossing from sambogakaya (10th level)  back into "a single vast expanse of wisdom." (the world of joy)


in our script

padmashambhava is a sambogakaya energy/form who can

become one with the rainbow field and/or

as a nirmanakaya form seen by anyone

differently in different worlds


compassion which not vibrate is not subject to life/death

yet it part of it

the light burns on dark

the dark absorbs light

the same from different view


we not saying this the dharmakaya etc.

just the words of the wise has helped clear the understanding

so thanks

we gather the info for the journey

if they upgrade our understanding

it can be integrated


so far

the notes been consistent

this the crossing from world of compassion into joy 6th to 7th

is that once someone crosses into 7th

the 5th will rise to 6th

and that be like him in 2002


this be like the seed of the universe

we cant see it

yet everything in it reflect what is above

it a realm beyond three times

the seed of a tree contains its begin/present/end


one tree  last 500 years

the other only 50

 it what is in the seed


dharmadatu is just another word for deeper compassion

so deep even the deep ocean cant see

like dorm mates all sharing one space

there no rooms/division

not even body boundaries

even of density of energy body

the deeper it goes the less the divide

so space begins to appear within

gently replacing the old inner world


Here, it is regarded as the self-cognizing primal wisdom.

This subtle, primal wisdom is the dharmadhatu, inner luminosity,

Absorbed within but not obscured:

1850 b.c.  (chewpiland)

The word for space is དབྱིངས་, ying in Tibetan, dhātu in Sanskrit. […] The word space is used because the dharmadhatu is like the body or realm of empty space where different things, like clouds, birds, and airplanes can fly around without obstruction. This is because the nature of space is empty and nonexistent. Due to this quality of openness, things can occur. Likewise, dharmadhatu is the essence of things—empty and inconcrete—where all phenomena such as trees, houses, mountains, oneself, other beings, emotions, wisdom, and all experiences can occur openly"




world of joy

​beyond wildest dream

it and mind which govern body cannot co-exist
like ice melting inside warm water
inner boundaries melt away


​it better term 

"view" than villages

here are five primary views in this world

it seem real and/or unreal

real in that it influences others and things

unreal that it formless

each village has a large following 

- hu


​it step by step in

​​at times a quantum leap

then you there

you may just wake up and ...


​people here not need you to care for

​you dont have to worry about that

​- hu


​it seem a simulation

​everything sets/returns to zero

yet it the programming world

so always creative

everything seem born of the images

and images just floating memory

so once everything loosens/melts 

outer energy be like water

inner energy be like water

where all phenomena such as trees, houses, mountains, oneself, other beings, emotions, wisdom, and all experiences can occur openly

there is chi here

so if there is chi emotion appearance

and it influence things in funny ways

and all is one view from outside

that wudidong world


general bd smith leads battalian 

to slow the expansion of male ego

may the force be with you

- admiral


in simulation/dream

memory may seem real

of what took place last dream

but to a simulation/dream

it not of this dream

if  they look same

they look same

but one not the other

what happens that dream

may seem to link this dream

but they are not


yet both emerged from same source

like projector of slides/images

one image not linked to next

yet they projected by same source

the point is

we should seek to influence the images of what is reflected on screen

and less of what is on screen


- image to image w/o interruption

if image changed by director etc.
then it different 
then it also just as real


the indivisibility of the three kayas

has the nature of one taste

- thubten gyaphal

The svābhāvikakāya is simply the unity or non-separateness of the three kaya



​if there is chi and appearance and emotion etc.

then body need not be as dense to be as  real


there more clear view of the essence and its energy

gathering/adjusting to the optimal  "view"

we will need guides

there different ways to view the physical

because  the essence/energy can be used


essence energy and  impure vision


the essence the energy and the pure vision


we have to do it ourselves so it will do it for us

​we dont need the physical


the lens of compassion

Our normal everyday impure vision has the same source as the Thodgal pure vision - and now both equally dissolve into their source the Natural State.

There is a single Base, the Natural State, but there are two Paths - impure karmic vision and pure vision, and two Fruits or results - Samsara and Nirvana. 


