"imagine 3d virtual reality

which replicates our real life

only minor difference is something which reminds you it a vision - different hair color etc.

here the inner calendar is not recognized

training to recognize/separate vision from reality"

"also now knows ...

that the ordinary world was also a vision

and has now faded  ..."


in a vision there is only what is present

if we meet people this am

it exists now only as memory

they exist not beyond the present vision

"they half real half not"

false programming body / trap

the wave hunters to hunt it​

take back power

every time that insight what we consider outer is actually inner ...

points earned

may the force of compassion be with you

- wave hunters guide

The Vision Hunters

pg - 13

in vision

are you certain it is real ?

are you certain it happened ?


Raja Bufe

"India vegetarian buffet guide book

to western Washington"

खाना तो अच्छा है मैं रो रहा हूँ

इसे बेचने जा रहा है

- raja bufe


"What is the ancient Hopi secret for making money ?"



"people time together is limited

i say to treasure them


"you dont have to return"


just sending compassion to past

the way , gentle and subtle , it has allowed me to let go of past  is wisdom/compassion



in vision

we say good bye to the background of seattle/tacoma


spirit of house remains same  

but outside will change

maybe not even a body we have

new field


this train rotates 

we'll be back


you have only to trust him

then everything be fine


conclusion time ?

travel there or it comes to you ?

- writer

both ,  it follows me

magic of (the place)


people you see are like dreams

they have no relation to the ones before


it a place you can settle

you are the chief here


feels like we exited train
when exactly may have to look back writings


you want to rid of it (old vision)
it heavy backpack takes time to let go

it not fit at this time

it best to wait and do nothing until you have clearer understanding 


you knew it was coming (the crossing)
i wrote everything down
was watching for it
yet it just happened ...
wake everyday thankful
we found what we came for
this good place to begin the exit
the ground reached
we can now look for home

it not about entering/exiting any new/old vision

but joining that being in our future


so this the farthest the heavy backpack goes


outside house will begin to change

the inside remains same

it has to do with your will


we already know/remember what it may look like

how it goes from this to that ...

is the journey now


you reached place where you can now reach out and begin your tasks


what outer we see now temporary

it the inner luminosity


if 21st century no more

then this a good point to change

"congratulations you made big improvement"

- la lady


dream like self appearance / vision

it been that way since 2002 ?


once we see we not the appearance

the backpack is dropped


as time goes by
people places also changing
he ask for guidance 
let the guides take us home

after tacoma ... before taiwan

after taiwan ... before tacoma

the middle where no obligations 


separate out the separable

the original united states/21st century are no more

its cultures/limitations are self appearances


21st century inner / outer

inner 21st century is second floor


now that it not have outer 21st century as basis

​memory body and ground  easier to separate


do what you enjoy and everything takes care itself
the passion aligns with future




in a vision there is only what is present

it exists now only as memory

friends we see/talk to yesterday/this am

they exist not beyond the present vision

"they half real half not"


in simulation/dream news today not exist outside of what is in the vision


we cant pretend it still there

just because there a vision which replaced it

and we have memory of past which looks like it


memory is second floor / vision

reminisce is spontaneous compassion

we are more likely to see again those whom we reminisce


i am not this vision

not even this vision body


overlap with inner/outer old vision

the inner of old vision begins to transform


compassion/diety body is

immune from human memory body

it deeper consciousness


"maybe it is in the desert

we lose our identity"

remember talking house/lake inside hopiland

everything can shift in a second


the train/track is public

we can all travel through the stations

it what we learn/benefit from it that matters

and it feels home is out here


you not need go anywhere

if there something they will come to you


they are vajrakaya and is immune to memory/machine body


from field where bison still roam freely

natural world harmonize nature/technology


in vision as inner

who do we pay taxes to ?

who the inner authority ?

if outer is no more

no need for that in a compassion vision


if your body/this vision/dream

did not exist before this simulation

it the memory implant that this vision body had ever paid any taxes


if seen as vision it wave program 

the hopi priest be the only one who pays tax

but if they not know it vision

the memory tax is of past and/or future


we no exit any vision ; it exits us

we hunt down the ground / inner authrority​


​no need for it in a wave field


what we see/sense is memory body

it has magnetic waves

and it not us / just replicated vision

that body already gone


we to practice kung fu on the wave level

it not size visibility quantity of wave

but which is stronger

there nothing to fear on wave level

unlike particles

waves can cancel each other out


in vision  memory of people past is not here


tacoma 1978 until ... 2002  or 2005 ?

​"if task is done it time to let go"


they waiting for news at surface


we change frequency/wave present

something happens to present 1984 wave ?


 you gravitate towards it

and certain be there

yet you not know what it is

that place and you have yuan


those we love are linked through the ground

we more likely see them again


"we now have the vision

we just have to execute it"

vision is second floor 

"fake eye see fake world"

the body before can influence 
the one here is temporary
dont have to think about it
it just knows what do


with non body

many questions becomes non issues


because it is below us

dharmadatu -  the power of humility 


"Sentient beings’ essence free of substance

Is the sphere that is encountered on this plane."


future not want us to hold on to the energy/physicals realms as basis

"this is a new basis"


no one can see the qualities/inner sphere

we can deepen/meditate/accumulate on it 


to ground floor

vision is second floor/inner movement


they not there (second floor)

they all here ; who they are is they are not 


we are here as qualities within compassion
there no substance as basis

ground not of karmic vision  (memory chip)

so it not pull/push by it


the body as consciousness is second floor


invisible yet we can see it

but it not register in second floor memory


stay with it

then he got nothing to worry about


this field/body not there in future 

only the ground


reliance on second floor as basis is what to be abandoned
we want see the new
now we and vision share same ground
formless is no body
no one is here


this outer we see is subconscious

we reflect on memory which has itself as the ground/basis


what is the absolute potential of the nirmanakya ?

