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one can't compromise the writings

but writer can now do side work writings to supplement his income

and stay independent

​he not ask much

just honest people to work /share with






the little circle not move with the sun

this is shifting very fast

the personal writer can accept anything

but the project has cut from past

it owes only writer

they had their meetings with the little circle

didn't really understood until it even not want it from writer even if he earn/finds it

- it not his task and they  not want to burden the writer no more


it owes only the writer of past

and he has already let them go

the PVF project also  free to stay/leave

the writer of future has no say in this

he is asked to send compassion from future

that how powerful the presence is

in 2017













writer only one who can change own past writing

adding/replacing the deserving/ deceptive

the future always moving it is

integrity is the way of this future

for those who already up on chewpi credits

their future need not outscore the past

the over credit will help

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

the couple of the year

I have this old watch

it broke some time ago

final gift from maternal grandma 


as kid

i would wear shoe until there hole

grandma take me to fifth market buy new shoe

zhu ren zhang would hop up down back home 

she also leave a few bucks in drawer

so me and frank eat noodle 

$3 NT then = 8 cents US

beef soup noodle (no beef) is 5 NT

remember once frank want to try it but i argued with him because it too expensive

there joy in keeping it simple

the old generation helping the new generation

the young helping the grandma

no one requires anything

that the ancients way

and it still here

why ?

because it win win

abugee wrote the poem in 1998

he also a good writer

and only one in family suited for politics

be an outstanding candidate for  US senator from CA

 jim j chu


 maybe the first pair of eagles simply emerged from pure space (energy)

that they were/are born into the world by its creator

writer's family always here

linked to this home

they the reason writer not need to compromise

he can wait for the conditions to ripe

writer can use all the outer help


neighbors offering more than they need to

yet asking all to get out of inner way

give us a chance

and the road will open of itself

it the results

northwest elevating all others

they no longer need the teachings

but still welcome it

zhong xiao

1975 class

where are they now ?


everyone wants a different way of perceiving own history

we going to first make up stories of  them as classmates

then we make up where they are now



over loyalty  also has its benefits

- friendship

they may lose something but then something else may come not expect

vice versa

it the sincerity/intent

it faith in that dimension where these values attract our future link

so it not about following person idea etc.

but staying link to what matters

for example

xiang fei

a certain classmate she lives near the old school and runs a family ramen restaurant

but we gonna say she is a movie star in taiwan

a local celebrity

she is not a kung fu teacher

but we gonna say she is - tai chi

and has dated jackie chan and jay chou

she want be remember as her favorite actress look alike 

shift of perception


to go deeper

at time he distant from old circles

yet it same loyalty


chewpi travel


the chewpi bontsai society gather monthly

bontsai gardens they visit

models many in front the opulent plants

there outer/inner system

the outer system has no rules on how long the energy can remain

it has no rule if 100 year old need be same as 50

the outer is neutral as energy is neutral

but the inner system has a program

and the outer system  created to reinforce it 


writer simply following advise to stay distant from that inner system

this is ancient knowledge simply reinforced by our outstanding staff


every culture ancient believe/know people who live long

very long

they all have inner system which accommodate their outer body


if you in school and feel peer pressure  to conform to their inner body image

then likely you want look like them when they 100

family circle link beyond time

the root is their common bond

it the feeling no one need explain

nor it need word


*everyone has inner kid circle

everyone has inner programmed circle

they may call it adult / mature

but that just what they call it

i call it false program if it not of benefit"


happiness when our inner kid is happy"

"if we listen to  our inner kid

our chi flows more"


on 1 - 10

if inner density is 3 and outer 7


inner 4 outer 6

same inner/outer

but different field

that tai chi field


the goal of tai chi is immortality

in last twenty years

i have not had a cold

-  ben

age near 70

tai chi teacher des moines

that it is possible for human ordinary to regenerate their cells


it is a science which long the taoist have practiced

the art of attaining the elixior

nectar of purification /golden essence

and immortals exist today

this gives hope to humanity 

"modern dancing can be tai chi"

"you know 

when the body and muscle obey"

(one with source of chi)

- tai chi master ben

the middle world

honey what party ?