​death and/or compassion

​inside death there no time nor past which can stick to present

everything melts into the essence

​it fear death which blocks their entry 


what happens when formless/form to form/formless ?


it not matter this world

- hu

there is no past body in present

but in world we from
there need be a body/imprint ?

what is willed is done/here


​if worlds changing

​​what year it be in old world ?

​he hints at about 2050

​"but then many be gone ? "

​that world they can also live long

because it was also world of compassion

​​the difference here is that the formless (death) is also form (living)

​whereas there the formless/form separate

​one is death one is life


so only those who can

find that  "death/life middle space"

enters this place

the natural state


reverse train

we start at destination

the train reversing back

the track we to pave on way in

​you get point

we create that reverse track now


first cabin

the lord of death

the fire clan trickster

the dark mysterious one


​and wife ms chewey

what happened to the passengers ?

they overtaken by grandkid tricksters

what is dead not fear death

they on honeymoon to the death world

​visit the death clan classmates and friends they met on train 


second cabin

​the water clan

​zhu ren zhang and the three evil witches

- the most evil witch

- the #1 evil witch

- no one more evil witch


that their names 

zhu ren zhang is "all lies and no music"


third cabin

the evil lawyer

​john chu

air nation programming room

​he can turn smith into a soft grandma

 the death hunters many from the death world





the chief of all four


the luxury cabin

opulent and aromatic


the poop heaven emperor/ress


dr dean tsai

madam gao tsai


 the bonsai hero 

ms bonsai hero

like poop they are one

the nation is one

the poop world ; there nothing below


inside death there no time nor past which can stick to present

everything melts into the essence

​it fear death which blocks their entry 

"he didnt die in canyon

​​it switched into the chewey world

spirit of the canyon

the (inner) world showdown

the outer wasnt really dark cold after awhile

​- writer

​they set a perfect inner death trap

​but it couldnt overtake you

there no way anyone can not get wiped out

but you didnt

- hu

​if chewey is  death then i am alive

also, i didnt walk in alone ; only in one body

the bottom line

they cant overtake the future guardians

and that experience gave him the trust

​if inner death is weak circle

then it the perfect trap in that if it cant go reverse would implode in that condition

otherwise outer can be just change of worlds

​the day he walked into the canyon ​

​the future stands ready

"the defense must hold"

​the legendary inner showdown

if defense holds its ground

​then future will arrive 


how vision appears ? 

"The visions that arise are not specifically created but appear spontaneously (Ihun grub) in the presence of secondary causes such as sunlight, total darkness, and the clear open sky. They arise spontaneously from the Natural State; no Kyerim or Dzogrim practices must be done first as preparation. All that is required is the capacity to remain with stability in the Natural State. This is called stable Thegchod. Then the Thodgal visions come automatically whether in sunlight or total darkness or in the empty sky. Gradually all the pure visions of the deities arise and these visions develop by way of four stages (snang ba bzhi) until completion


there is formless (total dark)

there is form (open field)

there is passion (sunlight)


Then they all dissolve into the Natural State. Our personal reality of pure and impure vision (snang ba) dissolves into Reality (bon nyid) which is the Natural State. At the same time that our visions dissolve our physical body also dissolves because it is just one manifestation of our impure karmic vision.


the three circles rotate


​sometimes they have form others see

sometimes only they see (like dream)

there no limit 



"defeated smith i did ..."

- neo

"wow ... my hero ..."

- trinity

neo's male ego is pleased

- fong chi matrix

purifying the vision

means fluid views

so more views others offer

the more fluid we be

three more than two



if this dream/simulation


the it a vision which includes our physical body environment

that it not us

then if the second  projector can also visualize our 4d

then every thoughts we believe to come from ourselves

was pre-scripted

etc etc.

point is

once it reaches the visible/thoughts/images

has already happened


so it a middle between free will/pre-destination

there no free will if stuck in the destination

once know

then awareness of it is freedom


"there is no one else to blame"

- carefree highway


 realizes that knowing how to become free of blame is the highest good.

