Chewpi Studio

pg - 13

April 2018 to ...  June 2021          

the best word to characterize our business is 


we travel widely

always on the road even if local

meet and discuss matters of importance to people of different walk

and our websites have an international audience/market


the 2030/2020 says to 2020/2010 the future needs not they to take care

we to do whatever future allows

12-1-20 (1-31-01)


this is the middle sphere
shared inner world of new/heaven (a) and old/earth (b) 
we to first prevail inner/wave world  (a & b)

we need to get to the point

they have what we need 

what do they want from us  ?


they have tech far more advanced

- they have mastery of the atom

they can shapeshift and create simulations/visions for us to enter

- time travel

we like to learn


they can and have shown they can fix anything just like that - spontaneously and without cause/beyond distance

e.g. the physical

they know what we/writer needs

we ask for their help

to keep our circle safe and healthy 

and our foundation /support strong 


and what can we do for you ?


maybe there this pill

 that all we need ?

body gets stronger ... and stronger ...and stronger

you know what we mean

don't even need us to know for us to receive it ?

if taken it

then don't need the antidote

it can be inner trap if over rely

it just an extraneous convenience

ultimate medicine is beyond it


we only a messenger


writer only trust those the hopis trust

they have experience with them

many are also their ancestors

they not above/below us

like to see us as equals

because that way of their culture

we ask for their help

and to share knowledge

it also a burden lifted​​

we knew we cant be doing this forever

an opportunity would present itself to exit

- others will need take over​

so we done with the duty 

we can now move on ...

just to keep protecting  our own circle



we like the burden

we can do this as long as we can

if opportunity presents we go other way

so we renew the duty

the guardians stay put

we to deepen compassion to protect other circles

- the death hunters

"you have really grown john"

- steve


what would compassion do ?


future guardians have yet to exist


we today do not exist to the past of last year

same way

our future guardians not exist to us today

yet today the past of 2020 exists

as present moment memory

the same way the future we can link to exists to us as present moment feeing

e.g. your 100 birthday

"we believe it we perceive it

we perceive it we receive it"


there is only what is here

that is sambogakaya


we to trust our future

we to ask our future for help and protection


we will look back and treasure this period



late feb dream

drive car with brothers and few others

past this side of cliff where water fall fell 

thought it was to flood us but car drove between the fall and the wall

reach a place similar central oregon

motel countryside nice peaceful place

brothers want to stay but i somehow want to go back where we came from just out of being different

they just rested there in motel

- waterfall pass may be symbolic of a portal ?

like we entered different state


everything in box/hologram is vision
including own vision body/thinking mind
only awareness not belong to it

for there to be fear
there must first the inner body 
- no body

for vision to have power/effect over our body
there must first be inner body
- no body

for our body to age in vision
there also must first be an inner body
- no body


3 ways to exit vision
1. see one own's physical/simulation body
- this be a dream within dream
2. rival/conquer the 100 mega power vision source

3. see and give attention to what is beyond the vision
what it cannot be
- emptiness 

option 1 is assuming there is another dreaming body/mind
and it only takes us back to another vision - e.g. 2015
that not what we need in this vision

option 2
not easy in other worlds
but if a vision of compassion
it actually helps you - if we choose to follow its path  e.g. doing something right over protocol

in this vision
we use the challenges as way to strengthen inner kung fu/mega watt

there many levels

option 3

is to focus on that which is beyond the vision - the primordial ground

the vision needs reinforcement of the inner body image as fuel
all the apparitions within either wants to make you believe they are as real as your vision body
or want us to believe in the vision body

there are few ... who will tell you something else


maybe it not 7 million  people in one vision
but seven millionn having each own vision 
the collective experience creates their each own vision

their own choices which current to follow also dictates their vision experience
- it the people/mind they link to which creates their place

point is
if we show ourself how to rival this vision
within own vision
it will entangle others within link to us/the writing
e.g. no fear attracts no fear / guardians

the buddhas mind share same current
there is therefore a place ...
created by their collective natural light

it the same spontaneous presence they each see/experience
because it the same ground they each see


they each then have own world within the spontaneous presence
like own house/quantum hologram

it take time for newcomers
to learn to master their own sambogakaya

what other call nirmanakaya is to buddhas samboagakaya - 
- they are the inner luminosity
others in outer luminosity see the reflection of the moon in water/mirror

that natural and perpetual radiance is the ultimate medicinethat natural light is not of five elements and so the  sambogakaya/nirmanakaya which come of that light is also same

the vision path is unique to this kind of rainbow body
- so it link to tibetan culture