that is the ultimate question

we upgrade qualities

the absolute potential comes closer


"Forms exist as space"


personal and/or impersonal bodies/grounds


cannot be seen/defined by memory/reason

the inner luminosity is ever present


spontaneous/self appearance has qualities of vision

it looks like form but it not us


to see own body as vision is more challenging than sky as vision because it is personal 


once we separate out the separable

body as memory is post meditation


this sphere cause (essence) is effect (quality)

reflection of present qualities


first see clear the memory body / boundary

separate the separable




inner basis fades once outer is seen as vision

inner  be seen as memory ; outer as vision


memory of dense ground

substance "ground is exhausted"


everything which feels personal is memory body


if space the vision field

body is the space


the fire /light before the shadow/reflection

sunlight before seen


see second floor as second floor

ground as ground


freedom from the reference points 

present memory as having time basis

memory body (itself) as the physical basis



it exists only when perceived / vacuum state

there is no tomorrow at all


that all we need do

see it as vision for this day


free of / separate out the memory body

there the ground and the dance of lights

emptiness/spontaneous energy of compassion


we remember what we remember present

it not us / second floor


energy of compassion at source 

spontaneous presence / eternal fire

patterns of compassion at source

​emptiness/spontaneous wisdom 



upon reflection everything happened inside this timeless formless sphere

present memory and as formless


the light is soft

the density is an inner obstacle

it is not the soft


memory/machine body like inner 3d

it like extra layer dirt on ground


memory/vision enfold/unfold vision/memory

wave/form alternate


to get past vision

first attain a deeper ground


in vision

there inner/outer reference points


memory body dissolves

sambogakaya /wuchi body replaces it

​samboagakaya body not get in way of ground


no choice

it must be inner movement


space is ground but memory body gets in the way


sambogakaya is energy as space (light)

wuchi with patterns


withou​t it

easy to get pulled (by illusion)

​it darkness's luminosity

​there is a silent wall that blocks it 


inner density has space 

inner space  has density 


formless memory body vs. 

formless compassion


cant fight vision with vision

the memory body exists also as wave


we can/t change the particle

but we can maybe change its waves 


the body which senses is seen as vision 

that it is this vision body which is sensing


we see the wave body as wave body 

particle body as particle body


"It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail."


it two worlds but really one



we to practice kung fu on the wave level

it not size visibility quantity of wave

there nothing to fear on wave level

unlike particles waves can cancel each other out


from here

wave can be separated from form


time space perception

time is energy movement with direction

energy has wave/particle 

they both have direction but need not be same


this transition place like magnetic waves

dont get pull by them/environment


what is the absolute potential of nirmanakaya ?

that the ultimate question

dont worry be hopi


New Matrix (6)


"neutralize the inner authority

the impure vision fades"

01 Ava Maria

this page the battlefield

the next one the helper from 1850 bc

ones precede it the steps leading to the stage

showdown inner world



we each separate out to individual

a few continues to ancient journey

those passing through

most dont belong this sphere

they yet ripe


we no seek relationship

only if it just there

as second floor

jealousy/pride gets in way

if you gonna cling to someone to feel the pride

then there be jealousy

- that we not have something we should have

and so 

"they not exit same station as you"



at this field

andrew the senior partner


we go place to place

blessings and tales of joy follows/anticipates

we write story

maybe at camp fire

then we ... as a team 10,000 strong

 "sends out (their)  nirmanakaya manifestation(s) to people based on causes-and-conditions."


if this the vision and what is creating the obstacles causing there can be changed here

we need not just sit and wait to exit ?

but remove the waves which is ...


we gonna accumulate what we can 

the resources/energy etc.

and we need to take on the "wave" here which is ...


it not just petty self interest which is lost/destroyed

- guardians gathering


the paparazzigs and/or those who cross line

their energy field links to guardians to use

they donating it

in a simulation

they can also be memory implants

never happened yet the memory registered e.g.

as having experienced compassion

that is nirmanakaya



"A Buddha actually completed the cultivation of Trikaya and stays in a separate dimension and sends out his nirmanakaya manifestation to people based on causes-and-conditions."

- online 


in 2005 we try to link into world of compassion

the energy of it

it also us today trying to link through world of compassion back into ourselves


the ideas coming in very fast

we simply need to link compassion memory  into our past memory body

what ever it took

they no know it vision


in mean time

we stopped it ...


it not more than compassion

we not more than it

we are inseparable from compassion


the memory vision


compassion vision

it just matter of time before mara laughs


if this sambogakaya/vision of compassion

and our clients must pay taxes

then we like to know

who they paying the taxes to

in their own vision state ?

- duty hunters



"the form not what important here"


in the new matrix not identified by age

they all equally young as energy 

even if outer form changes/shape shifts


if he sees old friends/family/neighbors etc.

"people you see are like dreams

they have no relation to the ones before"



people are same everywhere

they want help those who help others

not the ones who most want in


how does wuchi become taichi

taichi become wuchi 

without having to change ?



"我要去找香妃 ..."

​- 051401

legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13


sips down last shot 

 of  taiwan



 exited the scene ..."

- Voice

the memory body/programmed

we paid tax last year

so we to do same again again

even if we not in that world no more


similarly like sixth sense movie

we keep seeing same vision

it about what we can do with it

who he pay tax to ?

why would he need identification /driver license  ?

who the inner authority if that world no more ?

memory body tells him he has a body 

that he grew into it etc.

that he was born at certain place

attended school etc.


it tells him

even after he knows he has passed

that his body ate at certain place yesterday

talk to certain people etc.

even has photo and receipt to prove it

yet upon reflection

they are seen as empty

like a vision with present memory ​


"i saw a dead person contribute to retirement IRA account ..."

perception can influence wave

and so

wave can influence perception

quantum compassion is a wave

we change wave 

we change perception


change form and perception

change wave

e.g. movie/a story or ... memory implant

change wave and perception

we change particle ?

e.g. inner kung fu

combine the two ...

quantum compassion is a sub atomic wave

sent from our future


within endless quantum field

we to capture an island - a particle

even if small one

there be our new base

- airball


wave/particle sphere

"it is world of yin ... the immutable ... there no free choice, in which everything is fixed 

the secret of tao is in the world of th mutable , the world of light , the realm of yang


"wave of steel same wave of wood

but to adjust such perception is not easy

if the two waves can be equalized

then wave of wood be the same as wave of water

in wave world

who is our inner authority if but a wave"

- zhongxiao wuchi kung fu


"hey i remember the championship feeling ..."