- i ching




down to the smallest detail


we witness the universe as essence 

yet others see us as body


so from essence

another view is

the body/mind 

which vision created

to bridge the essence


as inner

no need of physical the greatest abundance

also then no need of its concomitants

as inner

in our script

dominic the vision maker

so everyone inside, including our own body/mind is of the essence

it the black hole/essence  which projects/absorbs

our task to reflect the vision back to the essence


so if vision is seatac 21st century

then it as easily can be not


writer's writings can link to/from essence

so from essence

another view is

writer is the body/mind 

which vision created

to bridge the essence


To human beings this Nirmanakaya appears as human. In other worlds and with other species of beings the situation will be different. 


​no parallel worlds bc no past

it contains qualities both living/death worlds

in death parallel worlds cannot divide

yet  witnessing one dream to another



each worlds linking to essence


the essence witness worlds rotate


we make one trilogy 

all three worlds as one continuous dream (train)

it like going into sleep

we dont know when/how it happens

just that when we wake

we been sleeping

even the "waking" state also a dream

​until the essence is realized


simple math

if dark world

 receive 1850 bc

for something new enter

something old must give

we dont know what to come

but we know what we must let go


the only certainty is essence (1850 bc)


only certainty the body (21st century)


had chance print out writing past year

and see the journey

we will treasure this period

it empty upon reflection / trackless track

​yet we have 250 pages


that dream is that dream

90's was that memory

it has no influence on this 

yet he took a hit for us here

we can help him there

if he knew it helped the future

it can transform weak circle

of past

further helping the future

(our present)

the point is :

our actions in future can have influence on our past ?


with help of both sides in future

they return to past

to shake up more the young smith

so a peace treaty can be negotiated


this is my world

- smith

yes, but your future is on my side

- neo


no one is same person anymore

so it just an appearance/vision


and if we to meet again

there is no blame


it easier to use own language

and a story

to illustrate the deepening of this journey

yet others language/description give it synergy/different view

which elevates the understanding

people may look same but like writer they also feel new and not want to stuck in own past images


kianna most interesting of the people

"you and i get off at a different stop"


they get off different stop than you

make friends on the train you have

​- la lady

when return we go visit them

this home world

but there several villages


ms t and her family a neighbor village


he just need to see it/be shown

and someone to pull in

- hu

on frank visit

'yea, he right there at gate"

- writer

and like the writer

best way  is to share the journey through joy and insight

"Another analogy is the death state. At the time of death the five elements dissolve. That state is close to the dharmakaya. Only the mental continuum remains.


One goes through the stages of the white appearance, the red appearance, and the dark appearance and emerges in a state that resembles the dharmakaya.


looking in vs out

if know how each elements dissolve

= know how it created

if know how sambogakaya (energy continuum) dissolves into dharmakaya (the essence continuum) ...

then three circles rotate both ways


endurance is another word for continuum

we can be aware of it

so ...

​"Another analogy is the death state. At the time of death the five elements dissolve. That state is close to the dharmakaya. Only the  (endurance) remains.


star trek q represents a continuum which can manipulate energy/physical bodies of universe - they can create visions

but it not represent the essence world

which is joy

q continuum is omnipotent and can live forever within energy/physical continuum

the essence continuum is like death state

the difference is the joy

the one w/o gets dull even with  the powers


the elements returns to and/or merge into one  vibrating emptiness

which emerged from

the emptiness which not vibrate

​the active side of infinity becomes passive

​yet to the essence/infinity

same difference


it not mind continuum because there compassion and chi

spontaneous presence

it mind continuum (inner)  in that nothing is separably from awareness

the essence continuum

may be better term


the essence includes everything

and is a continuum

the essence dissolves the visions of samgogakaya/nirmanakaya

​and the continuum alone remains

and then ... the pure vision emerges spontaneously

"Returning to the ultimate source then the potentiality of the Natural State manifests as a Rainbow Body, the real Rupakaya."


so it need be entirely cleared ?