it bar inside dragon gate inn

this circle entering 21st century


zhong xiao clan




there practice they advise go to


sit there just watch

eat vegetarian

drink only coffee/water

after few months

they notice you

then it time to go

- lao wan tong


the reverse i ching trilogy

has become writer's inner world

we first to experience the effect


- it easier to get younger when 40 than 20


there is inner world

there is outer world

unless you jennifer aniston

people like tai chi ben 70

can tell others he 50's


their inner is a world where they dont follow the same circle



sole panacea means resolve at the root

- micro/macro

begins at the root

- maybe someone no get along gradually get along but they no know why and issue no issue or even gratitude

and they never had to confront it

what they in common

 the stronger third wheel


but they had first show you the effect

or why would anyone believe it can gradually be closer to our world ?


at this taichi ben age they all look same

but some can be acting and/or over 100 year old

if they simply shift energy

stronger mid wheel

they get younger

the 80's begins to look 70's

that inner movement of energy

got nothing to do with how old they are




"Throughout the body, the I (mind) relies on the shen (spirit), not on the chi (breath).
If it relied on the chi, it would become stagnant.
If there is chi, there is no li (force)
If there is no chi, there is pure steel."

tai chi classic

writer knows little but write what comes

one circle pushes force

the other create middle circle to yield

like drawing a bow

accumulating chi without the original circle being moved etc.

"it physics

eventually one side has to give

it takes patience"

- tai chi ben


if force enters clockwise

the opponent either fight it with force

or go counter clockwise

but if a middle can be created

possible for the middle go counter clock 

against their seemingly clockwise

while the original circle remains still

watching the counter clockwise

and/or go reverse to counterbalance the middle



fong chi all stars


not all the stars

made it first try

they were not respected for their humor until the recognition of the all star game

it not because they are more funny than before

their level of humor has always been same

but it is because people didnt know they were that funny before they were selected to the all star fong chi team


frank chu was not picked first team comedy

during his first season in fong chi league

"they didnt know i was funny"

- frank chu

"are you as funny now as then  ?"


"i believe so ..."

- frank 

bellevue square

this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of

william su debut of 

"zamo ni ga wa lua"

(woman you and me hot)

the crowd gather 

but not all are there to hear william sing the classic

because this is 2019 bellevue


dr dean tsai and wife gao were there

he also 90's taiwan celebrities

taiwan country oldies

"honeymoon not same without you"




"the outer is like movie screen

the chi changes the dna

that why sickness cannot enter"

- tai chi ben

"so it a link to another ... field?

that people shifts into during meditation etc. ?"


"yes, you can call it a field

the guide is needed to open the door

after that it is easy"

- tai chi ben


energy with intelligence

the power of intelligence

that we can have smarter energy




there medicine for physical (outer) body

there medicine for energy body (5d)

modern time

we have outstanding outer (3d)

but little/fading of knowledge of energy body (5d)

without energy there no body

body reflect quality of energy

it the root

the energy body not subject to (4d) age

it can get stronger as 3d keeps reflecting the energy


whether our energy body gets stronger relative to yesterday is not subject to 4d time / age

even if 80

 the root can get stronger day by day

month by month

year by year

what happens then to the outer ?




there less we can do 3d

if 5d is the imbalance

it will keep reflecting the energy

if 5d sustained (like hopis)

there less of 3d to worry about

perhaps much less

if inner balanced it is balanced

there nothing more

"this is happening because we are holding it down

- preston/colleen"

20170325 #1_170325_0026.jpg

chewpi culture center

writer sends birthday greeting to friends/relatives

"you are truly an outstanding person. outstanding"


it like "hey you look younger"

you see outstanding in others

they will see it in you

they will agree and smile and wont ask why

and it always win win

the i ching is 4d language of the 5d

but its trinary  knowledge is lost

- dr dean tsai

under false programming

4d believes it to be the 3d flow

yet it not believe the opposite

within compassion

4d aligns with 5d/3d

bring them closer



wu wei is the void

wu - chi the energy of void

they same

this the dimension before tai chi

the dance of yin/yang

the entire is the tao

- tai chi ben

i ching is the study of the  chi

- taichi ben

the quality of your energy 

you know it is fine this day

we can just look at you

age 70 you say

but  that got nothing to do with your quality of energy

it is very rooted and stronger than last year"


"each day is new"

- ben chi smiles


yin and yang

​diamond is denser than this cup

​and this cup more dense than the water

​and so

​water is less dense than the cup

​the binary is always present


that is tai chi

the dance of polarity energy

- ben chi​​


that very taoist

ben chi should be perceived as wuchi teacher

not just taichi

the missing third corner of  tai chi



it energy of different quality

but it hard work

taken 30-40 years 


- ben chi

"yes, that where we all like be in 30-40 years"