"wow ..."

quantum compassion

the wave balances out the subatomic field

stay with it


duty hunters hunts the adventitious

as inner wave

we do not have to agree to what appears in form

what we are seeing is the result of interference wave sent from future

- chu office 

in quantum world

if we know we are compassion

there no need for inner law

the vision need not have it

there only this moment/day


formless yet no body


if no body then no head

if no head then no brain

if no brain then no eyes



there one inner movement

one second floor

from ground view

there two forces intermingled one

from ground view

won the battle our future already has

we simply need to hold our ground in the present


we only need protected by future

which is a present wave


there world which has nothing to do with past world

and it is here


the adventitious like inner vampire

duty even when outer duty no more

- duty hunters


if this start over

we would not accept paying the inner tax 

if such inner government is adventitious

in vision

it not reason we have order

they should be paying us taxes

how to take back our power ?

- guardians


guardians can adjust memory of those they link into

but they have first cross line


there a different government here

a different system which is basis as compassion


we had to pass into vision to see  the adventitious

 in the old world they cant yet see/make the separation


once they do ...


we will first need our own vision field

then we can each have own own vision

- death hunters

to conquer this field

we simply take it back from one which share own vision fields

the buxin kung fu clan

has all but controlled the inner kung fu world

it time we emerge

- duty hunters

zhong xiao inner kung fu 

we will take on the water world

- passion hunters


inner form can be over duty

why must it be that way ?


in quantum world

we can be here ... like a memory

before mara crosses the river

we have office outside/inside this place/world

we have office inside/outside their world


- chu office



this is chewpiland

get out

- the gatekeepers

the eviction of mara

pg - 13

once future knows past sees it

​it begins the eviction

we can do this the fun way

our future teamwork

​or our futures begin fighting

our guardians await yours

we will know its choice

it to reveal itself

and we work out the terms/truce



guardians permission to link their waves


those who cross line

you all evicted

we no want be stuck here subject to them

all the hidden controls/monitoring etc.

we didnt agree to enter

there word for that

and once present knows and requests clarity

they can comply or keep playing


if they keep playing

our future will not forgive

- the  guardians

if you know who they are

let us know 

imagine they seated as our guest

- chu office




this is sambogakaya

for that person who is here

they not same person

so there no blame

what we ned from them

is to link into the outer world

by linking in their waves


their past being controlled by false programming memory body/intelligence

chu office takes on their 4d

hopi book club takes on mara 5d

leaving vision body and yourself

in a 3d kung fu match


"you know it funny because a quantum physicist once told me that it possible there a parallel world in which i actually won a championship"


the crowd all laugh

thinking he must be making up a fantasy world

the wave interference

they can intervene from distant time/space


canceling the wave


everything happens simulataneously

in the wuchi world - quantum wave

and the taichi world - newton particle

they each different language/rules/ways

some can even function in both worlds

at the same time


a few can even do it ...

without changing

they call the buddhas


it can manifest to anyone

the sambogakaya been here forever


- 胡仙人

there gatekeepers

who looks at you then to let you in

once in then it easy

it very peaceful now

once the third eye open

you will see the new world 

-- master hu


you still the leader new world


they still want me back as the clown chief ?



there emptiness

there one movement

that the two forces at ground

we cant separate them

the one movement then have two movements



a mind which realizes emptiness

that seeing outer dharmakaya

then it dissolves into impersonal ground

the outer luminosity fades

the inner luminosity appears

quantum waves appearance

the wuchi/quantum world always been with us


we just need to make past remember it

same way past make us remember us 


compassion is what we send to our past

what we expect our future to send us


stranger things tacoma


writing predicted future to enter

when quantum physics reveals its possibility


maybe they want to give information



 if we can help parallel worlds

even if it didnt happen

it is somewhere in the universe


we can design a counter wave here

and go help those worlds which need/calls for help

we would need go back to much earlier period to counter/stop it at inception



this not theory but experience past 15 years

the tales they give is reflective of our wave world

if that what it is then we do whatever it takes

to slow stop and make sure it never can return


this simulation can influence waves there

if we change it here peacefully


mind flyer has controlled human subconscious since it arrived


we to create stories letting them know

and the counter balance they will need

- eleven

they must help themselves

but we can give them information


we first separate out separable

there is this quantum 1994 wave world

which is here and there

there that newton world 1994

which is fixed and cannot be changed by anything from that world

if this works then everything before/after 

we can interfere ?

for anything to occur, there has be first a accumulated imbalance on wave level


if newton world over taxing

we create counter balance on wave level

e.g.  reverse tax world etc

like star wars

for the death star to have power

the wave world must first accumulate


we first purify ; remove obstacles 

create our own base/fortress

to create necessary counterbalance waves

we gather and allow a new system to emerge 


they what we call helpers from future

writing predicted that they begin to show themselves


we see people here ;we see people from there

then after awhile the two worlds appears distinct


(a) distinct universes


relationship between wuchi/taichi 

they exist at same time

yet not of other's cosmology

"Formless realm" would have no place in a purely physical cosmology"

- wikipedia

(b) distinct time movements

two hours here

can be same two years there ?

two years there

can be same to two hours here ?

if so

they can have reverse relationship ?

(c) there a middle circle

people here/there no relationship

in wuchi they appear to us within exclusive experience

just appearances in own quantum universe

yet there few bodies who cross both ways

 we meet master hu here/dr hu there

master hu here would say he is made of light

and half real half not

dr hu there would confirm it

and say it his vision body

yet he may  also tell us his physical body is ephemeral 

just there for us to remember

he not live there nor here

(c) quantum wave as form

 in vision everything fades from vacuum state

but not go anywhere

 everything appears into vision

but didnt come from anywhere

then particles dissolves back into wave

wave appear as particle

wave/form as two worlds moving as one  movement

(d) new world

question of old world and what happened to its people 

cant be answered with old perception ?

e.g. we passed on like six sense movie 

they may not even know i am gone

it may only be an afternoon in 1994 ?

and what happens after etc.

can be even more possible with wave world help

so this place is really ... new and mystical ?


in quantum vision

if we enter/awake sleep

did time pass ?

or it just memory present ?

we were just sleeping 

along with the vision 


stranger things

in tacoma 1984

"what powers do your friends have ?