- writer

it need not be perfect

- hu


you can access zion and the architect world

through the office back doors

the key maker 

where is he now ?

- neo

vacationing in tukwila

he is a client of our office


what about the merovengian ?

- neo

the whole thing was a trick to get his sister to kiss you


the key maker created a vision

in which all that happened in heroic valor 

then you became very eager to meet the architect"


through the door of light ...

who is the architect ?

- neo

he is trinity's father

he wants to know that you truly love her


could have just asked ...

- neo

no, you do not truly know someone until you fight them


like calling home to let them know we arrived

we closer to that point

march 2018

talking to neighbors

from there to here

the map is more clear


kianna most interesting of the people

"you and i get off at a different stop from them"


they get off different stop than you

make friends on the train you have

- la lady

when return we go visit them



this home world

but there several villages


energy/physical body without compassion

- samsara


energy/physical body with compassion
- nirvana


compassion without outer illumination

- natural state / dharmakaya


compassion with energy body

-  real sambogakaya

compassion with physical body

- real nirmanakaya

 this state can be here there everywhere

"many stuck at gate

few exits natural state after enter"


inside vision

​writer's observed body talks to

mei of the vision

​background : enumclaw, wa

chewpiland trilogy (21st century) (dark world)

chewpi studio - its inner not visible to pvf

its outer words can be read by pvf and then by 

yet for those within looking out

its the wudidong

- from inside 

they not moving

we are

- from here

we are deepening and the movement is very fluid and intense

from their view

trackless track/empty upon projection/reflection


from inside - they images/memory chips circling



sacred clowns

so essence  (1850 bc)

one of three circles

if we 21st century

it the constant and dark world (twin world) the reverse


dark world the constant (compassion)

and 1850 b.c. seen / used as reverse


there is train entering emptiness

there is emptiness entering train


that by time images reach surface

it already been

but the self is not touched by it

- india sage 

vision has no power over the essence

relationship between formless and form is that they are oblivious to eachother

from essence
it is oblivious to the energy body 

dharmakaya cannot be tainted


the gate already past behind

​you are inside

​they not they anymore

​one is alone

empty out as much possible

​the space  reached

​plants seasons people change

​but the land is land


​gradual touchdown / landing​


if this simulation

there only this day/this body

it fresh/new


in dream/simulation

world population is what each image sees

not what the memory chip says etc.

it new/fresh bc the simulation/vision is within essence/compassion

that result of years hard work adjust lens into compassion


the field of potentiality (dharmakaya)

imagine a black hole 

nothing outside of it

it the entire universe

then edge and center are same

here is there and everywhere

past present and future


like dream

inner movement can have form


sat night  east side

writer mis-translate/didnt understand 

william su's za bo nigawalua

woman you and me hot

"lua means here to melt

gentle loving union of souls"

- gao tsai

not their body temperature rising

- mao tsai

their older daughter

she work tukwila bubble tea

- also little sister niao student uw

and our song was 

honeymoon would not have been the same without you

it was a romantic tribute

they married the right person

- dr dean tsai


it only upon reflection we know it timeless

 same memory but emotion not linger

cause/effect loses its one way pull


how fast/deep we deepening = how fast/far we progressing outer


as inner

total dark ; sunlight ; open sky

the trinity here even without the personal vision

the ground is the ground

it be here with and/or without the pure/impure energy/physical visions



The relationship between dharmadhatu, dharmakaya and [the wisdom of dharmadhatu] is like the relationship between a place, a person and the person’s mind. If there is no place, there is no environment for the person to exist in; ...


"Dharmadhatu is adorned with dharmakaya, which is endowed with [the wisdom of dharmadhatu]." This is a brief but very profound statement, because ‘dharmadhatu’ also refers to sugatagarbha or buddha nature.

-Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

the physical world within compassion

has quality/intelligence of compassion




for six year old to understand


if vision of  21st century dissolves

dark world still here

if dark world dissolves

1850 bc still here


the essence

where death/life merges



The main image of dharmadhatu is that of space—the ‘space of all things’ within which all phenomena manifest, abide and dissolve back into. […] Dharmadhatu is the basic environment of all phenomena, whether they belong to samsara or nirvana. It encompasses whatever appears and exists, including the worlds and all beings.[…]

--Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

He had emphasized no end that this force that binds that group of energy fields together was, according to the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, the most mysterious force in the universe. 

His personal estimation was that this force was the pure essence of the entire cosmos; the sum total of everything there is.

- don juan matus

everything has energy which share same essence


compassion the common ground

the land/ground of compassion is fluid 


world of joy

from view of form world

it has no form - invisible

yet it not no form nor no time

nor no place / people / emotion etc

it cannot be described using our view


that there is only this day

 we can feel safe/grounded 

it natural/certain

- la lady

future to past

you no come to us

we coming to you

so just hold firm


there point where future seems timeless
like we look into future we see no time

- outside timeless

there point where time seems reverse

like we look into future we see past

- inside


future may seem younger than today

our future sees us as older etc.


if it simulation

nothing we did last image (yesterday) need to have  cause of anything today


​we not have age because of the number of yesterdays

​that  cause/effect view is impure vision

​- chewpi dimension hunter

only upon reflection that it is ceaseless

never ending



if car turn into baloon

you wouldnt even know it


​director can change memory chip

what seem impossible then may be easy

deepening of compassion the basis


where is it it no where

upon reflection yet it here

and so upon reflection we see that cause/effect has different relationship


if it simulation

nothing we did last image (yesterday) need to have  cause of anything today

that  cause/effect view is impure vision/false programming


 it no place upon reflection

yet it a place 

upon reflection we see that cause/effect has different relationship


upon reflection

there limited time every stop

even if everything look same

there that feeling ...

do what we can with what we have

treasure this period we will



energy/physical body dissolving just means deepening into ocean

that those surface cant see it anymore

for the one deepening into compassion

nothing changes except everything



​some eat the best piece sushi last

​most bitter first


​what is it

​where from

​how to know it more


beyond our energy/physical

it logical yet not logical

continuum no one wants  off

​it upon reflection we know it love or false programming

view it more clear


train stop

last one was july/aug

there a feeling then  ...

the difference is in quality of energy

"it been serene"


if we look into mirror

we may be looking into another vision

why the eyes see in day light

maybe different from in dream


parts that need purification feels dissolving/confused

parts which already inner movement can re create itself 



you are oblivious to your male ego

you may enter ..."

​- gate keeper

"you could have just asked

​- neo

no, you do not truly know your male ego until you fight it

years ago

​remember dream dalai lama  at a buddhist heaven above 

it felt happy/busy/peaceful

then there another  world

​above that one

writer remember waking longing for that second world

​like it home


​the meetings were series of dreams

​upon reflection it felt like actual meeting

like how he just met old friend at casino



​that the "same temperature realm"

​above it is the ... 

great expanse realm

very few come back

​then the void after that

​- hu



this deeper realm

everything more empty upon reflection
appear same if looking forward


reflect back this place like yesterday/today look same

​but one image/slide need not cause/continue into next etc.

that multiverse

this parallel world/that parallel world

thy may influence echother


but does not cause/precede the other


​1975 parallel  next to 2019 

same time if viewed from outside 


in our scrpt

a simulation

the original image not 2d

but 3d movement which then ... projected/manifested/reflected

​the 3d slide has movement of its own

an inner world

replicated as a vision ?


inside ship within ocean

it all there is

even if it simulated to be spacious

it all there is

​this place / trikaya


​everything happens/experienced

​down to small details



in death world

there no time

no body ; no others ; no self

​just awareness of the ground


"Self-appearance as empty form is unthinkable.
It is the self-experience of conquerors of the three times.

Since they are real as internally existing realization,

these fields are established from the fundamental luminosity of self-experience. If such things are examined, none of their individuating characteristics exist."