"so it not accumulating chi

once wuchi ?"​

"enhancing its quality

may be a better term

chi is everywhere"


it busy morning at the chicken academy

​somewhere in the hustle and bustle

​an ancient tradition is revived


kelley the barista today

"much appreciated is thy to thee "

- a customer from portland

the customers nod in agreement


the hopi chi



there a spirit which one links to

it hopi in nature

it the impersonal

it like katchinas

sometimes it is with writer when he is in alignment and has the energy

as middle circle is there the way writer has middle with relatives/friends

because writer has skills

it allows access to energy 

it the hopi inner world

and it the result 

that reflects more energy to the outer than other empty 

"it is all empty here"

- hopi tells writer at walpi

feeling one gets when in ceremony

there one being / flow within katchinas

they dance for hours giving out energy

then when break time comes

- personal rest on floor 

then when dance time come

they get even stronger into night

inside kiva

impersonal energy got stronger

and they been dancing since morning

they known it since young

so it easy happy feeling

clowns plays their role

and three circles in one harmony

how to replicate it in 21st century city ?

we are beginning to open a bridge

simply shifting our 4d language

same code (english)

different flow (two way)

and it is having an effect

on creativity ...?

intelligence elevated


we are beginning to open a bridge

simply nurture our 5d power

same elements

 different quality of power

and it is having an effect

 stronger chi 5d ...?

chi of compassion

vitality strengthened


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

Albert Einstein

​time a habit of perception

time moving faster because in our case

​we are getting younger

- kevin


wuchi not change (non binary)

but the form it creates changes

- dr dean tsai

if wuchi  energy cannot cease

then the forms from it just changes

if bored

want to not bore for oneself


want to take on feeling and help others

the effect are different

- master mei


if want liberation

want to leave the ocean of drifting


just want to help others liberate

then they live within different worlds

if you are lost then who is found ?

you just reminisce the old times and people

- mei

the black hole is deeper than emptiness

it is the emptiness of the emptiness

"three taste empty"

it is very full "

-master hu

the lens of compassion

from energy 

it is all consciousness (inner movement) 

from body

it is all energy


if looking from inside

it not a void

these being can see/speak from inside

for us looking from outside

wuchi means non-energy

beyond the forms

then there the void

"wuchi is before linking into forms

then tai chi  appears"

- tai chi ben

if we 80 look middle age

we think it good

but if this world they live 200

then they think not

so it not about numbers


"take a deep breath in ...

enter this posture

when you want to laugh

it called "no laugh" 

it will help neutralize our urge to laugh

- fong chi instructor


the legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

20th century fong chi culture

"the year is 1975

the singer is teresa teng

place : zhong xiao ..."

- voice

starring shi wei chu

as principal chu

sho mei chu as grandma chu

frank chu as shi wei chu

mindy wei as sho mei chu


emily chu as actress bridget lin

jason chu as dr dean tsai 

bing is the second most famous romance writer behind chong yao


when chiang visits

they better be ready to not laugh

july 20

scene 7

south bay

japanese restaurant

japanese tourists

"action !" - director

"my music teacher is a student of the great  takomono sato ..."

- emily speaks with confidence

"who is takomono sato ...?"

- local asks

"you must not be a flute musician from colloquial japan ..."

- jason

sits next, speaks studiously

"he is but one of the most famous musician of 18th century japan ..."

- bing

the customer speaks so inspired

customers  all nod


shi wei chu

birthday is july 20, 1939

like ...

if there a party in past world

and one couldn't be there

that way

then best way to simulate it is this way

it like passing on

everyone is past

yet some remains link

they all wish you best

dont look back 


keep going

share your joy

taiwan and/or compassion and/or china


knowing him

not care of the attention b day

july 20

but to make tribute/gift

he would want us to speak for taiwan

 debate international audience

on the taiwan issue

like ex girlfriend

cant just insist it

they do/say what they do/say

but there has be persuasive basis

for the world to agree

if this your own land

you speak up for it too 



even if none of it here today

but we can send reinforcement to that time/place


dont let masks fool 

let go adventitious

preserve the memory/frienship


lesson here

it compassion which shift perception 

once one sees it as how he would help his brother(s)

then the perception of it gives the answer

and with it also resolution



i ching seminar with ben chi

- the art lost

it now can only go one way

(only symbols original

the words/commentaries are those of "experts/sages")

no one has authority on translating/describing the symbols

it the ones which acquire result from it who can say they understand its meaning

e.g. ben chi

- there inner/outer hexagrams (64 hexagrams of tai chi)

language ancient used to describe universe


" inner hexagrams (8 trigrams) the language of wu chi

- ben chi


- wuchi is non binary energy


"it can go clockwise/counter clock

up/down ; down/up ( etc.)