"they from tacoma ..."

- eleven

 of the song "from tacoma"

by bette mi ... ?!


honor and respect

- classmates

10 years ago

when chewpiland writing published

it future speaking today

the memory body


compassion body

the future had to enter to help

clear resistance and make quantum compassion main stream


so we sent a team of classmates

they to greet him as hopis in walpi

something will draw writer there

10 years later

we are still here with them

they see us as future and are drawn by our help 

we see them as present wave

we are in quantum 1850 bc

they in newton worlds

there a bridge in between

we did best to show to gate

then somehow we here

just the classmates returned with us


brain is particle/wave

as wave it is deeper wave


reptilian brain has wave 

if it lacks counter balance

wave one way is particle/form rigid


it the wave which controls other waves ?

root wave of memory body ?

you get point

how to transform it into compassion wave ?


ground we sense  is wave/particle

it has wave side which is fluid


we remember what we need

what we not remember we no need 

no need to give attention to details

that been our experience here


chewpiland has wave world

chewpiland has particle world

light rail system one world


memory/karmic body has wave world

it has particle world

no link between two here


quantum vision

it neither exist nor not exist

it exists if one inside

but not to one outside

not in memory body nor in brain wave

inside quantum vision

no one can see beyond 

present wave appearance

the background is like fair interior of vase



last year future to past message

- dimension hunter

this year message from future

- dimension shifter

every stop we leave imprint

then maybe future it blossom

this stop maybe coming to close 

future is outside of sphere pulling

future certain it there 

present not certain it be here


task to write what necessary 

no need defeat mara

others will take care rest

they have capacity just need knowledge


do something spontaneous

and upon reflection it be only one remember


as wave

pvf cannot be defeated


chewpiland triple world circles it

and within it the hidden world



pvf wave/kaya

then pvf particle/kaya

outer  pvf  is particle

and wave

rupakaya is sambogakaya

and nirmanakaya

inner pvf is dharmakaya

the quantum field which not of physical

natural state a good term

quantum compassion better term

if choose one word

we use compassion


even our memory of past 

it replicated in present

they not us

the body which holds it is no more


quantum world viewed from physical

how big is it ?

which direction from us is it ?

yet inside

it is here with directions

there no map

it only seen when measured

what time is it ?

it has no other time to relate to

"there many levels to dharmakaya"


time travel  if it works with information

then past/present know that future can see them

they will think about future when they make decisions 


see inner obstacles first as wave

- zhong xiao wuchi kung fu

we to match it on the wave level

before they even inbound

we on it

as soon they inbound

we first slow it ...


what can one do in chewpiland with a chicken science phd from chewpi u ?

- trinity

you can be the assistant professor of the chewpi u  chicken science department

- morpheus

what can we do with a degree in comedy engineering  ?

- neo

chewpi inc. is seeking comedy designers

but you must have some experience in comedy

a degree only make them think you funny

- morpheus


this a vision body

why we need  ID and its extensions ?

- taxes etc.

that body/past world is no more

- duty hunter


only if there something to intervene ...

we will need help

let us know what can be done here


we already try reach out ...

 if that all we can do here



we not against tax and are responsible citizen


but if we only one paying tax

and there no recipient in quantum state

and this place allows stalker to attack 

as shapeshifter

then we need make changes

we ask for help


missing synergy future may want to express ?

it be like writing without website 

wave we create may not be enough ?

we need first get out of this

to a place/environment where we can make a minimum pilot

volunteers we will need

it their own future

use our help while it here

we start over


"maybe you the only one who pays tax


maybe someone from system will show up

and just show you the way"

- phil smiles



old identification like inner codes

it like the old back pack clinging on

not easy to let go without help

- john


"yea, it a new body"

- phil


you travel anywhere recent?

- phil

"drive to CA came back last year

but upon reflection ..."

- writer

"it not real ..."

- phil laughs


it like the compassion wave creates its own question for us to answer


why need old identification and its extensions

if passed on from it ?

e.g. if moved from taiwan to tacoma

- future duty hunters

and once we begin focus/tune in

we may even get an answer

and may even easy resolve old obstacles etc.


we ask for help

trinity compassion

there emptiness

there one movement

that the two forces at ground

we cant separate them

the one movement then have two movements



there no appearance for background of vision

but if there is 

the oldest art is intimate union naked


trinity compassion

the little circle inside yin/yang 

not male/female but genderless

 emptiness/compassion intimate and inseparable


opposites converging into eachother 

rotating into a third

an unified movements


time always moving

but the little circle only seem be moving 

time wave can go both ways

time particles cannot

the time wave

only a wave can slow another wave

- chewpi time hunters


once we exit

we to go venice beach

the gathering is waiting 



marleen is marleena is mel is preston

queen of dakinis


it guarded secret so not need tell us

we also said we ready so it like part us knew


we ask or help 

from guardians to exit/get out


future says we should be out now

people time together is destined


we say to treasure the friendship

let not destroy the relationship

wave/particle duality not exist inside wuchi

they have inverse relationship

once circle this way one that way


once they differentiate

it is taichi



wuchi is wave/particle inseparable chi

it a wholesome quality

 just (meditate) on it



so you able to see the wave/particle distinction  ?


yea but sometimes it mixed

but once meditate can see it

- ben chi


sat am story telling

"oh those who ye listen

the soundless flute

tears from heaven fell

it is said

upon the wave before the melody ...."

- katun

"wow ... we believe it ..."

