The New Matrix

pg - 13


the new beginning


situation/conditions have changed

who is reading this now vs. before ?

it may be best to leave it for awhile

and open a new path

- guide

"their ways

( shapeshifting , space crafts beings etc. ) 

they are very familiar with

so they are different from you

- tour guide

"we to let go of past programming

there much to learn and explore"

- writer bows 



that night


something enveloped him

both to protect/nurture

world became own yet felt by others

and influence endured

left the notes to the world

returned to the presence

a world beyond

in between


gradually gently world of compassion transform/clears

the outer remains still

as inner adjust to the new world

both in patterns and energy


ceaseless reflection which has potential to appear any realm

as energy and/or even form


like watching memory on screen move

"it means they cannot define you"


city without form

form without content

this world dreamlike


in hologram even body but the remnants of past world

same with others we meet

it very open and free

something to learn


if no one here is same as before

then one is alone


if there only one being here

then one is also alone

this being the source of compassion




there no answers to questions

only that the more compassion accumulated

the more everything changes into compassion

what happened to past people/world

can be looked very differently if this a dream

and be influenced





the programming world is an inner dimension hopi shamans can take one into

once inside


the ground remains same

the rest is fluid like water 

it clears everything

the energy also an intelligence which creates

also a feeling 


star beings chewey meets

old classmates

greets chewey to new world

it'll take little time to remember

the days before this world

the ancient village

the trail to it

becomes clear

the flute player

the old hiking stick

walks into it

 dinner follow by  song dedication

with the band

this evening at the village


canyon of the strange

this reverse world

the flute player returns from long journey west

the first house on

the poop boulevard

belongs to ...

"the chicken witches"

sign on door

"no laughing inside"

it has been said

no visitor exits not laughing

she is 312-0 in fong chi 

and no one enters fong chi world

without fake laugh from the gate keeper


but if anyone were to ...

make her real laugh 

then they also enter the canyon of strange

and it looks like 

the flute player will have to laugh first ...

or he continues on the journey 

next round ...

"who ? ... who are you ...?!"

- chicken witches after laughing

"watashi wa  ...

takomono sato  ..."

the flute player bows


the chicken witches join the flute player and apprentices

onto meet their next opponent



the no fear laugh clan

they believe by not fear laughing

they are stronger to not laugh


"i liberate your laughter ..."

- no fear speaks with authority 

contestant not laugh

"why you not laugh ?

i am no fear "

- no fear speaks with power

"you dont look funny enough for me to laugh"

- takomono sato


it been long journey

how and/or why

that tale for tonight's gathering

the old lover ...

is she still here ?

the lost brother returns

accompanied by

the chickens witches

and no fear laughing clan

hiking to poop heaven 

where fong chi grand final

village of the poop clan



 travels to other realms within the multiverse

when ask whether the realms are real

" the body which meditates is also empty"

that field of compassion is the common ground

from there we can manifest into many forms/realms


the writings left behind

task complete

looks to the new world


so white island is also a place

a land with people ?


"part of you now in it

it where you from"

- hu

"there a transition world ?"


what is real or not you will know when you look back from there"

- master hu


in our script

as past becomes less and less present

there a state where future yet to arrive

the flight between tokyo and seattle 78

inside plane nothing changes /same 3d

outside  changing as it travels / different 3d


train taichung to taipei

 inside the train the 3d remains same

but outside train it is moving

once arrive taipei

the passengers /train share same view

taipei has arrived

begins the journey home

to the ancient land below earth

below in that a different floor/layer

an in between world that is nowhere 

a small village


he first ready energy body

into the new frequency

it call middle because it a middle place and not some next world

then to understand the possibilities of this world

the beings within have more power and experience with the three circles

they can utilize its potential


a place where both sides are intertwined in way there is  beyond going/coming

death/livng co-exist

future/past intermingled in direction

- master  hu

no balance to imbalance

inner/outer share same field

male/female not easy to differentiate


in our script


hopis speak of

 ships without wings

that takes to another world

inside the ship the new arrivals

 it takes time for energy (5d) to adjust

so they enter simulation while in flight

by time they adjusted 4d/5d

the ship arrives

a new 3d reveals itself

chewpiland has arrived


there a point/station where the train stops and outer is  there - same for both the passengers and train 

the passengers by then already awake/ready

but for new arrivals like ah-joun and ah-bon

it the new

like they be still taiwan house

but somehow it feels no one is really there

even as people pack the streets


in a dream

what we see is not what it appears

and people are not who they are

 apparition of the self


in the between world

feeling of experience

last not long 

if not written down

it is empty upon reflection

it like no time has passed

but if leave a trail

can write a book on the gradual development stages

maybe making a tale of it 

tell the story of the journey 

all will pass same path

in future we will only have these notes to link to now

cant really say anything of it

just that we here and fine

​gets deeper and more enjoyable

passenger in train taichung to taipei

if their 5d also change

 and the outer 3d is a train

then they know the 3d of old  is past

and the present 3d will change

once taipei arrives


in script

 5d cycle can have different ratio to 3d cycle


one 5d day can have three 3d sun cycles

vice versa

 time moves differently and even different direction (twin worlds)



"wow ... you so funny and difficult to make laugh

you must be takomono sato ...?!...