ancients discovered it because it can heal (at root)"

- ben chi

- i ching used by quantum physicists because the potential / flexibility allows for the description

- our task to de-code / re translate that language so it can flow reverse

- the art of it lost but not gone

maybe revitalized by modern science

and ben chi


64 hexagrams dont work in wuchi world

​that not language here

​it the eight inner trigrams

​- dr dean tsai

quantum science can measure its effect

and conclude its existence

but cannot see nor measure it

- e.g. the black hole

​- but it may be many times bigger than our galaxy miky way

" wuwei is the potentiality of it

so it the quantum field


it is the (buddha) mind


the chi it with is wuchi


they same


from wuchi manifest tai chi

and the 64 hexagrams


tai chi / wu chi / wu wei

only if link is lost (trikaya)

then it is ignorance (samsara)

- ben chi

the enire thing/movement is the tao

from wuwei

(the next movement)

it cannot be predicted

(that we can influence it)

the cause/effect different

- ben chi

tai chi which just moves


​tai chi linked to wuchi


​tai chi linked to wuwei

"that (movement within) meditation"

- ben chi



zhong xiao 1975

is world pg - 13

they speak same language

everything intermingled into one language​


modern pop star

singing taiwan oldies

tonight show of taiwan 1975

 hired actors ready to cheer and/or cry 

legendary kung fu novel


zhong xiao baxian

the 8 zhong xiao immortals​

pg - 13

the year ... 1994​​

group friends  dinner

several zhong xiao classmates

and william su

​eastside restaurant

owned by kai  -starring jay chou


"gather the alishan circle

we make film

it'll be different and it'll have worldwide base"

- zhu ren zhang

"teng now famous director

but can he overlook the old feud with mr lin over xiang fei ?"

- table chen

that was in 1975

twenty years ago 

you think they be over that by now​

- zhu ren zhang

"yes ..."

nods do classmates


xiang fei was the one ... we made fun of 

quiet and shy (chen jia xiang)

yet far from being bitter

we feel nothing but love from her

"we should all  apologize to her"

- kai and teng

she shows up classmates reunions and we feel her fondness for past 

- want all us to stay together

in that way, she is very special

that 1985 summer return to taiwan

the first time back  - the happiest time


1975 忠孝
























- 阿里山旅遊指南







































是的, 很久以前



memories ?

yea there some

but we like the one we didnt remember

nor anyone could remember

until they read it here

like the memory of mr teng and mr lin singing 

they both trying to sing to xiang fei

trying to get her attention by singing louder

the song was oldie 

“i think it was 

你儂我儂 ?”

- table chen

mr teng looks on

"yea, that song

now i remember"

- patricia

i was sitting right behind them

singing along

-  051401

that on the bus to alishan

- jiang yi der

that a long time ago

- 051415


chewpiland taiwan 1975

taiwan tonight show

fong fei fei/zhu ren zhang

am coffee welcomes taichi master ben chi

seminar on wuwei

wuwei and wuchi same

present spontaneous presence

and/or eternal root of taichi

we see it we can use it

perception (wuwei) and wuchi (energy) are the same

- ben chi


forms always moving even we not move

(silent/formless taichi)

they (sages) learn how to perceive it

like fine tune

and everything in the taichi world is in balance 

- ben chi

ancient time

people lived in peace 

took for granted the value of sages

until imbalance

modern time

then they look for the presence

- oracle

how many such sages  we need ?

- ireland

one  or ten not enough

1000 be enough  ?

- writer


maybe 10,000"

- ben chi

zhu ren zhang and the tai chi world

 bow with honor and respect











- 忠孝無極功


"The valley spirit never dies;
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and Earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail."