- audience


inner vs. outer movement

is it inner or is it outer ?

 it is inner we to hunt

- death hunters


 not want to go through process of doing all that filing tax / renewing license etc.

if past is no more​

hoping to see if an alternative exists 

since it a vision of compassion​

and somehow tax wave writing emerged

- that's from future 

personal no care about pay tax

but it the possibilities we like to know more


we just need helpers to explain the path


the ground is compassion

people here are compassion

there more we can learn 

quantum world of compassion

no death here

this sambogakaya

-writer hasn't seen any real


vision body is ephemeral

there no past body as cause

no disease here

this sambogakaya

- jigme lingpa

ground basis no decay

to those who stays with it 


"the noble have eradicated the suffering of dying, falling ill, and aging at its root

which is being born due to karma and poisons

there being no such (cause) 

there is no such (fruit)"



no dirt no death no decay

- 2002

outward bound 


there as many sambogakaya as there buddhas


yet there is only one sambogakaya

one energy/wisdom

one dharma body/kaya

this world/field energy of compassion

 used to purify other worlds (second floor)

dharmadatu itself cannot be tainted

the mind which can stay inseparable with dharmadatu is dharmakaya


they first waves then particle


first particle then wave

inside wave

they first empty then the wave

how it appears beyond their control

yet they will it here


rules are softly there

- hu​

whereas before it imposed

we can "will" it new inside vision ?

- duty hunters


those watching truman show

begins to feel misaligned with compassion

a hoax may back fire

if future intervenes

like mirror which reflect back the fear they send

and/or gravity activated which pulls the thrown back to thrower


the old man from asia who try control you (gompa) if reveals himself will have been taken by (our guardians) 

- hu



the emperor want to be ?

the one behind hoax ?

and the game plan ?

the one who instructed tom ...

venice beach ?

​the quantum sr ?


​and circle, we appreciatie to be let out when asked ;  everything be pvf

win win so far​

​we ask guardians help 


​"there a good massauw

there evil one"

- mic

​there two 

​"something not right got into him "


​so this about exorcism of mara

even they cant control him ...

​was he behind doubletree too ?

or ... he is that person ?​

that crooses line


​"there now a middle massauw"


"what happens if he turns against the ...


it would tip the balance

- hu


quantum entanglement

inverse relationship

if writer over behave - the other the opposite ?

writer more pg - 13 than him ?

like energy (5d)

we the mind hunters (4d)

if our mind entangles theirs

the deeper one prevails

they may get confused without the emptiness 

we first allow them to believe they architect of this inner movement


there only one news source in a vision ?

by asking reasonable questions ?

false programming not know how to respond

it begins to give / break down ...

in the tug of war


in vision there only one news source ?



discriminate between (real) and (vision) is the challenge

- hu

they annoyance 

not trouble here

​yet they troublemakers there

​now you see it

​- hu

try to discuss insight with him at gompa

​- writer

​they not there (ground floor)

​they second / third tier 

​- hu


our / their compassion fields merge

our / their old memory body fades


we talk only if they ready to clear table


scary thing about future guardians is you dont know who they are - can be college kids with high tech 22nd century having bad day

trying to protect their past


addendum 8-20

those who want to say sorry

e.g. 94/95

it makes it that much more meaningful​

thank you ; no words need be said​


it means he is sincere

and we can all have closure now

- la lady​

it shows he has quality


accept disgrace willingly

- tao te ching

the difference now is it easy to be content at bottom ;  now future gives the support

after that i never been picked on again as lawyer


what this means for round six ?

we dont know/care

but if there a shift

then it has do with this teamwork in parallel state

if we can influence wave

story telling can change everything

21st century

to overcome machine energy population

climate etc

first given quantum and awareness

there be new energy source / knowledge possibilities

space begin to expand inward/outward

accumulated inner energy released peacefully


tech advance fast

many emerging issues be resolved


this require future intervention

they can get as far as here

because they not them

but they can influence/trade with us

to send the compassion waves into the worlds they want

through our inter extra cosmic networks


what this imply

is we can enter/exit rupakaya

as we program ourselves through chewpiland wave

so there time wave

1989 u penn

where gathering classmates there was

but upon reflection

"it seem incomplete"

- molly

like something more yet to understand

waiting for us to enter the programming room


in a vision there is only what is present

if we meet people this am

it exists now only as memory

they exist not beyond the present vision

"they half real half not"


even if future in other station

they can reach back to this quantum segment

it has distinct code


that why we cant lose here

with future there

- chewpiland


we may even be here agin

but we always here as memory from future

sending compassion to each of the stops along train route

so even if part us fades into next stop

we have a home here



the quantum wave of the rock

our gift to you


yamantaka is a humble and gentle

quantum wave

who resides where mañjushri resides

sent on an trip

to hunt down the sky predator

the death conquerer

stalks death

the mind of the machine lord

is inside the programming world

in the inner world

chu office cannot be defeated

but it has to wait

until the line crosses


if they look into personal info without permission 

that also cross line - future knows/we need not

and/or .. something in food we no know about ...?

then the future will give a sign

what other hidden obstacles from this circle ?

we ask future guardians for help 


death hunters elite unit 

they each have the power of the protector


what is it ?

ia program written to protect against adventitious of the matrix

a machine quantum

like having backdoor code


future - past

there point tax wave ceases

we visualize that point


to let go inner old ID

it would mean all of it

the name address and tax

accounts and possessions

but we already know that no more


no one perfect

but we should learn to perceive the essence body of others

they will also see our essence body


"there is the appearance

the background wave

and the story ..."


newton physics  vs. quantum physics

- different rules

conventional economic principles vs.quantum economics ?

​in quantum field cause/effect functions differently ?

​if so is tax absolutely necessary in quantum economy ?

sambogakaya suppose be place of no limitations -

meaning potential is there ?

​same with medicine etc. ?


future to past we have own ways of knowing it

if something not it should be

more more clear it the adventitious

we let our future take over 

and if we all together as 10,000

then reverse counter can be included in the inner wave

you get the point

we here to interfere


"warrior live by the hour"

for this next 20 minutes ; if we no outer duty

there nothing can defeat/change compassion wave

book reading adds to the momentum


quantum reality 

there no issues because he can make us forget

there was ever an issue

vice versa


padmashambhava always been here

even if yet seen

but we had to see it for ourselves

to truly believe it

we just messengers

New matrix (6) reinforcement


follow script original

hopis arrive to cease taxes for new arrivals

free them from chicken farmers of old


there seattle/tacoma 21st century

there seattle/tacoma chewpiland

- wave world

the seatac 21st century

didnt know chewpiland had existed parallel

until 21st century

in chewpiland

there no taxes

it is all green where it was same

in chewpiland

there no water industry

seven million scattered across planet quantum size

chewpiland seattle/tacoma has only 7000


see the outer as outer

inner as inner


this sambogakaya 

so people are appearance/wave

not of past

we are just clearing out past waves

If such things are examined, none of their individuating characteristics exist.