​like it filtering out the adventitious
a door made of light - once inside, there is no time relative to other worlds

like a ship
it the  creation of "the primordial wisdom"/visionary light / the spontaneous presence which takes us from that to the ground/home base

then the ultimate kayas/pure vision appear
- the 1850 bc ancient world
the world of joy

we are still strong

even after the storm

"deep roots are not reached by the frost"

we should  help strengthen others

- mic

hopi book club

the world needs healing

as inner


that inner storm didnt reach the hopi book club

- they have the ultimate medicine


as inner

its root energy/kiva house remains 

this house/home remains 

first see as vision then separate out the veil/inner body 

death hunters gathering

like power of abundance

there no need of it - as inner

 there only present

same way

mic no inner need of medicine

the memory body has no effect on him

the ultimate medicine

(1) peace gathering

memory in a vision need not be sequential

the difference is that in a  non sequential

- there creative ways of using them to create waves to help other worlds


problem - solution is the sequential

but if all present moment

the solution can also come before the issue in our memory 

solve the solution solve the problem

- that the reverse


johnson and chu make peace ceremony the solution

it can appear first as memory to the conflict 94

so the less big deal we make of the alliance

the less problem is the memory

you get the point

the solution is solved - there no need to have the peace accord as antidote


the future sends blessing the moment the understanding / agreement is reached

the people there same people from future

this photo is good enough for both of us
and that all it matters

just another day at nayas

another solution solved ...

we thank those there 



in script


the memory chip/memory body

sky/ground same yet perception not


in script

a world they all actors

creating fake pandemic and news

they enter to play role 


there a point 

future coming at present

just retail tax and ski masks

family/friends all  there

we to have faith in this future


(2) system within system


maybe the illusion is designed for many purposes

e.g. to gather the circle

once the gathering is dawn/begins

their focus will shift out to beyond the cocoon

and the fog/news be lifted ?

the actors reveal themselves

the illusion explained ?

"you doing taxes ...

maybe someone will just ... explain the system to you"

then the burdens no more


so maybe that all it is

just a friend to explain ?

nowhere to go

nothing to do

then a new beginning ?



the future tells us it like that

mask behind mask

mic  is our teacher

"yet we learn from eachother"

- mic

it an unique and ancient friendship

we best friends

yet mic is the source

we the ground - he the basement

we self spring light - his light

primal buddha

the very old french lady

and/or bruce lee's grandma

we want to learn their gifts


we just messengers of it

we dont claim to have awareness 

but we can bs all day


"he is very humble"

- leroy

only if hong jun appears

- hu


this where in competition we bow out

mic is clearly above

the others are distant second at best



"when heyokas been outcasted

there rise the tricksters unchecked

once heyokas return

the vampires be outcasted

- bison poop shaman

it a cycle

we at the turning point

the poop summoner

the one who can summon birds to fly over and poop

has arrived ...

- buffalo butt witch..

(3) faith in our future
faith is free
anyone can choose to have it
in 2010
we chose to believe in this future
in 2020
we chose to believe in this future
in 2030
we choose to send reinforcement to this past
don't have be a christian to believe in jesus christ
dont need agree with them
nor they with you
we only need to trust our future
and if there this friend who is jesus 
then our future he is also there with us
they our friends, ones we already know

we have a deal


(4) hidden option


this gives the chance to separate the separable

inner from outer tax

only this period is the separation more clear


it is only this time/weekend we ask the impossible 

 if there system within system

director behind director

then there is option ... ?
someone show you the way


18th century scotland

(outlander show)


what a scottish highlander in 15th century calls a donkey from britain ?


what ?