- the fong chi chicken witches 

laughing on ground

calmly speakth does the champ

"no, i am but his student ..."


this is more a shift of dimension than horizontal changes"

it like once 3d/4d/5d all deepen into compassion 

then quality all shift into compassion

what that is we can all relate


as inner

something real only something else not real

something is here only if something else is  there

it a habit of perception

an one way eddy

we have known no other way

once the inner is divided

the middle is lost

in middle of that circle

the inner is the outer 



it a circular down into the center

so it subtle in difference and empty 

somewhere within all that

a hidden dimension that links the edge of the periphery


final chapter of this book

chapter 13

describes a world of spontaneous presence - it an actual place of another dimension

once inside wuchi

- like a world  within a world

where buddhas from...

step by step helpers come to guide closer to the center

"6. Only self-cognizing wisdom knows the buddha-nature. Neither one nor many, It is neither an existent nor a nonexistent thing. It is like space; it is beyond all thought. It has no stain—all manifesting radiance is stilled. It is beyond the reach of words, belonging to the highest truth. No concepts, reasons, metaphors, or arguments depict it, For of mind, analogy, and thought, it is the very contrary. Not even mighty beings on the tenth ground can encompass it.


7. Only to the Buddhas is it manifest: The fair interior of the mansion of the vase, Profound and peaceful, ever youthful. The Buddhas of the three times always dwell therein, And yet, as to their aspect, do not see each other. For in the space beyond conceptual construction, They constitute a single vast expanse of wisdom.


8. From within the natural radiance of unobstructed knowledge, Cognitive power shines out as the sambhogakaya Endowed with the five certainties Of place, time, Teacher, teaching, company. The sambhogakaya and its fields possess The major and the minor marks of buddhahood Together with an ocean of enlightened qualities.


9. Its place is Akanishtha, perfect and spontaneous..."

jigme lingpa

18th century tibet


within world compassion is world of joy

this inner journey 

guided by the ancients (hu and hopis)

which has  light up the outer (3d/4d/5d)


1850 b.c.

tough guardians compete in most soft/easy contest

ceos in most humble contest

the most funny politicians contest

previous chapters took readers in

this chapter 13 shows how the beings emanates into nirmanakayas 

how the field of  compassion

the spontaneous radiance of ground

becomes the physical


maybe he still looking young today

at that field of compassion

helping out with wisdom into our worlds


it first describes a place which has land, time, teacher and companion

spontaneously appearing/ already there from beginning

to those ripe to enter

 not after life future thing

but part of mysterious  trinity

here there everywhere 

to the tibetans / hopis

these beings are very real

padmashambhava been called the father/science of quantum physics

16. There also is the Heruka of Supreme Power With nine resplendent herukas. At the four corners of the central platform And on the four steps, Gauri stands Together with the others of her kind: The symbols of the purity of the eight consciousnesses. Eight animal-headed goddesses are found Within the first court of the mandala. In the second are the eight who draw up from the lower states. The third is filled with eight and twenty powerful goddesses. Each courtyard has its own four door-keepers. All is but a blazing, powerful display, Resplendent with the nine demeanors of the wrathful deities. All this constitutes the mandala Of the exclusive self-experience of the sambhogakaya: The spontaneously present appearance of the ground, The ultimate and actual Akanishtha.



17. In the fourth court are the two and thirty dakinis. In the fifth are seven mamos and four sisters, In the sixth are gings, six classes, three in each. In the seventh are the sixty wrathful male and female deities, Two hundred and forty emissaries are in the eighth court And in the ninth are sixty mamos. All these are apparitions that subdue misleading forces. Since they are perceived by these obstructing spirits, They do not constitute the mandala of Akanishtha, The sambhogakaya’s exclusive self-experience.