"The self-experience of self-perfected insight
They make their appearance in many rays of light."

appearing as the external luminosity of wisdom, are neither good nor bad.

- longchepna


cause effect


newton is this because of that

quantum also same

but a different that


just as a 4d exercise/training

e.g. fong chi

the subtle unity of opposites

through humor  utilized in an entertaining way

e.g. 22nd century VR/simulation

is a product the public would gather to view/experience


"journey to the showdown"

- chewpi inc.

there two ways there

a direct crossing - dzogchen - frpm pvf to new matrix 6


step by step they travel togather

then more more alone until they gather again at new matrix (6)

they begin new world (1)

the world of compassion


probability based on memory wave 


mirrorlike reflections of the wave/particle

three times vs. timeless


reverse and/or compassion

it the inner diamond

that reflect the sun

indestructable because all protects it


when inner field lack balance

how to turn it up ?


inseparable from compassion

quantum space / time both same compassion 

sky/earth same compassion

it like when each school

earth air fire water

reach space level

that grandmaster

and within that space level

there also different schools

they each begin level one


wave compassion what we see in others

like quantum perception

wave compassion may process information / lens differently 

it the result


past to future 

take it

we ready to let go


eventually compassion wave strong enough is enough 

e.g. match 100 mega power

then it overflows

 no more cause/effect newton time

it timeless


to live past 100 in 18th century

would need inner defense

not outer insurance

to go beyond

would need uproot the cause



if interest is stronger inner defense

then situations where over inner fear is compassion

- muscle building

transform into compassion​


the inner power stronger now than just few months ago

the new view is making it easy

to keep deepen separating separable


deeper empty 

deeper compassion

deeper empty

vision moves of its own

we not it yet of it

we are the vision

the vision is us

that when we own it

there be no taxes

- vision hunters


see inner as inner

outer as outer


what the vision is experiencing

 is it inner or outer ?

 just a question 

the part which is inner

we own it

trikaya ancient

sambogakaya about physical peace


"The victory has been won. The power of steadfastness has not been routed. Everything has gone well. All misgivings have been overcome. Success has justified the deed. The light of a superior personality shines forth anew and makes its influence felt among men who have faith in it and rally around it. The new time has arrived, and with it good fortune. And just as the sun shines forth in redoubled beauty after rain, or as a forest grows more freshly green from charred ruins after a fire, so the new era appears all the more glorious by contrast with the misery of the old."

quantum perception

sees both the begin and/or end



When the prana enters into the central channel, yogins see nothing else but the empty reflections of self- appearance. Though even bodhisattvas do not see the fields that appear to the buddhas, for the buddhas themselves they continuously appear. That is because they are the intrinsically and spontaneously present appearances of the space of the dhatu. 

- Longchenpa

it not just a present to future thing

but fourth time extends/influence

spontaneously awaken us within all time ?

e.g. every page written


padmashambhava is a quantum wave

it different in that flows two ways same time

so seems kind of reverse current



“There,” writes Kyabjé Dudjom Rinpoche, "he manifested the inconceivable Palace of Lotus Light, and presides as king, with one of his emanations in each of the eight continents of the rakshasas, giving teachings ..."

- riga wiki


quantum perception

there only this day

if it own dream/vision and one awaken to it

then we can take absolute control of it ?

(like trainman in matrix)

compassion overtakes the ground of vision

for any vision to emerge

it would have first get past the 

no fear rock

if they crossed

something gotta give

either they consume no fear rock wave ...

our past holding ground

each post

first see/include it as inner movement

the protector

every energy must pass first through the no fear rock

it has held its ground

did those cross line hold theirs ?


if have vooodoooland body

the skandhas wont get near

we didnt find it

it found us

old friend 

try to possess it

they be possess by it

try to pass it without invite

it'll pass into them without invite





the power of compassion

this sambogakaya

whether it test/challenge and/or real

universal compassion says

we have nothing to lose

strengthening our inner qualities of 


power of abundance

 richness of staying within ground/compassion

it creates own wealth energy


as outer

do what need know

as inner

dont get pulled 2nd floor

 power of beauty

(healthy energy/beauty)

if it a 5 against current of 5

with little help from friends

the 5 becomes 6

then enough is enough'

and with wisdom clear

the silence we have base

stay with the ground

it  get stronger 


by getting to 6

all imbalance arising from 5 disappears

it a new world

and massauw showed the way


we will look back

future to us

and be receiving most are those now most willing to trust it

those helping the future strengthening counter balance wave 

like if we try send pvf to 2010

the ones who knew/trust received most because our attention/compassion only they we link 

like they can only wire power of abundance/beauty to certain people who has inner network with their own future

past holding ground

every post

good work


round things have no edges

those with edges are not round


vision hunters  vision conquer

to master reverse 

a simulation must be within forward 

​that network of compassion


time is energy

everything outside this moment

not the cause of this moment

​we humble to our future



Chewpi News


this a warning sign from earth

we not appreciating the essential


dont know if situation  justifies the panic

but if they want to justify the panic

that the path they choose

no choice - it a good practice


kiva inner rock house

everyday concerns straw hut

it not the straw hut people concerned but the lack of a rock house

how to build the rock house now ?


seven/eight rays of lights  circular sphere

​if we can master each wave


elements are fundamentally pure

e.g. power of beauty is water

"for this reason the afflictions obscuring the elements that is by nature utterly pure are similar to a dense host of clouds. "

- buddha nature


accumulate wind of compassion 

the counter storm

"It is always present and ready to teach the path that dispels these clouds ... for this reason great compassion, which provides the conditions to eliminate all veils, is similar to the force of a ... (strong) wind"

- buddha nature

dharmakaya is body of qualities"

- buddha nature

the qualities dance/intermingle into one harmony / movements


"this is not a dream

this is not a story

we are not some fairy tale 

"wow ... so romantic "

table chen the story teller

many tales he tells in class

we neevr heard anywhere before and/or since


"genie gave them each a wish

mr teng and mr lin

they both seek nothing but the love of same woman"