- claire

"my lord"


ha ha

where you get that joke ?


 time travelers

 bailey clan from 21st century

 told it to me last year in scotland


a joke from the future ?


they said they heard it in 21st century from  a time traveler from 15th century scotland



(5) non dual reality


your old friends

you don't know if they  shifting into other people


true friendship hard to find

mei was one of them

she is not here in this mei - who also is outstanding

but somewhere near in another ?


this a world based on a shadow

no fear has no shadow because no fear

the sun summoner summons a light which has no shadow

-the shadow is based on a lie/deception

it itself has no inherent existence - no basis

like guardians vampire its subjects

the shadow vampires the fear


ego  trying be non dual is not possible

vice versa

non dual cannot have an ego

because then there is  no ego as duality

they got nothing in common

memory body wave vs ground body wave

one is dual ; one is non dual


everyone playing their role

not suppose to tell the real

those within it have different approach to this world wide situation 

there those who are aware

there those who just moving

we not in their world

they not in ours

the airport is friendly

it is to network

- bison



mic also has own world

the mic you see her is your inner mic

your being of past

you yet to rival his potential

- la lady


(6) entrance into a new world


portal has an explanation

- 3/4/5d and/or body/pacenis just consciousness

 travel from one field of consciousness to another

the new body will take a little time to adjust

- there a field beneath consciousness - dharmadatu

where consciousness there does not need a body or no body to exist

we to clear out memory body wave first

- once step out

the new time is its own sphere

there no rules to what worlds we can assemble

-only condition is compassion

so it only portal of compassion we go through - that the pull from future 



eddie in early 90's ; madonna as wife marleen

in script 90's

eddie and marleen time travelers

they can come here to this time

as anyone here and back again

then they know the future/past 

they know about the world wide conflict

set into motion from past

they know about the coming hopi brother / people and the  two helpers/people

but nothing is certain nor set - past and/or future

it all happening now

different sphere pulling into different worlds

time travelers working to counterbalance the root 

we stay with compassion


chewpiland productions​

pg - 13​

the eternal fire

written by : john j chu



the return of the ancient one

they say he left for another world

long long ago ...

if you two look exactly same

then this is that other world


yes ... yes ...

you showed me the photo and i laughed

even our eyes look same

- old man smiles/laughs 


i am the type if you keep elevating me i try to go other way

- bud speaks shyly

ok, now we have understanding

i can write comedy for you

- john


he is yet the "hong jun"

but a person of great quality

and return of old friend


darrell/bison/steve/ivars/bud same 




His or her physical body self-liberates into a nonmaterial body of light (a Sambhogakāya) with the ability to exist and abide wherever and whenever as pointed by one's compassion.

- wikipedia

on rainbow body of great transference​

it a consciousness which not need the physical body ; suspended in a timeless middle world

able to go into any time/place 

to those looking from outside (inside duality)

they seemingly disappeared

yet to those  inside

they experience another world

a non five elemental body/world

"body shot with  rays of light"

it can be dense , yet it light so not matter

matter can't register at the source

"dharmadatu is not space

space is one of the elements"

- buddha nature

it is beyond space

they stepped out of time loop



we inside own vision within endless space​

we see own memory

like dream but only upon reflection

there other circles which can blend in

yet still we see only our inner of them

so we never alone​


if/it would return us to june 2014 ?

and/or vegas march 2015

madam voltaire

then a new future can pull us

one with madam voltaire ...?

i would then have a companion

but we had to go through this first alone

to gain the dharmakaya

she is as powerful as any

we ask her to help


family circle


they the star beings  do something for us

i do something for them

that the best exchange

we know they have been looking out after us

we are thankful 

we ask them to look after our family

here there and everywhere and time

we be more than happy to write messages and stories for you

that all one asks for

we enjoy writing for them

once our circle is anchored

we can begin the task


so in script :

madam voltaire took me out of time

we'll say it that night at grandview

into a parallel world

we also knew she be in his future


we know old world no more yet we keep send compassion, hoping it have influence for them

and to see them again


game plan


with time travel

it possible for future to intervene in any cause of an effect - e.g. overpopulation

but it will take many small steps back in time 

"time travel will save the world"


if possible,  we return to  bridge the star beings 

they want something/ they give something​

they protect us/ we give their own  reservation​

they want to be accepted


"take baby steps back in time"

- glen

it a formula that has potential


the person guide us time travel -  bus driver

"it takes few days to adjust"

the (bus driver) yet to appear to you

but soon

- bud

the (bus driver) would take us back together


we meet here outside of time - got to be friends

we  see what the future be unless changes made

writings 2016 points to three circles working together and sandra bu  -  that didnt happen

but if we to return again

maybe there now more  a potential


if future time traveled and averted this pandemic

then this world be a dream/memory

it wouldnt have happened to the future our past entered

for some, we keep the memory

and wisdom gained​

but it not register in the new future


we to help them with writing

delivering message

they allow us the access to the pathway

- the ultimate medicine

​all the obstacles we can think of are inner movements

as inner,

"really, nothing happens"




the power of silence

"do not follow (inner movement)  ... do not invite them ... 