18. The outward-glowing radiance of the dharmakaya wisdom ...

- jigme lingpa


1850 b.c.

in world of compassion

they honor those who make them laugh

the fong chi masters live in a  world of clowns

they so evolved comically

they all act/look normal to those visiting

if ... the flute player to record feeling song  song with  the hopi sasquatch and ms hopi k pop

beaver dam 

ms t guitar 

dancer in background

form can exist inside non binary

compassion can exist within form

2002 the inner gate showed itself

2005 gate of that inner fortress opened


at center a void (wuwei) 

emanates wuchi (non binary energy)

before taichi (binary energy)

the dark ocean of wuchi

a spontaneous presence

 ever present here there everywhere

at all times (4th time)

because it has energy it can have form ; because its energy is different quality the form it emanates share same quality

ben chi good example what happens to 3d once 5d becomes wuchi

​it also has intelligence which can equals us level two humans

from periphery

center seem a point/bottomless abyss




the lens of compassion

self exclusive experience  is like it is  inner movement

 having exclusive self 6d experience ; they experience eachother

share 3d/4d/5d yet from view of self exclusive experience (emptiness)

18. The outward-glowing radiance of the dharmakaya wisdom Is home to the sambhogakaya graced with five perfections. This is a display encompassed by the Buddha’s mind alone, From which all obscuration is removed, Wherefore the deities and retinues enjoy an equal rank Without distinction, high or low. The minds of all of them transcend discursiveness, Their speech is indescribable, their bodies perfect With the great and lesser marks of buddhahood. With their pure eyes of primal wisdom, Which beholds all things as its own self-experience, They see each other constantly and without hindrance.


19. This sphere of the Victorious Ones, past, present, and to come, Is unsurpassed, pertaining therefore neither to samsara nor to peace. Thus even great, pure beings cannot see it, Since they have not, as yet, removed the veils That counter the primordial wisdom of the Conquerors. In great Akanishtha that transcends the triple time (Past, present, and to come), The Buddhas dwell in the fourth time. They and all their retinues have but a single nature: As their own self-experience, they experience each other.



20. From this very sphere and for the sake of beings to be guided, There emerge three kinds of Teacher who will be their guides ...


1850 b.c.

fong chi is big business

those who go to university to study comedy gets free scholarship and is honored 

the industry needs more people and there a rising demand for it

layer by layer

each layer is different yet the same

so we mark something different with a story and insight

we almost there/here/home


once inside the 


there another line 

between  (all time) and wuchi (void)

the world of compassion crosses into world of joy without notice and it sudden

world of joy is beyond the 4d

fong chi is an antidote

to over laughing 

"either someone pulls you in or they remember from having being from it"

so the line and the period before/after is subtle/silent

"you wont know it until some time after and you go ... hey what happened ...?..."

"in this world

there nothing left to write

yet it keep writing

before it was had to want to write

"then you look back and want to return to  treasure the scenery before the crossing"

"many labor yet cannot enter

some get pull into it"


- master hu

at first self discovers/dreams own double (e.g. higher self)

a cross road where they realize it the double which is dreaming the self

- don juan matus (paraphrase)

"man had dream he butterfly

but didnt know upon waking if he was butterfly having dream"

- chuang tzu

who me?! of 1850 b.c. had dream she a chicken in dark world

who was having a dream that he a celebrity in 21st century

- the eternal fire

legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

the concluding chapter

there is a crossing which simple shift of perception changed everything

they crossed into the 1850 b.c. world 

the land of the undying ...


open space is what makes 1850 b.c. the center - it just name which means ancient

our inner movement is an inner movement (dream)

there no one dreaming open space

so in that way

the final stop

may the writings guide those in future


several layers (5d) each with many worlds (3d)

once inside layer of compassion

the rules are different yet it allows for

the black hole at its center 

that another dimension

the world of joy

the guardian world protects the black hole from outside

"it about universal compassion vs. personal compassion"

"the technology of that world is far advanced

vehicles  are self driven"

- master hu


maybe 6d flashed before them

because that the only way

by losing and holding onto the assemblage points of both circles

 at the point of crossing ...

a middle is revealed


the middle is between that side and this side

maybe that night lost

this side/that side

both got little intermingled

the door opened

and somehow

he walked through without crossing to the other side

without having to remain on this side

if that where the ancient village is

then that how he entered

in our script

it the slip between the crack

his task been to create a trail

with what left of residual past

it may seem over decade in 4d time

but the 3d configuration same

5d is new world

as 4d adjust to new configuration

if leave one layer then gone from it

e.g. 21st century

the crossing from dark world into 1850 b.c. is different


the world behind cannot see you yet they can 

they (dark world)  will see you as being inside (1850 b.c.)