- table chen speaks

as a few classmates

do puppet show

​few others music





1975年 “








做木偶戲 其他音樂


past holding ground

every post

good work


"yielding the gift of fearlessness ... and fearlessness grants them victory"

- buddha nature

if we anchored ground present

future is sambogakaya/dharmakaya - clear

what between is adventitious cloud

we simply stay grounded

allow future to enter


- death hunters 


remove the cause which is birth
which is present perception
not past 

especially in vision


root of all pain the fear of being laughed at

​it inner 

it may also the antidote



so if this pm went buy lunch

it just present memory

it may even be implanted

news can all be made up

we at different ground

​newton ground this not 

the cause of this moment is beyond memory second floor



the ground is yielding as inner

firm as outer

the inner/outer feels intermingled yet they are not

it give rise to inexhaustible great qualities

The true nature of mind is no other than emptiness endowed with all supreme aspects. This is the dharmakaya (the body of qualities)" 

- buddha nature



keep going/keep sending reinforcement


we've had 10 years to practice it and view its effect for ourselves with ourselves

when we intent it as compassion

the power multiply


like cocoon into butterfly

cocoon is sambhogakaya

separate the separable

before it held you

it challenge of anchor

it more fun this way


trying separate ground from second


ground floor sees the second floor


there only one news source in a vision ?

by asking reasonable questions ?

false programming not know how to respond

it begins to give / break down ...

in the tug of war


for the tasks within ordinary course of business

e.g. tax and ID

it is what we accept

but if we to see clear the adventitious/separate it out

and ask it to get out and it not


then in a quantum vision/dream

who/what is it ?

- duty hunters



if vision and one news source

then is trump the president ?

- mr teng

if this VR / simulation

do we really have climate issues ?

- mr lin

who is making up the news to our disadvantage ... in our own vision / dream ?

- ms chen


does any of the countries even exist

inside a vision ?

these are reasonable questions

for those new to wuchi world


if we not have inner climate issues

within climate issues

that the wave which the other world needs


future to past


within it was the counter wave

the ideal situation to obtain the eternal fire

"...whether we see universe as friendly

- einstein​

once enter the wave of compassion

we compassion


our attention directed one way

while something else taking place ?


the room gets smaller

dont let it get in the way


if this rainbow body

there no body just rays of light / sound waves 

within wudidong

body of illusion 

how anyone sambogakaya be not well ?

​- ​

master nods and smiles



world 3d is getting smaller


as the universe expands

3d the old / 6d the new

the new includes the old

the old trusts the new

time is ceasing to the timeless

vice versa


"how to make empty room laugh"

comedy underground seattle

chewey / mic  signed up amateur night

didnt get called

took comedy class

they to perform there

didnt get called

how to make empty room laugh

it not a question


"this is not a dream

this is not a story

we are not some fairy tale


- mr hao tu

"wow ..."



there original stain which created false karmic visions of body


clear that stain

merry christmas

​there point no return

​anyone who can still read this ​aint there 

​​it a present moment inner battle

​is it inner movement


​or is it outer movement

if they all think it outer

then it a lonely inner battle

- death hunters

our defense getting stronger ?

- chewey

the power is building

- mic

that be riding reverse current

this is good

the wave helping other worlds

even if we not need it



old world dissipating
- hu

it fading the old vision 



this be time future send 

if we cannot be moved
we can still move


we dont move outer
we moved inner

which is likely reach over 100 easy ?


fire / flood also a wave
what happens if we change the wave ?

they are the representatives of the wave

- wave guardians


we only need soften the potency of wave

not change pattern


fear is when certain inner corner cant turn
they got us by tail

- am coffee lady

why more easy for hawl tu  .. not fear being laughed at ?

he less subject to peer pressure

- comedy underground 

what we really afraid of  ?
what we really feel is the wave which present

wont let a counter balance move
like inner 911

- hopi book club

but it not an inner smog which surrounds everyone
just a 4d followed by 3d response

- humble rinpoche

in buddhist sutras
always first there inner afflictions as cause

then the fruit 
first inner wave before the fruit


defense is when not get inner pulled second floor


"we use this as deepening our anchor

- ms buddha butt


if we not use this as way get stronger
the next wave may be even more challenging
but if we get stronger
the next wave we attract gets easier
- raja buffet guide book introduction


it the food and herbs we take
never needed the artificial as defense

our natural/earth defense is strong


these the ideas which arrives

future arriving ?


"without beginning , middle , or end"

this field is 

you mean there is not a past to cause the present ?


​"peace itself fully self-awakened, and self-expanded"

- uttaratantra


if this vision/simulation

and no longer 21st century US

what is the census trying to count ?


if  "this new body"

then what / how long we keep identify as old ID ?

e.g. age race gender etc.

and how this new world identify themselves ?

"you dont have another ID ?"

they all seem genderless ageless 


like a vision cloud creating illusion of a body same as ours

- we dharmakaya body (non body)

not moved from ground


tree of cloud same as   body of cloud

same density inside cloud vision

- all second floor

view it from outside 


from inside ​

signs of miracles

obstacles giving away

we heard it this time last year

it from us now

duty hunters

outstanding teamwork

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect



it their future which keeps wanting to help

which is cause of writer words


elements are second floor

if mara controls elements

it only second floor/vision realm

not cause of the elements of ground


power of abundance

as inner "earth is not a resource

but the source"

earth is inner abundance




the secret aspect of the body is similar to space in that it pervades everything, is permanent, and appears in various shapes and so on, and yet does not exist as form

they do not depart from birthless and deathless dharmakaya

- buddha nature


"space is never burnt by fire

likewise this (dharmadatu) is not burnt by the fires of death, sickness, and aging"

space does not rest upon any of the elements of wind water or earth

- uttaratantra


so sambogakaya is wave from ground 

nirmanakaya twin particle from ground

that buddhas land

wherever they are they one with ground

​a network of quantum waves


​second floor has own elements

​different ground

the dark world matrix

in our script


first we anchor down

establish a base

-vision hunters


past is second floor

it cannot be the cause of first floor

​(separate out separable)


see wave as wave/ particle as particle




second floor not pull us

we pull them

​(stronger wave / megawatt power)


first see space then the elements

​(we only need see dharmadatu

 the space which is also the ground)


second floor relative density


ground floor relative density

from ground - second floor density more relative than absolute and vice versa

(compassion waves

 dont obstruct /  one wave)


seven kivas

what messengers brought was most important the information

their own scout two of them saw

​800 chewpis arriving to north ...