if do not waver from natural state

all qualities of the refined sense powers are gained"​

"in great expanse of awareness - and this a great wonder - they (defilements) collapse all by themselves"

- jigme lingpa



crossing over


in script

page returns to place she entered from

when she walked out

she felt presence of ancient one and it everywhere

 ... "you entered it" was the feeling

but she didnt see anything different

yet she felt different like the entire town she sees now is not the one a minute ago

and she knows from experience visions can be new yet appears same

it the feeling

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

- mathew 18 : 3

when she returns to work next day

she sees old customer john

"you are a different john

you are the ancient one"


"yes, you will see that john again

for now i take form familiar to you"

- new customer john

she sees old employee jessica

"you are also the ancient one"

- page

"yes, and you will see her again too"

- the new jessica smiles

everything replaced except irreplaceable


"you are a new page ..."

- the new poop summoner

the one you remembered from long long ago  ?

- page smiles

she begins to remember 

she gets feeling that everything before the gate has been replaced by a new matrix

and things are about to get pvf

"what expands must first shrink"


the bus driver need take us

which he has .. central wa

"i agree with that"



hidden land


it talks about hidden land 

parallel worlds/quantum reality where some can go to receive teachings etc.

it like how we buried notes in cedar mesalotus born buried teachings within "the universal quantum hologram" - waiting for future  to reveal it

"past present future, this is the beyond three times"

dakinis are the personified forms of dark energy/matter - they have a code/language

treasure revealers are translators of dakini code


the humor may be the best representation of it

not the philosophy


my dreams of india north / parallel world / traveling there etc.


dakini land


dakinis a feminine energy/body known to few

it is dark energy /matter

it very empty very passion

the ultimate medicine

it very feminine - yet very potent

if enter ;energy replaced by it

step by step

until all is dakini 

rainbow light and/or emptiness inseparable 

it a vision ; we are empty

that the irreplaceable and why we need the preparation to enter this university


there no cause within the sphere

present memory has no pull over the dakini energy

so no memory body is like memory of taiwan in tacoma

it still there but no longer seen as the ground


we going back to help

yet we in heaven always

and/or heaven with us always

dharmakaya is now our basis

even if we try to pretend it not

compassion is superior


in script 

so this our home village/base

five with each own place/space

blended in each circle are the other four

New Beginning

time travel


chewpiland productions


2021 seattle

she time travels back to 1915 taiwan

she meets chewey

he was there for the kung fu showdown with dragon clan 

scene 2

2021 seattle

working att cafe

she meets chewey

at first she didnt know ; he wear cheap looking suit

he looks as different as she was to 1915

but when she heard the melody of the flute ...

if we return 15

union with krystal

and know that family/friends are fine

then if return again here - a vision/dream

the old need not be 

we can start over

just two of us in own world

from here

together we can change the world


rainbow body and/or compassion 

color loses differentiation when all rainbow

yet colors are there

same way compass stops working where there no direction

yet directions are there

like timeless has no time

yet there is also past/present/future


endless space - buddha realm

"The Tathagatas (Buddhas) are made from mind alone.

Retribution body --- a body of bliss, which he/she "receives" for his/her own "use" and differentiation from all other Buddha"

- online

body/place same package


memory body needs reference point as basis

to have memory there need reference point

 - second floor 

endless space needs no (such) reference point

endless space always here


without self there no others

- change tzu

within endless space

there one's own vision/dream

"made from mind alone"


The realiser of Jalus (rainbow body) resides in the 'once upon a timetime out of time, timeless eternal state that is considered a mystery.


It has no will nor desire and only remains for those who are attuned to it.



time travel (2)

in script

maybe we entered from walpi 2016 ?

and then into a deeper vision 2018






we have messages to bring back to many

return to deepen our understanding and to help past by travel there etc. - baby steps anything is possible