- tao te ching

this talking about the wave

a mysterious middle (sambogakaya)

 thin veil


from here

waves/form can be separated from form/wave


the form is not the wave

wave not the form

then vision is purified


we to practice kung fu on the wave level




conventional logic/newton physics

strengthen stronger circle by strong

in the wave field

it not same


inner movement is inner kung fu

outer movement outer kung fu

at wave level

there really no inner/outer


​the wave kung fu

​it not size visibility quantity of wave

but which wave is stronger

as a wave

all then gravitates

- zhong xiao 

wuchi kung fu


the wave flute

the ones who can play it

the real flute wave

find teacher show you its use

the canyon of strange

many immortals still reside

wave/particle sphere

"it is world of yin ... the immutable ... there no free choice, in which everything is fixed 

the secret of tao is in the world of th mutable , the world of light , the realm of yang


... is to keep changes in motion in such manner that no stasis occurs and an unbroken coherence is maintained"

- i ching


at ground there two forces

"the two fundamental forces serves to explain all the phenomenon in the world

Nonetheless, there remains something that cannot be explained in terms of interaction of these forces, a final why.



This ultimate meaning of tao is the spirit, the divine, the unfathomable in it, that, which must be revered in silence"

- i ching

"this force that binds that group of energy fields together .. the most mysterious force in the universe. "


wave/particle duality not exist inside wuchi

they have inverse relationship

once circle this way

one that way

once they differentiate

it is taichi

wuchi and wuwei same

wuchi is wave/particle inseparable chi

wuwei the void/mind

- ben chi


how adjust/fine tune wuchi/wuwei ?

it a wholesome quality

 just (meditate) on it

- ben chi

so you able to see the wave/particle distinction


yea but sometimes it mixed

but once meditate

can see it

- ben chi


uncle ben lin of LA

that ben chi

one of the taoist grandmasters



quantum is one wave

compassion another wave

combined they create quantum wave which sends compassion


back in  june :

"you mean i may not see you once there ?"


so it that same feeling

each stop we say good bye


"you may see her again"

- old lady zhu


future to past

we are fine 

it had no past cares

and if future tells us we fine



happy b- day old lady zhu

we send compassion wave to them

across all times


tacoma 1984

"... the score card for the 1981 basketball championship"

- frank

"oh yea

what my stats ?"

- john

four points

2 rebounds 1 steal and a block ..."

- frank


"yes, frank chu ..."

- charles ba


"i have 5 tickets to william su concert

front row seats..."

- xian gu

wow ... how you get them ?"

- classmates

i worked as a cheering actress at the taiwan today show for them




exciting news​

famous taiwan script writer/producer

ms zhang fang pi

introduced by emily-  our pvf rep in  LA 

​she wants me to write a factual fiction/biography on william su's life and career

we thank emily

pvf fans rise to cheer


the story begins with scene 

when william first met ms hawaii taiwan 

guess who introduced them ?

yes, frank wife/then girlfriend mindy

starring emily - jason stars as frank


it covers 80-90's

and the tales of his friends 

scene :

"... she is ms hawaii taiwan 85 and 86"

- mindy 

"wow ..."

- william

​"and 87 ..."

- frank


la al born to hopi mother


raised in orient


they call him ah-fu


the character we like to insert into taiwan shows

starring dominic


the taiwan show covered 20 years

from her first meeting him

ended where she saw him again as spirit 

"your memory cannot fail you

it depends where your heart takes it"

- a thousand good nights

if i were to add a scene

at begin the end scene should flash to her

like message from her own future


when i help someone solve a problem

i am often more happy than that person

- a thousand good nights

Season 3


taoist heaven

focus more on balance/harmony

less on enlightenment/emptiness

but there many taoist also buddhist

it not a religion that way

no rules nor leaders

it the way


rainbow body and compassion


replacing/regenerating the root

dont get  pulled by second floor

seven billion world news

it like coming from bottom 

the peak of winter

the spring begins


 there is joy to the body



rainbow light/field is always here

that nature of sambogakaya

dont get too anxious

it old habit

it a caldron 


family be the first two who we open the rainbow world to

once it begins

it a new world

they are saved 

he answered our prayer

that field is not subject to the old ground

step by step

circle by circle linking in

we rise together

1975 central taiwan

1985 central taiwan

2002 cedar mesa utah


2065 hollywood california

2055 florida

2040 downtown new york

chewpiland  calendar

as outer

all yet here

as inner

which way we go ?



in script

zhong xiao made deal with holy ghost

angel sent from neighboring heaven

zhong xiao send the codes into the human world where they seek his help 

- through its network

zhong xiao made deal with john chu to what he seeks to help/protect family/friends

- zhong xiao is high tech and ask holy spirit to look after / help john chu

john chu agrees to write the message for fong chi and zhong xiao etc.