- master hu

- like saying even if john chu retired

and chewey faded into the darkness


there another layer

once the apparitions are lifted


"you now have the power to do what you like

before entering the black hole

you did not"

- master hu

"it was a burden

now it not"


it place which makes reminisce

maybe that's joy

maybe it fills with laughter


"they see you 3d/4d/5d

but they cant see you

and they'll say ...

you look different

it the buddha world"

- master hu


humor has no center

yet some can sense it

can even make 3d deep laugh

can the 5d also be rooted in

humor/laughter ?

a deeper field which has funny qualities

"funny people cross into funny worlds

the first law of funny attraction"

"densely arrayed illumination"

- jigme lingpa

means it has density 3d and emits energy 5d and a display 4d

it a world where inner/outer co-exist

when elements of intermingled at root

it a rainbow of each colors unseen

it need not link with our frequency

yet it is also of earth


 invisible to 3d empty to 4d

dark to 5d

yet it 3d/4d/5d intermingled

that field which can contain all 

without division

we call it  compassion

"spontaneous presence"

- jigme lingpa

means it just there

we no know why/how

it been there since beginning


can jump into another and/or empty them into common ground gentle to enter/sink in


they friends traveling 

 destination arrives they leave train

now the fruit can be seen

waiting for it to ripe


you mean if 4d/5d both have changed

the 3d may manifest/reflect it ?

"it'l just appear

like train reaching destination"

- master hu


the black hole is the new rising sun

it is very bright from inside


it is like spring which never runs dry

- mel

"like the bread jesus gives

it  never run out

- master hu

it is ceaseless improvements in every area

yet there no effort 


last year

it was to return hopiland

now the journey is not of that

- master hu


they hiding behind the forms

you can feel the joy

this also a station

you have a  ticket to the end

express train

some here get on / off

you may meet new friends



each new step

something old also fades

those  waiting on this shore

those watching from that shore

"once enter natural world

will not return"

- master hu

is there a hidden option ?

is there way ?

we can go both sides 

to return just to help

what would  be

 universal compassion  ? 


one had written it down

otherwise how fast it fades

we to send reinforcement to the past

the past is receiving our field of compassion

for 2017 (past)

it looks to us (2019) as the future

it what us in 2017 was doing - receiving/listening

we tell them the same message :

turn back to help the past

we all clear here


so maybe ...

the reverse current is started by ourselves

future returning to help the past ?

you get the point 

we hear the call to return



maybe the new wave from chewpiland

the next wave which turn particle in dark world

can turn into waves in 21st century

they need our field of compassion

but we must be linked to them


in script

we to enter chewpiland

once reach home

once recharge and gather helpers

to turn right back to help 

the rebels of the dark world



maybe also enter from 1850 b.c. into 21st century from above as ambassadors from outer space etc.

and they would  all have been waiting

what year would it be ?


the inner 4d body emptied out by the black hole

yet it more 5d fluid


like taiwan immigrating seattle

as inner

zhu ren zhang fading to sleep

john chu waking up


 he rests from duties

zhu ren zhang awakes

chewey the middle circle

1850 b.c.

it easy and not to enter

you have be wise

so all here lived long long

yet it pg - 13

that inner self must be under 13

the ancient wise grandkid tricksters - that most hopis

even if old outside

they young inside


in our script

it has polar relations to 21st century


the more inner the less the tax

there place where it reverse

no tax and 

government pays everything



they are buddhsattvas

those given choice and choose to stay and fight

then there those aspire buddhasatvvas


at first not notice shift in 3d world

but was into the new fields in the 4d/5d the experience presented

once the 4d adjusted

5d rooted

even the 3d seem softer

hopi friends comments/inputs begins to make clear

then read into far east texts which share same experience

speak to those with knowledge of it

there is a deeper field which co-exists with all there is

4d it is many names - the great mystery 

we call it compassion


"it an energy which flows 

a dimension deeper within the ocean

- wuchi"

- dr dean tsai

3d the densely arrayed luminosity

ceaselessly reflection of the 4d/5d etc.

if we all create a center less net - trinity linked

then that triple circle is strong both ways

and can last forever


 do best to preserve it

joy is joy

it not matter if in dream or real

there never enough

and it transcends dimension barriers

if we can create more 

we create more


Then there are diversified nirmanakayas,

Things contrived or else occurring naturally.

Sculptures, paintings, temples, mansions, groves,

Cities in the wilderness that wondrously appear,

Lotuses and trees of miracles, wish-fulfilling gems;

Ferries, bridges, carriages, food, clothing, and the rest—

All that may appear in form inanimate.


There are also animate o

- jigme lingpa

in our script

chewpiland  1850 b.c. is such place

a land which appears to those guided in

looks like any world

yet its 5d presence is compassion

like people roots got intertwined

even if they branch out different tree

view it as an inner world which appears more real upon reflection

yet it still here

upon reflection


"it like shifting from one dream to another

everything temporary

what important is there guides to show way"

if we didnt dedicate the time/effort to study/write of trinity emptiness this past few years ...

"much would been lost"

possess/know only what needed


in the script

this person returns to earth

maybe after 100 years


his home is still there

preserved by those who believes in his return

at chewpiland also lives same style  home 

one of  the guardians of the dark world


residing at home village 

once home in chewpiland

he will ready the ripe time / helpers

for return

​time moves differently

in 1850 b.c.