"for now you need to take a long break"


as for now any decisions we make we listen to future

which is 2015/16

it says to come that way and

"are you able to do nothing" 

as bud points to the reverse i ching page

he is very wise

he can time travel to our future and back to bring message

he knows what is fine and it may not be same as mainstream perception

we are protected by future which can time travel

it knows what best for us

and we now can listen to it more clear 

if we return to 15

we would just had a dream

yet what we remember we know

everyone here is there

e.g. the real frank is there

so that the right direction

once return, nothing lost

everything same yet all different

cant bring writing with us

we can recreate it 


you be her advisor

once open up the (quantum world)

they will all change

maybe in school they will begin teaching it

there be a public revelation about this future 

- bison


if you youvellas 

first thing to visualize

2015 walmart winslow

chus gifts of appreciation

shopping spree of certain value

for each passenger

you buy up to certain amount

e.g. $300

you have to spend it - no keeping change

2019 to 2021 - we fine

2021 to 2019. - we fine

the point is ...

the anchor in june 2020

defense must hold

or there no pass

the panama canal be closed one way

you get the point


the peak/bottom was june 2020

if we prevail there ; it all good

we had the new notes and new matrix 6

and new matrix 8 

but that like the eternal fire

the battle is now

this the ultimate medicine


at that showdown

many fighting it from future

but few could advance into it

what we see is future of walpi (2015)

sending us reinforcement to us here 2021

so we can send it into june 2020

from 2021 to walpi

"we dont need anything"

we send their reinforcement to that beacon

in 2019

we were receiving from future

so we can pass it to 2015 etc.

it a two way circle

and the most difficult point was june 2020

we dont know others

but this land

steve/merry and patty

protected and not backing down from it

page/mr chee also there

taking photo was likely annoying to business in june 2020 but we tell writer then he had to take a photo

- they need it

- should have taken one at several places - people not in mood for these things then and even now

but we may just take a few photos now for future to link back to


it the feeling of certainty that impress us

"i dont need it

i am saved"

- steve

that he lives in a different non dual world

he should be preaching the words

walpi the ground floor

jessica is lisa

leroy mr chee



you just go to sleep and wake up

- page

"eventually little steps everything can be changed (through time travel)

- lisa

you will anticipate it


once return

i will treat hopi friends  to vegas

time would be ... march 2015 ?


there the bus driver/people who can guide travel

there the engineers and designers who knows how to fix things - insight and wisdom

it teamwork


what excites us is we to see our real family/friends again - that we dont have to say good bye ...


we hope it be soon

or it another lonely birthday

i would really like to go back if i can

which friend willing to guide me back ?


maybe it like a coma

we just need to focus attention to way back

to walpi

the travel is not yet this 3d

but it is traveling

our 4d first get there/go that way

our 5d will gravitate back


nirmanakaya will appear themself


we would know it also a vision like reality

walpi 2015

our basis be this sphere 

yet it not of same world as 2004

we walked into pureland / nirmanakaya 2005



fong chi hall of fame


darrell the fong chi grandmaster

and chewey agreed they would never challenge each other again

leaving the best for the last

the trickster wisdom


the funeral party and the pandemic both counter balance of fong chi

it allows them to not laugh and keeps the poop hero from joking

- their home court advantage

like nba playoffs

if energy is counterbalance of matter

matter also counter balance of energy

next thing to visualize

evening gathering


round one fong chi

june 8, 2018

it was a tie

they both laughed same time

darrell and chewey in the packed piki house

round two fong chi

walpi 2015

preston wasn't there round one

neither was mr chee

they have studied the fong chi

and are now ready and even stronger

at same time

chu's fong chi kung fu has deepened 

he at a new level now with kokopellimana next

as in heaven so on earth


the dieties controls the world from its sphere


fong chi heaven so on fong chi earth

the scared clown make us laugh from its sphere


the sacred clown world is higher  than dieties


there an initiation into the physical world of the clowns - it an energy field and can be earthly heavenly etc

it the clown world



people clowning around

the only difference is one body is in a clown sphere


the fong chi sphere is also called the reverse world

the poop heaven ; the valley of ms buddha butt 

the canyon spirit ; trickster wisdom ; the secret medicine etc 

it ancient hopi culture

also taoist culture - as it should be 

"jesus is so loved he likely a childlike clown"

- pastor newhart

(this a new character - a middle circle)

reverse is the highest

- pastor shen ; master hu


the most under rated flute player 

he has everyone believing he does not play the flute


no fear rock a spirit

real as it is a rock

the one and only

death hunter

it the representative of that guardian world

the guardians body wave  vs. memory body wave

one a samurai armor

the other made of straw

we either trust it or dont

there no in-between 

its inner  cannot be moved/pulled

it takes it in

so part of our inner is with it

that part not moved

there is just no fear inside it


message from future

write what comes

there a new collective memory body wave being created

- the fifth world ?