win win



three worlds
lower world - chewpiland
middle world - 21st century
upper world - zhong xiao
each own station/base

writer given tour all three worlds

he is chewey - the chief of an underworld base - chewpiland/the death hunters are the warriors
in zhong xiao - the advisor to the clown chief of the great zhong xiao kingdom - a quantum sphere

in this tale

chewey visits zhong xiao
greeted by zhu ren zhang
he is accompanied by a friend visiting from human world- john chu
the three are best friends from three different worlds
yet no one has seen them together
just always they talk of eachother visits

they remain connected no matter where each travel to


energy of compassion

ever since 2002

there an extra layer of energy

it the result

we call it compassion

it replaces/regenerates old energy

we only need to trust it

stay with it

it come from our future

an energy with a different basis

... the forces constituting the visible world are transcendental ones ... it  transcends the spatial world, but it acts upon the visible world ...

an object is spatial... but it cannot be understood without knowledge of the ... underlying it

- i ching

the world can be changed/saved only through understanding how it moves from the "underlying" field and knowing how to use it


i ching is a map of the field using images as language

but the ability to "change/influence" the images is no more

what the hopis have - awareness/seeing the ground

- has been lost in i ching culture, perhaps because ruling empires dont want such knowledge used

without it, it is used only as predictions etc. - like gazing at stars  - they may know what happening but cant do much to change it


they can see the field but dont have the language/formula to optimize it


ji gong is unique

he actually crossed the line

and then came back​

pretends to yet cross line

and still stuck in samsara

like foolish and childlike

- he carries no burdens of a buddha​


those who still stuck samsara but pretend otherwise 

- they worshipped as above

and so weak circle not   easy flow counter clockwise

the remedy for that is to cross the line and then come back​

that coming back is the most rare ...



quantum physics making the field visible

but our awareness need come from ancient cultures which still preserve it

and then ... there need be a new language and study of how to balance the field

like inner feng shui

this a long term research, but it worth the effort


wuchi and/or compassion

wu (non) chi (extreme) -  non-polar/dual energy​

it similar to dharmadatu​

wuwei is the perception of emptiness/compassion

it similar to dharmakaya

so the saying​ - wuwei er wu buwei​

"non action yet nothing is unaccomplished"

with wuwei nothing is impossible

no inner effort is necessary


if viewed from wuchi realm - birth/death is seen very different​

"As I see it, the completely unenlightened man believes there is such a thing as death and that death is tragic ...

The slightly more enlightened man believes there is an afterlife...

The next stage of enlightenment is to realize that life and death are both purely illusory; they have existence in the phenomenal but not in the noumenal world.

At a still higher stage, one realizes that all talk of life and death totally misses the mark."

- the tao is silent


if viewed from wuchi - there is no polarity and if know how to use the movements from within wuchi - anything is possible

there is no language to describe the reverse​

the wheel can only go one way

they can use it to see what to come

but not to change movements within wuchi

maybe the art was lost ?​

we not talking about magic spells

which is just using a set formula, like saying a phrase commanding a computer to react 

but not  speak/know meaning of the language


that what is unique about potential of i ching

if we have made improvement to this since 

then we all getting to know the language​

it paradoxical and multi dimensional



stay with it


"all the impure elements (earth, water and so on) both outer and inner, are spontaneously cleansed."

the william su tv show 

gathering celebrity actors

e.g. starring jay chou as kai

emily and her just about fiancee patrick

star as zhang fang pi and mr zhang fang pi

- tv show production update


taiwan folk culture

"honeymoon would not have been the same without you"

a taiwan romantic folk song 

(not to be confused with taiwan country song "honeymoon not same without you"

by dean tsai)

there a movie made of same name

- in our script

"wow... so romantic ..."

- studi audience


"the inner content contest"

there is only this day

this hour

how content can you be this next hour ?

little content (1) to very content (10)​

it an individual inner and collective team contest 

"we wake every day thankful"​

"we have no complaints"

thankful compassion is still here


taiwan 70's

you got food in belly ; roof overhead

you can be content

taiwan today

even if all that and more ...