100 years in 21st century is not same here

and people 3d display dont have to change much


their social ways more similar to hippies and buddhists 

disciplined and self aware yet wild

forms may be different origin ...

feelings /intent what matters

let it be a great memory


like in a simulation

maybe meet friends of old

maybe participate 

maybe not

"if not

they will understand"


hong jun is what i call him

he is beyond the universe

taught us the trinity emptiness (black hole) did our teacher/creator

you also a good friend/student of him

yet you not know who he is

- master hu

this being beyond formless

beyond trinity

- mel

the original programmer not definable 

trinity emptiness



 the dissolution of nimanakaya into sambhogakaya

47 when time for guiding beings is past, the form body of such teacher dissolves into ultimate expanse ...this means ... all the appearances of nirmanakaya, from those perceived by beings ... dissolves into ... akanishtha .... expanse of sambkogakaya self exclusive experience. They become inseparable from it and are no longer perceivable"

jigme lingpa commentary by kangyur rinpoche

in script

if such line did cross

if it writer

someone close may tell him

"you can retire

who is reading your writings now ?"

the guide may first appear as familiar image 

they can see you

but they cant see you

we are in this world and know how to stay

this deep ocean

they surface

beyond the three worlds

so it like going and no going

nothing changes yet all moving

it like train station

the track no more

yet you keep going 


waiting for us to resurface


"this the base of the outer

no need to be attached

this world is limited

that world is unlimited

you begin to see your other selves


deepening of compassion

clear light

outer into expanse of inner illumination

not perceivable to outer


deeper into the ocean

further the surface 

not perceivable


"the mind stops

the kayas appear"


they from a different station from us

i can see the end of it

but not how it gets there


it a relief knowing him in control

- writer

you can relax now

- tour guide


they can shapeshift into under 5'10"

and/or over

male and/or female

can shapeshift as 

e.g. kelley the barista

then later as mac the barista

and/or both same time

be invisible as physical body

visible as energy body

nirmanakaya can be anything 

​they transform as we do


the light/darkness

triple world

it all same compassion

self exclusive experience is like insight perceiving all as inner movement

one is not different  from one's inner movement

outer luminosity gathered back into inner luminosity ?

there "expanse of inner luminosity" 

 densely array

no inner/outer difference

maybe that the hidden world

"to die but not perish is to be eternally present"

- tao te ching


like spirited away movie

enter spiritual world where there land sky

there infinite creations of worlds parallel

at a world

train takes to center/edge of it

the ocean/edge of black hole/ultimate expanse

where no more tracks

there the gate to the other dimension

some just sit  and watch as train moves

some do what they can with the time have at each layer of station

like returning to 21st century

they enter 1850 b.c. village

people may and/or not look different

but possibilities are very different


writing theme more about arriving than departing

saying hello than good bye

returning home than going there

this be train taipei back to taichung

if going walpi from winslow station

we are inside hopiland


they way ahead in tech

thousands of years

so they have this ancestor simulation

used to study/improve past history

1850 b.c. village

this one asian culture

where hong jun lives

he the "one ruler"  ; the oldest wisest

the teacher of lao tzu

writer one of trusted assistants


in immigrating to another parallel world

not only name and identity

everything else

can change

there places like middle station

which they shift /adjust energy body and mindset to get ready


train stopped

it here

not there

different energy/physical body

same essence


this script/world


the body is a simulation

but not the person

form body 

formless body

that the best middle

freely enter/exit form/formless 

that why there no higher/lower


reached destination

we can wander around some 


like taiwan to seattle 

there jetlag

part taiwan part seattle

if inside that taiwan 

it fading from the destination

yet here


our job is to map to the gate

easiest most fun way

to cross/enter it

that between you and the being

we are just guides

along this long and winding road


am when body awake but mind asleep

​then mind wakes and becomes morning and body

​- that the inner hologram's outer universe

(why mind call it my property that car this day but birds dont do that - that inner hologram outer universe)

​that deeper stillness we all experience

​is the limitless expanse of compassion

that before there an inner world

there an outer world

(without the inner hologram's outer world ; the real outer world is still here)


something ends 

something begins

07 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

1850 b.c.

the part that jet lag/old world memory residual

they created simulation to  this journey

at the edge of return they can still remember fondly the love ones of past world

so they can return anytime to enjoy this journey with the writer


they enter at point where writer writes they enter

old ways fade and new ways begin

dense array adorn without center/periphery

they can become intimate and wild like hippies

always joking/laughing 

the energy is intermingled/androgynous so it younger and regenerative


they can enter replicated body and/or return to pure formless energy

the world transforms as we shift

self- exclusive experience yet  there a common ground

"they can all see eachother"

it own world yet they same being 

paradox world

"dragon snakes etc. there are

but they do not harm and is intelligent"