- longchenpa


one view is it being purified by future

(it sees future as future)

other view it clearing the past

(it sees past not as past)

when they merge


if we know even body is part of vision (sambogakaya)

then inquire who am i ?

behind the body



view, like a mountain, leave it as-it-is

​meditation, like an ocean: leave it as-it-is

action, appearances: leave them as they are

​fruition, unaltered: leave it as-it-is"

in script

begin/end same

ancient village

1850 bc

fong fei fei sings

​begin song the five villagers leave for dark world

​end of concert/song

they home for dinner


​upon reflection

​you know it love/home/love

​the part that not empty

​cannot be emptied


that be an ultimate paradox

​that within empty/formless

​it form which last standing ?


​once everything emptied out

there home

​the natural state


dharmakaya ; parallel worlds ; simulations etc. just terms

we use them as way to better understand a bigger universe 

 we not saying it a fact

just that they are ideas to be explored


as for writer own journey

it an inner one

that when inner/energy has undergone enough transformation

the outer also feels different

and in that way

it a different world



world remains same

our perception has shifted

because it lens of compassion

we can stretch our imagination

there just here and now



there mirror of your senses

there mirror of your heart

they may be different

- hu

in a simulation

what we see may not the reflection


if simulation/dream

we know upon reflection it empty

but not when look forward/projected

after many steps

the projection begins to appear more empty

like the reflection


They make their appearance in many rays of light.

 - "The Stages of the Path of Miracle "

quantum field

"With size that is uncertain, they appear as one looks at them...

Since all these are only self-appearances,
For that reason they are neither good nor bad.


"The limitless pure fields" are the buddha fields of self- appearance.

Though even bodhisattvas do not see the fields that appear to the buddhas, for the buddhas themselves they continuously appear. That is because they are the intrinsically and spontaneously present appearances of the space of the dhatu. 


- longchenpa


9. The Solitary Moon

Nowhere is the beast, and the oxherd is master of his time,
He is a solitary cloud wafting lightly along the mountain peaks;
Clapping his hands he sings joyfully in the moon-light,
But remember a last wall is still left barring his homeward walk.

- ten oxherding

world remains same

our perception has shifted

there just here and now

only this day


IX. Reaching the Source


Too many steps have been taken
returning to the root and the source.
Better to have been blind and deaf
from the beginning!
Dwelling in one's true abode,
unconcerned with and without -
The river flows tranquilly on
and the flowers are red.

I have abandoned the whip and ropes.

- ten oxherd

Only by seeking the ox as a separate ultimate reality could the oxherd discover that there is no separate reality; that the ultimate is to be found in the ordinary.

- commentary

returning to the essence

there no separate reality

the ultimate can be found in the energy/physical 



During the process of self-development, and as a means to an end, I tell people to forget their attachments and worries and to deny validity to conditions of sickness and circumstance—to firmly believe that such conditions are illusions, that they don’t really exist. This is not the cultivation of denial; it’s the cultivation of positivity.

But once positivity becomes immediate and automatic, there’s no more need to deny anything. That’s because there’s no longer any such thing as either denial or affirmation. There’s just absolute equanimity.

- nakamura tempu

absolute equanimity cannot be stained


that if multiverse

there a choice of different states

more balance vs. less balance

and even a state beyond both


if enter parallel state tomorrow

it need not be older

​we could be younger


future bound/caused by the past


future clearing/causing the past

that happens 

when our future reaches dharmakaya

the future then cannot be tainted by the past

the past be impure vision future purifies


fake eyes see fake world


body diet need only be natural

​the body before can influence 
the one here is temporary
dont have to think about it

- hu


in vision

everything moves of its own

it not us

The cultivation of mental positivity by not allowing attachments or worries or sickness or circumstances to have any power over you is a necessary stage in your shugyō. It’s necessary that you deny them any place in your reality. But once you attain a permanent condition of mental positivity, negativity disappears. It disappears because your mind is in a state of absolute tranquility. 

In just the same way, if the events of your life don’t touch your mental state, then they don’t cut. An absolute state is not the same as one which repels all opposing forces with kiai (気合; a warrior’s yell or battle cry)...