enough never enough

people city say i need more

hopis like me for my simplicity​


there difference between speaking 3 languages fluently vs. growing up in three cultures/languages/inner movements

taiwan culture was 1/2 japanese

it was ruled by japan up to 1949

grandparents speak japanese at home ​

as inner movement - they very different

taiwan culture and language is between chinese/japanese

as for american culture - that is even more different​

beyond that, even if one learns many more languages, they be rooted in the original circles

taiwan native culture told they second class

cultures suppressed- e.g. minorities 

tend to have better inner humor


fong fei fei fans tend be child like type

many buddhists

the world of joy is within them

the pure eastern yin

writer tuned into that current 

so when listen to 70's music together

it awakens in everyone that inner  taiwan

she knows how to sing back to past because she from the timeless


lack confidence vs. confidence vs. something else


driving school student lacks confidence

after some years - have confidence

 yet to a seasoned truck driver

he/she is neither confident nor not confident

they just drive 



inner luminosity

"one begets two begets three

from three world is created"

- tao te ching

one is dharmadatu/vajrakaya/ground of compassion

the two are yin/yang

the third is dharmakaya - the mind which realizes dharmadatu - we call it compassion



 i ching and/or compassion


from ground/third body

the 64 tai chi hexagrams are all same/seen differently

just different patterns within compassion

and because of that

the outer flows within compassion



they stuck inside false inner body view of i ching

the binary  (yin./yang) has not a middle field for yin to return/yang to advance into

and the two forces not neutralized /self balanced

it like a mediator 

dharmakaya intervenes in the conflict

both sides neutralized by it



i ching is the book (ching) of the easy (i)

it has way of making things easy by knowing how to harmonize from root/inner/micro


in newton world

patterns are set ; the past is set and so  the future cannot be changed

i ching becomes a calculation of what to happen

- this not the original i ching


in quantum

everything is moving

past is now - particles not there until observed

i ching gives advise on how to move with it


wuwei wu buwei

when a situation not have solution in both polarity

we listen to fong fei fei

1850 b.c.


"when the fundamental nature of the ground  of the natural great perfection has been established, and when its extraordinary path, characterized by a total absence of deliberate action and effort, has been understood, one comes, through training, to the primordial ground as it truly is"

- treasury precious qualities 

it self purifying

"it is here that adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"

clear the root

the rest (outer luminosity) takes care itself



within wuchi (non binary)/natural state

yin and yang displace each other in harmony 

within two directions of movements

"the firm and the yielding displace each other within the eight trigrams (wuchi). Thus the firm is transformed, melts as it were, and becomes the yielding ; the yielding changes, coalesces, as it were, and becomes the firm...


there are two directions of movement, the one rightward, ascending, the other backward, descending ..."

- i ching (commentaries)


which part of the flow we are missing ?

e.g. if as inner we cant humble bc our male ego is rigid

inner not in harmony from natural flow 

that why we created nba fong chi

how to humble the easy way​


yin (yield)/yang(firm)/dharmadatu (little circles)

the yang/white melts into black through the little black circle /ground

;the yin/black coalesce into white through little white circle/emptiness

dharmadatu is more than emptiness

it the "emptiness endowed with supreme qualities (compassion)"


inner luminosity

one begets two begets three

from three world is created

- tao te ching

one is dharmadatu/vajrakaya/ground of compassion

the two are yin/yang

the third is dharmakaya - the mind which realizes dharmadatu - we call it compassion


goal of taoist body




(hundred sickness no birth)


(reverse old return young)


(heaven human merge one)


- dr dean tsai

he doctor of the skandhas body 


game plan


so say you 80 and mastered 百病不生

it a state reachable by anyone any age

the ultimate medicine


then by 85 your inner still 百病不生

- the ultimate medicine


and if keep going

by 90 返老還童

- rainbow/diamond body

by 100

the rainbow body of great transference

in which one can enter/exit as rainbow


the ultimate medicine has many levels 


the  immortals


there no over nor under population in quantum world


no inflation no deflation

no birth no sickness no aging no death

all welcome

- dominique

ms quantum hopi


congratulations to dr. emily chu md

(zhang fang pi)

we proud of her

that's her boyfriend dr. patrick

"mr zhang fang pi"  

she be working at stanford


looking forward to a wedding

mr and mrs zhang fang pi

emily/patrick engaged 6-3-23

"he is wise to ask and she wise to say yes"

- zhu tai ming

"yes ..."