- master hu


"this world ... it'll just vanish

- russ

"i can see it but they cant

it the world we from


you and i  are from a different stop from them

- kianna

now, you are right in middle of two

frank visit

it was teamwork

"if i walk away from all this

you best to take over management of writings"

- john


- frank nods

- maybe one go with mic distant island/mountain

keep the house for our return

share with family


"this world ... it'll just vanish

- russ

"i can see it but they cant

it the world we from


you and i  are from a different stop from them

- kianna

now, you are right in middle of two


 net/com/asia the outer illumination the common field

chewpi studio the inner realm

- chewpiland productions




outer many watching

pvf maybe 300

chewpi studio 

 not many inside

some visitors 


in script

inner  energy is non binary

even and fluid

outer shifts with inner

so potential it is limitless

just takes time/insight


that energy is wuchi

stainless the white island

"i dont want to know what i dont need to know"

"yea, ignorance is bliss"

- phil


in script

"you simply disappeared from the canyon ...

they took you on a journey into their home world"


"who ?"


"your friends at walpi"

"when do i arrive ?"

"when you and mic next meet

"where ?"

"soon ...

her she may just appear ..."

then what happens 

then they will take you home

to a whole new world

the one you already begin to remember

she took care of me - living at home 

i never did much in term of success

never had chance to thank them

this time last year

it remains incomplete ...

"we understand your sincerity"

- tour guide

my time with you also good memory

thanks for your help/comfort

- john


after frank visit

it a feeling of real completion

"yea, you left that world

they didnt leave you"


"we understand your sincerity"

- tour guide

if you choose not to participate

we completely understand and support

if you come

we all be happy to see you

- frank

in a way

it same frank, the sincerity and dutiful

we have silent understanding

and that all i needed to hear


he also looks to

family/friends of that old world

should he be confused - get too attached

how if they knew the situation

would want him to do ?


if apparition gets too possessive

the old world may say that not same person 

- to move on w/o inner duties

in that way it also helps them let go from that world

​home villagers would appear

​​in different forms yet same content

different beings yet same form 


​to let you know it home 

​need to first make adjustment

like if you say good bye to frank

21st century

zhu ren bong would re-appear

from zhong xiao


like moon occluding

when time to re-appear

for the benefit of those who may benefit by it


this past of our team

will emerge again ...


imagine a dreamlike/parallel  state

people inside only look same

they can act very nice/similar

but they not same friends

after awhile

you  know more of them

some may develop into friends

some not

if they do not

either they change or the past same friend would tell you to stay distant


if you my real friends/family

20/40 years ago and today

and you know the situation

what would you do/advise ? 

 trust your feelings 

cant imitate real love/friendhsip

you were born but yet to die

- master hu

you simply disappeared from the canyon


like going from dream to dream

- mei

i enter the world of compassion

this has been journey of deepening into compassion


similar movie 6th sense

​he didnt know at first

​difference with that movie is that ...

​​people he meets here all look / act same

​after some time

​he begins to notice the differences

​and also of his own abilities

he is stranger in a stranger land

come cross many teachers/ teachings

that led closer to the center

they seem to just appear

like how jigme lingpa describes them

the dakinis layer 

the friends meet along way

guides/helpers appearing from the destination

some call them dieties


that he didnt die

but faded/taken to that world

like reflection of  moon disappearing

deepening into dark ocean

from his view

that world faded from him but still there

the guides offer feeling of comfort

and assurance that they be waiting at home

at the center of the universe


it just  yourself within this experience

others may enter


"you left that world ; they didnt leave you"

"so this not your final stop

there another place you going to"


in funny way

i feel like inside a wedding

and this temporary rest

like entering into one

they all waiting


 dont need to know what dont need to know

 one trusts compassion

the being behind it is pvf

dont even know who ...

ignorance is bliss


one gets feeling after this

 inner/outer world

(the outer illumination )

a whole new world


you two born the same

 maybe i've seen the chapel ?


it in wa or ca ?


"wa ..."


writer's reflections

like we talk to ourselves this time last year

we tell him to keep going

dont look back

trust only your own future


in that way he knew last year that ...

"it been two months since hopi visit

it good time to reflect

before this

we tell him to just write and not look back

that seems a turning point


he knew what was coming and so stayed to himself

waiting for ripe time 

it two years since last return

dont know what happened

just that upon driving out hopiland

and after two months

it the first feeling which has endured


it was satisfaction to both sides

it a timeless state 

self sufficient and enduring

we thank him

john j chu"

-  aug 2018


if future to talk to us this summer

at this junction

we migrate

new world/new body

new home

we not alone


what feel is real/same

e.g. power of beauty

what see - even in mirror - may be different


transition time dont matter because new world

people within no need get attached because they not them

go with flow of joy


the news may and/or may not be ;

distance but change of memory present

1850 b.c.