​trumpis already holding with 4000





keep going

dont look back

- future

in vision/simulation

this not our 3d body

this not our 4d thoughts

they rays of lights


this body vision is inner movement / wave

this earth wave is inner movement


returning to 1850 bc

from 21st century/dark world


"what it like to have skandhas body?"


"it somehow try to make sense of itself because there no other option

since enough others agree

it makes sense

even though they have mainstream science which tells them it just energy/wave

the skandhas cant make sense of it"

returning from ancestors simulation of 20/21st century

wow ...

tell us more


and then the skandhas become separated from original energy body

it then creates own memory wave

a self enclosed code which replaces the energy body and keeps it at distance

calling essence a myth

and the skandhas the real

body and/or compassion

"It is said that the Sambhogakaya manifests not in any kind of spatial or physical location but in a place that is not really a place; a place of nowhere called Akanishtha"



separate out separable

"dharmakaya cannot be tainted
the inner body which can is not the ground (dharmadatu)"


if inner counter balance is what missing

as short / long term- it the wave not the form


dharmadatu view of this be different

this vision / dream with  memory 

not 21st century 

we in akanishta/dharmadatu

"The Bodhisattvas dwelling in these fields Are safe from illness for they bathe in rivers That dispel the harms of the defilements."

- jigme lingpa


if this is world of compassion

this situation can go 180 in an instant ?

in ways beyond our expectation

future to past :

it a vision/simulation


like seven kivas siege

inner/outer defense

as outer we have best/done what can

as inner , we not had to rely on it until we had to ... and much knowledge is lost

it just 3d words now



we know how to advance and how to yield when advancing

we know how to outer retreat

but we not know how to inner yield when outer retreating



"It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil."

- hopi elder

there no outer shelter for inner causes



individual own inner choice

returns  to ground

then there more unity

new perception opens


keep distancing inner

going only one way/pull by inner wave

away from wave three circles

inner not stronger this way


someone with much inner shame may rely on outer position to counter

but if inner persist

they may do/seek more outer



understanding this gives those resisting their expansion inner power

they wont look at it but will look at others as it - they want respect because there no middle alternative

there easy antidote for that


miracles  will happen if we expect it

gathering of the ancients

hopis hold ground

we now hold air position

each have own strength

we wait water/fire circles



once air separate out the programming

earth ancients separate out the adventitious 

fire balances and water purified

any one can trigger other three


accumulate enough power

we have wave not of the imbalance wave / cloud nor can it be tainted by it

- that slows it

we stay grounded

not pulled

to not give it fuel

accumulate more power/reinforcement 


sunlight not man made light

if it emerges it dawn


if that we all feeling ...

an energy wave emerging which is ... pure

in middle of this

then we expect miracles


protectors wave we call it

it would surround the wave of others


inner generated illusion can be anything

computer generated reality also real to computer generated body/mind


our vision body is the subconscious

second floor

if it pulled into ground floor

the memory body has new basis

a new ground


Neo: All these memories I have, these places I went.... None of it ever happened. What does that mean?

Trinity: That the Matrix cannot tell you who you are. ...

lotus blossoming from mud

there inner /outer (rupakaya) luminosity

inner/outer sambogakaya/nirmanakaya

inner as outer support

 compassion wave rises from inside mud

e.g. eternal fire


absolute control means at the gate

the no fear rock

every energy must pass it first

then rest can just let it flow


essence energy like 4th time

inclusive / not of it

earth wave the firm wave

space has no wave

essence body advancing into memory body

future entering present

how much depends how much we let go to it

how much we let go depends on how much we separate out separable


few return once enter natural state

There is no activity whatsoever and therefore no possibility to bring about benefit of beings ...

such ... arhats (enlightened) ... are like extinguished fire and their streams of being are cut, a buddha does not cut the stream of being."

- buddha nature


deeper emptiness

"... gone into nothingness, whereas someone who follows (compassion) path...

Through the immediate vision of emptiness, the ordinary body, is transformed into ... what is called the rainbow body"

- buddha nature


rainbow body is ephemeral

"a supreme nirmanakaya cuts stream of ... physical existence, but from the time of having buddhahood onward  ... will display manifold different illusory appearance as they are fit to train all sentient beings. thus there is continuity of appearance"

- buddha nature


it the wave not form

like we sending reinforcement to new matrix (6)

to airball (2017) to reverse i ching (2012)

- all at same time

there is continuity of compassion


if this self appearance/own dream world

and we to take over all waves

then we must take responsibility for everything in it

"make demand first upon oneself"

"it is strong and stable

does not turn to others but only to itself, from this finally good fortune comes"

- i ching


this good measurement of our power of compassion

if it not enough we only one responsible

if power of abundance is grounded

not pulled

spontaneous abundance needs not cause

it not about quantity ; we need only one rock house

the abundance which can be weakened is not the real

we each have own talent which has not a cause


conscious body

vs. sub conscious body

vs. the unconscious body


unconscious body is massauw


unconscious can interfere with subconscious


what we called future is here 

it timeless

so what we call future from here "has no tomorrow at all ..."

there still parts past yet grounded

keep going dont look back


inner dissolves into wave

body is subconscious wave

present memory wave the cause

not past particles


thoughts (4d) also not us

once empty realize

spontaneous ideas/insights self spring

it wiser but also not us


vision body has wave

vision body wave more fluid than old body wave

yet they same ground wave

the ground /primal wave is pure

cannot be tainted and purifies

it like sunlight / sambogakaya

how to clear wave body ?

how to realize the sambogakaya body ?


no body no here

no here no body

no self no others

no body here 

no others there 


to the subconscious

ground body is unconscious

toilet king fisher