- tempu

inner fortress gets stronger

essence cannot be moved

 inner kung fu



(極意、gokui) in the sword arts says, “Never receive the thrusting blade; let it go by. But if your adversary then stumbles forward, cut him down with a diagonal strike (袈裟斬り、kesagiri).”

Don’t take them on. When you don’t offer them any resistance, they have a way of stumbling and falling on their own.

- tempu


if they cross line

hold firm to the essence

offer no resistance nor compromise

we not need to win but we not gonna play into their game

create middle circle

"they have a way of stumbling and falling on their own"


airball inner defense


keep out false programming/impure vision

gets stronger if teamwork

insight/awareness/passion/support etc.

creates the front line defense

stay with it


personal dissolves into impersonal


if field is illumination/simulation

the body also

so what happened to the old body ?

it not matter

"you still have a body"


that from this view/vision

yet to have a  body

​the illusiory body yet to dissolve


if it a vision ; then everything

including the writer who writes it 

he not me ;  just a vision of a body looks like me 


get too caught up in its lights and waves

you may forget this is not it

just a vision of it


it is not you and it was not you
you are/were not this body

​it looks like me but it aint

​like simulation of same body /replicated background


The source of energy which need not be sought is there. It is that you are rich rather than being enriched by something else. ... This is, then, the sambhogakaya.

​- chogyam trungpa

the energy body of compassion is abundant feeling


first see mountain as mountain (impure vision)

the n see mountain not as mountain

then we see the mountain as mountain


look forward there north/south
reflect back there no east/west

trackless desert

allows clearing of past
 the natural state remains



​in vision/dream

​like sambogakaya


if you see friend yesterday

it present memory

in dream

if remember travel to place 

if empty upon reflection/awakening


like nothing moved

and in fact nothing did




​it only matters if

​the shift of perception

can change things ...



​just a brighter outlook

​we just tend to our present tasks


we at place where slight shift

insight /view can change everything far away



​- as deepening of inner

if we are closer to last week

it means time travel faster etc.

it more timeless

that ...

as inner time moves even faster

we can get younger




pure visions

nirmanakayas appear as family/friends

when time to return

they return to sambogakaya with us



impure visions

not able to move/change our inner gives illusion of certainty

we need inner ground to tread on to feel certain within 3d


the 3d vision seem empty

yet the natural ground is more certain

you get the point



staying with source 

once enter/exit natural state


whether reborn as baby

and/or reappear as same form

(rainbow body with wisdom)

essence body starts over

clock sets to zero

no link to last one

once enter/exit


chewpiland is sambogakaya

everyone is and has been fine



inside vision

yesterday is of the present vision

it not same as memory of yesterday

just as people are of present vision

they not same as memory of yesterday

 It’s necessary that you deny them any place in your reality. But once you attain a permanent condition of mental positivity, negativity disappears. It disappears because your mind is in a state of absolute tranquility. 

- tempu

if vision impure

there an old man

inner moved before outer moved

if vision pure

there the ground

 young man is moved if try to move ground 


what this photo shows

if his inner not moved

something will give

even for dude 100 pounds


inner vs. outer movement


how much you learn depends on self

there time limit

just as you enter without knowing

you may wake one day exited


what you write may not take with you

what you learned you can


because it inner movement upon reflection

there no inner imbalance which not empty


 Component things are impermanent

- buddha


from view of ground (zhong xiao)

both energy/physical worlds not real

​it can exist without them


from zhong xiao

it sees the visions as visions

there no pure nor impure



from zhong xiao (dharmadatu)