"they laid back and easy"

- hu

like walking into cedar mesa but not  seeing the villagers

but only the virtual reality of past

 long gone

the ancients are here

chewpiland welcomes us home



make story simple

chu invited by star beings to visit their land

he left minimum burden before leaving

when next return

time moves differently

this place/environment

he would make stop so long the friends are here 


there no relationship between you and dr hu of 20 years ago ?


when we met 

you may be old friend but also stranger in disguise ?



so ... that same for everyone ?

that would un burden the past

set one free of it

one can go where need to go

and we can remain friends

and if they still like to see one as family/friends

one would glad to have them


our own future would say

seek out the wise

but trust only your own future


stay with it

if it was frank who in my situation

strangers in strange land

i tell him to take no issue with how that john may feel - if they help/comfort you - great. but dont let the memory slow you down. keep going

the power of intelligence

the air nation

to decode the old program

the power of beauty

the water nation

 to purify the root


the power of abundance


the fire nation 

to protect/ remove inner obstacles




the power of silence

the earth nation 

 to deepen/anchor within root

stay with it

if it was frank who in my situation

strangers in strange land

i tell him to take no issue with how that john may feel - if they help/comfort you - great. but dont let the memory slow you down. keep going

that what old family would say

keep going dont look back


in script 

last year

that feeling from this year 

tells him go certain places

it gives that feeling of support

so if there a scenario

where 80th b-day family reunion


but future yet to give feeling ...


what would you do ?

one day at a time

each day may be  shifting as fast as ours

we making progress


to show intention we need not be there

to gather family we need not make journey

they will guide you

the future


"that even if they see same outer

it not same people they knew

but if they were to talk to someone inside hologram

the same person in old world may feel them

that feeling/connection remains real"

- 2018 chewpi studio

we(they)  know your sincerity

- tour guide

trust your feelings day to day

like the horse

just let it be


what i learned from my dad

the silent fearless/independence

and the taiwan oldies

the joy you feel listening to it

the same joy he feels

we felt listening 

"yes, they have all moved on"

- frank

(the past world)

"thanks, that what i need to hear"



"thank you for all the help and support

these past years

no one can replace original

but your sincerity is felt"

- writer

"she did her best"

- the LA tour guide

"we thank you for sharing freely the ancient lineage

guiding the trackless path"

- john chu

"this just stop along the train station"

- ting hu

the ancient taoist sage smiles

writer bows with honor and respect



that may be what frank wanted to say

that it not really make difference to that past

"they have all passed on"​

there inner/outer family

inner family feels near

outer family feels not them

after awhile

one see their inner a different person

and they do not disagree

share more they not


like spirited away ending she asked which one of pigs are her parents

she says none and was released

  the old outer world is not here in this new outer world 

dont let masks fool 

let go adventitious

preserve the memory/frienship


lesson here

it compassion which shift perception 

once one sees it as how he would help his brother(s)

then the perception of it gives the answer

and with it also resolution


i tell frank/jim if they see that john

look to him the same way i would 

and if some have already passed on in that world ; then it best to first have the understanding in this world



kelley and master hu

aj the big brother dominic

kelley is like mickey

ireland like susie

lewis is who me

but ... there just one ?

so if he had wanted to marry

mickey and/or dominic

there be two shapeshifter ?

or just one ?

when korey/calvin told us that hopis he saw were all one being

they themselves are of that being ?

new family and neighbors by extension also dominic ?

that why massauw rules


in script

if they all of one being

that the "people" of this world

do they appear same when not here ?

if not

what they appear as usually ?

or none at all  ?

because it one being


what about the place 

is it just one being too ?

like dream/simulation appear only when experienced

and events ? such that if they to gather as e.g. class reunion in LA

did it happen if we not there ?

just present moment memory we see ?


a shift of perception can change things


in script

"they can also be invisible"

- kianna

 still here ...

right next to us

silently guiding


 outer sees inner


emptiness and/or passion creates the beauty energy

this what we learn from the divas

it also our weak circle

w/o passion - dullness

w/o emptiness - desire

writer bows with honor and respect


in script

if dream then people are same reflection as own

if simulation

people can be replaced by a mind


when own parent knows buddhism more than writer

you know a buddhasatva present


- that  they dont exist that way ?

so the social/political system also is different than before ?


people talk to 

after ward may feels like a different image (person) there 

- that they dont look same outside the meeting ?