- chu family



some one gonna break 4 minute mile
some culture gonna break the aging myth
why wait till one is 100 or just do it for ourself

we help them get to 90
we help them get to 100
quantum world is very profound
once crossed, we can be in all worlds 
there no over/under population

if this works
you can thank those whom we write for


it just keep transforming

the perception and possibilities 


that wave with antecedent cause vs.

this wave without antecedent cause


they both see same memory of am coffee/pm lunch


 to that wave it happened antecedently

to that wave it not happen antecedently


the sphere of compassion has outer form and inner wave

the sphere of false programming same

they share same dharmakaya



just talked to parents FaceTime

to that karma wave they are certain age and part of aging cycle etc.

so they perceive things/life certain way based on the presentation of that wave 



to compassion wave they also now part of 

their inner wave continuously  transforms into direction of optimal wave


time just means change of forms/shape/appearances - waves moving reflected into forms

the energy of compassion is same today as it was 20 years ago - it not older/younger


you just don know how it gonna happen

but can maybe see the what - e.g. 100th birthday strong chi of compassion


once merged into compassion wave


“you can throw all old ways of seeing future out the window”

- beef



abc circles

the aging wave is circle b

the inner body wave is circle b

that wave has yet to be challenged on a collective level in circle b

but maybe there now emerging

a new non body wave movement

- guardians captain


chewpoiland welcomes jason/zhu tai ming to seattle


the world of joy.the reverse world

the beings within are all very ... all knowing and magical


zhu tai ming's birthday 8-9 - he 25

chewpiland bay area rise to cheers


even if they reaches 100

this is how we will always see emily and jason

he ask how i am

"same old lake house. same old me"



the thing is ...

we havent seen them since entering canyon 02/05

and so this photo from 20 years ago also what we last remember of them

"maybe they already have children

there frank you close to there ; there frank you are friend with here"

- hu

we have a family here ; we have a family there

we wonder how they are 

and whether we see them again ...

and so whenever get a chance - 

we wish/send them joy and luck



are you certain it happened

are you certain it need be the antecedent cause ?



these are the laws of the universe


​the laws of dharmakaya


the sphere of compassion

the above video 

if we see clear from this angle

it just digital display /lights moving in present moment

there is no antecedent cause

he has a paddle not because he brought it this am

that just another movement inside his mind (4d)

like dream, the body just there

but if our mind is inside the video

then ...

so if someone can pull/shift your perception from that ... to this, what is predestined to happen in the digital display may change 

it is possible to just keep going/living yet not stuck in same world etc.

that the qualities/laws of the sphere of compassion


reverse within compassion

i ching is study of movements of patterns

- movements of inner world​

if programmed by false programming

it not optimizing its potential

the movement is present moment wave patterns and hexagrams can move/merge/change in 360 ways

there infinite ways e.g. time can move

the real masters of it would have inner movements which all patterns can harmonize with eachother with ease - then no inner imbalance takes place ​

but if we get stuck in programming of words

then nothing magical can happen

the hexagrams can only change horizontally and not transforming vertically/deeper

the inner movement becomes not deepen/spiral but instead recycling on same second floor 

the ground /dharmakaya  has e.g. 25 deeper levels​


how can we , as inner, see future as causing/influence the past

get to the point​ - how as present can we make our past younger ?



"fong chi  can traverse the inner network in reverse

without conflict with the forward flow

- it not illogical because it comical


our future, e.g. chewpiland websites viewers 8 pm

are saying to us ...
'wow ... so romantic"

- 7 :30 pm

they making us younger by doing that​

and so we as present do same to our past e.g. 7pm

when i wrote "wow so romantic"

you get point

do that to yourself in past

then your life be filled with ... a younger feeling



say you see a friend

then as inner, you say to that friend's one hour past

"wow... so romantic"


, maybe by saying to others, for no reason

"wow... that is so romantic ..."

that the future code for sending good health to their past ?


the power of intelligence

if 50, is it possible for the power of intelligence to increase when 55 ?

if 80, is it possible by 85 to have more power of intelligence ?

that power is not to do with age - an inner body phenomena 

if one has more of it ; one has more of it ​

it not necessarily "better" in that way we want/expect 

e.g. better grades etc. 

but the quality of ones intelligence 

- wit memory perception etc. 

undergoes an elevated transformation


the how we dont know

just that there is the possibility

we dont have much of it

we would need to find a teacher who has that power


the power of intelligence does not rely on outer forms/age and it has no limit / ceiling to it 

like it billion to a we million is how we feel next to this intelligence


ground zero/compassion

with out inner body as veil

there never was a beginning​

everything is just now here

what is in front

and that can all be new

return to inner zero ; "if they know it"



power of abundance

more people want help you in more ways

and/or power fo alleviate others inner suffering

are also quality of accumulation of this power


sphere of unlimited endurance vs. limited duration

different inner body sphere - different outer body

deepening of sph