it sees energy co-emerged with physical

like vision/dream

it spontaneous 

like turn on light/movie


if talk to someone on phone five minutes ago
it present moment /inner movement

no matter how we view  it

it an inner movement

dream and/or no dream


​we not saying it happened/not happen

​just it an inner movement

and inner movement is 

an inner movement


if we never leave awareness that it inner movement

there be revolution of joy

even the ground our senses see may transform


what is impossible becomes possible once we understand it is an inner movement

maxresdefault (4).jpg

inner movement is inner movement
upon reflection we see it clear


space is the outer
everything else  the inner

that space which contains the consciousness is the ground of compassion



if it within inner movement
we have game plan / approach


that whatever memory we have
it has only power as inner movement


2-14 歸鄉路


inner generated illusion can be anything

computer generated reality also real to computer generated body/mind


our vision body is the subconscious

second floor

if it pulled into ground floor

the memory body has new basis

a new ground


the family

what matters easy to see

the affection/compassion is ground/primal

it what has endured throughout this journey/vision


direction of time

in dream/vision

if there is class/grade it present

reason we cant change grade is because believe that past cannot be changed

even though in vision it just a wave present


we each in own vision/dream

but if one breaks code

in simulation/dream

the grass never grew

it just appearance

memory implant / body can link past as cause 

our wave vs. that  wave

we remember stay gompa

but in dream that can be implanted ?

in vision 

that there wave of memory body

that  memory implant/ second floor pull

"It is not born and it does not die

it suffers no harm and does not age"

- uttara tantra


this entire vision is one being ?

its fruition is when we liberated from memory wave

nothing to attach to good/bad

vision can all vanish in instant


the eyes see one version

the writing observes another

it was a good day

in vision/dream

everything yesterday  exist 

only as memory wave

they not there when not seen

there only here 

so if  task done

we can let it go

there no one here/there to blame/praise



you entered in july

- la lady

you arrived at a new state

- calvin



mic has own world

you see own inner mic


present would tell 2019 he need not go anywhere in vision

hopiland or CA because they are all here

yet he needs to make his sincerity known


"keep going don't look back"

"i am the echo ... of a person you know

time has no meaning here"

there no one needs us to look after here because there no one outside this moment


there no need for the inner body

"The firm conviction 'I am not the body' destroys identification with the body and thus frees one from the miseries of birth, disease, old age and death."

- ramana maharshi

even if reside in endless space

unless this realized, the immunity/freedom is only extraneous


the inner body is the veil

"the thought 'I am the body' is veiling it. If you give up this thought, the 'Atma', which is always within the direct experience of everyone, will shine forth."

Nothing is ever apart from the Self, it is by the delusion 'I am the body' that we imagine the body to be the self. It is this connection (the body with the Self) that is responsible for the way in which one slips from the blissful non-dual state of immortality and gets involved in birth and death.

Through the destruction of the 'I am the body' ego the 'triputies' (seer, seen and seeing) which are based on it, fade away along with waking, dream and sleep states. The pure 'suddha' state of daylight that shines forever is the 'Sivaratri' (the night of Siva).

After the sacrifice of the 'I am the body' idea your anxieties will end, you will attain the continuous experience of the Self, whose nature is auspicious tranquility and you will live as the ever risen sun of true 'jnana', the Self that shines uninterruptedly.

 If you willingly and joyously sacrifice the 'I am the body' idea to the 'atma swarupa', or the Self, then through its grace, knowledge of reality will dawn on you.

With the rising of 'I am not the body' conviction, in whatever body it maybe, the radiance of pure being exists forever, free of limitation, without any bondage, shining as the pure expanse.

The thought 'I am the body' is the deceptive device that makes us desire the world as though it were real. Thus we believe that we are entrapped in this powerful snare of bondage.

The world appears only due to the confused belief 'I am the body' which is said to be the 'maya' (delusion or ignorance) that projects names and forms.

- ramana


inner body is the antecedent cause

 As long as you have the feeling 'I am the body' you are affected by the consequences of the actions you perform and you have merit and demerit. But when you know that 'I am not the body' where is the question of doing?

The ones who are 'caught in birth' are those who still nurture the 'I am the body' idea, whereas the ones who have torn apart 'the net of birth' are the 'jivanmuktas' who have the firm conviction 'I am not the body' while still physically alive.


"no inner body" counterbalances "inner body"

then something else emerges

When you persist with the idea 'I am not the body', after some time, it too shall vanish and you would abide as the pure expanse, the space of consciousness. Then, fear would cease completely and tranquility will prevail.