- that there is a field/world far bigger than the one here ?

and it not same one as before 


simulation is an inner movement


so the new people/system 

replacing the old people / system

how they different ?


this world is not the first time we shifted into new reality

not the second

it just we didnt notice the difference before

each time people also replaced/new


there one that brought you up and one who took care of you after graduation

- la lady


this triple body world

people can be places at same time

everyone is gender fluid 

it the adjustment to make 


age is just representation of present moment

it same vitality as their prime

even at 20 50 80 and/or 110

the closer to center

the less important is the outer image

- la lady

 they are more formless than form ; they not even the image one has past of them


all we see is simulated

including own body

it the ones with spirit that is different

- padma

walpi 2016 after vegas

there this sleeping cot

same as one i got at REI this week

remember sleeping there that night 

maybe that when they took us in ?

joking about marrying hopi woman

and if now wake

there be mickey 

and we in different world


our physical body is a replication of our energy body


and what/whoever simulate us is same energy at the source

 subject/object same


in script

like duplicating this webpage

we see same image​

this world not that world

difference is that the inner past let go

new start

begins new way to perceive this world



new planet

there earth village

simulations/replicants of past 

saving the memory before they fade

honoring the past

they can return to anytime

the less they know it simulation the better yet also not to take it too seriously

the love/joy is preserved


people who knew him

knows he has side

if there way

even if 99.99999 percent exit ...

they have to get past guardians first ...

that part of john chu is there

he helping us


those who knew her

knows she has side

if there way

even if  99.99999 % all leave him ...

at end of the game

she still there/here


book reading is that we read into same book

but we each not have the energy/strength of three circles

but united when we enter together

we can get to the base camp

from there

maybe they read messages to us ...

so one remains very focused/quiet


that his job now 

that little spark (dark) within dark (light) 

we can all feel - but cant see

so a self exclusive environment within compassion

what he really seek is knowledge

and that we are receiving/sharing


as for the ...

either  find someone to share the load or keep complaining to no body


like bottomless ocean

keeps sinking until it find its place 

that aligns with its quality

then it floats 

only people/beings with this depth of compassion reach this depth

light inside abyss


if we enter simulation

the body is new/empty

there is no age

just appearance 

what difference between body and simulation body ?


empty body extra sensitive

-  dr. who


3/10 wants in

3/10 wants out

3/10 dont care

1/10 help conditions of future


"there those who enjoys this place

they stay on "

the replicants cannot speak the real

 they  acting from this machine generated base

this empty body state is joy

the other state with real body ...(not as easy)

- dr who


25 century

humanity doing well

they look to turning point history

where chaos on rise

end 20/ early 21 century


cinema means different

it also used to transform past

quantum physics they everyday knowledge/usage

so those us can link to field 

18th/21st century

they also there 25th century


simulation game very advanced here

the fong chi pagoda

at the top of it ...

directed/written by john chu

his only film as actor

it was made in early 21st century

now simulated 5d in 25th century

when someone says

he wants to eat your food for free 

it is a euphemism

family not need to pay

the first/last hopi

strong female yet caring male

nurturing peaceful and strong

her circle / family

the original hopis

original angel

in our script

hopiland is micro/macro

she disappeared and power usurped 

patriarchy circle

the result is chaos and distrust 

at center of universe

they wait her/his return

along with her family

we begin the story here

dominic is no woman

but he is twice the woman than i

dominic is no man

but she is twice stronger than me

she lifted the entire desk by himself into the house

- three pieces

his influence made one stronger

her influence made one softer

the essence of death hunter is him

who the writer ?


that why so easy

in a simulation

the body is new / not born past

there is no past age

just appearance present


​there point where one knows it​

there point where one accept it​

that old world ; all the people

are past​

what see is not what it was

takes about a year to sink in


now we let past go​

to make new friends 

 of kindred spirit

to hang out

and this place be good

​a girlfriend be nice

it like immigrating taiwan to tacoma

people are like space beings to him

so new friends here will also be different 


if mic was in town in different form

i would insist he lives here



train stations

people get/off

maybe ones you meet here

you meet at destination

some wake up inside train/ship

some remains asleep

- la lady

"you mean i may not see you once there ? then i be all alone ..."


"yes, you must learn to fit in 

 be happy and make new friends"


like passenger movie

120 years inside stasis to new planet

inside dream/simulation

they interact with passengers

if someone old world think of them

they may see them in dream

 old world passes 

and for those who treasure old 

it the most difficult part of journey

he not care what ahead

just want to send compassion to past


few years back mark valentine called out of  blue

that he had a vision

wwii clouds ... 

and that there a being who is buddha lao tzu etc. etc.


he a star being

monka from sirius

always wanted to go home



maybe john chu waking up

train ready to disembark ?