we can return to ground floor - always here

or join in the wave within the memory antidote

you get the point

this the point of bifurcation

no in between anymore

for us

no choice

we trust compassion


rainbow body is similar to heyoka body

we see what we see

the secret aspect of body is pervasive 

bud page poop summoner 

everyone is everyone teacher and learning

there no limit to it

rainbow body vs. heyoka body

one is meditation

one fong chi clowning

they paradox beyond the memory wave

how can an inner movement be just an inner movement ?


why would a wave try not to laugh so to laugh ?

one is buddha medicine

one is heyoka medicine


heyoka chief the one least likely

and make more laugh with least effort

that william su


renton dairy queen

chatting with william su

"there was a day (90's) when i could simply wink at any lady and they would melt

now they wont even pay attention to me"

- william

90's taiwan

william about to get married

his concert announcing the news

as he finished the legendary song

za mo ni ga wa lua

a few ladies rushed the stage trying to hug him

writer was a hired body guard on stage

we had to stop them 


"i am william su ..."

- robert

"you wish ..."






say it 2015 and we had a 15 minute dream nap

inside dream, there a pandemic

if lucid within dream

then the secret aspect of body is the lucid

pervasive yet not exist to the dream mind/body

nothing of the dream registers to it

memory body wave has no effect on compassion body


in a dream

there is no antecedent cause

and only what is here

the news not seen is only as real as the  seven billion people not exist 


the town has no history outside the present memory

we see what we see

they say what they say

even if some of what they say same as what we see

we see what we see

they say what they say

in dream

it all present memory we viewing

it has no antecedent cause



in movie/dream

they both inner movement

but why our mind only focus on inner fire ?

it need not

why not focus on galdolf fashion ?

that heyoka perception

buddha perception be on the lucid aspect of dream



suppose in dream we remember eating ate at cafe 

but dream just started 

it only present memory we looking at

are we certain we ate at the cafe  ?

the point is not whether we ate at cafe

but if we can view all our inner movement same way

then what we perceive may have potential to change

to perceive inner movement as inner movement is to perceive what an inner movement is

that is compassion

the third eye vs. the wisdom eye
one sees other rupakayas
one sees the inconceivable

portals and time traveling
the inconceivable

base of reptilian brain

the wisdom of compassion
"the eye of the oracle"

once it opens
there be two bodies  - one the rainbow one the old world

so if can see the source of rainbow body
the wisdom eye opens
and so what perceive receive

if merely see rainbow dimension of the physical body - e.g. padmashambhava's rainbow body of light
that the manifestation of the inconceivable

they middle circle with us
but they from another world
the inconceivable can cross/link in any circle

and it can do what is inconceivable to our expectations/imaginations


the eternal medicine vs. memory wave medicine

as inner, there no in between
we look only to compassion

in vision/simulation game etc.
the pulling/temptations of memory wave is a way to deepen our trust in the one medicine which works

we call it compassion, 
"compassion has seen unseen and an inconceivable aspect"
not to rely on the same intelligence which caused it
- vision hunter

male ego hunters


general bd smith what they calll people who take their male ego too seriously


my name used to be mr tiny smith

but girlfriend college like to scream name when intimate ...

so i changed it

- general bd smith

私の名前は小さなスミスさんでした しかし、ガールフレンドの大学は親密なときに名前を叫ぶのが好きです... だから私はそれを変更しました -一般的なbdスミス

(Watashinonamaeha chīsana Sumisu-sandeshita shikashi, gārufurendo no daigaku wa shinmitsuna toki ni namae o sakebu no ga sukidesu... Dakara watashi wa sore o henkō shimashita - ippantekina bd Sumisu)

the guests nods pensively

after translation


the vajra body

our false vision sees seatac

our deeper self see it as vision

separate out separable

"which lives solely by negation, cannot continue to exist on its own strength alone. "

- i ching

the vision cannot exists of its own

without our inner support

what is false dissolves of its own if we not give it inner support e.g. vision


all of above have on thing in common

- the inner body

once that inner seen as outer

all which follow is seen as outer

e.g. if inner body then inner airport ; i outer body then outer airport

it a habit perception

but everything  give support to it


in vision/dream

even breadth is inner movement


to have someone who will not give support to the false program is a real friend indeed

- real love

to have an apparition in dream to tell us it a dream is a teacher who appears in our dream

e.g. oracle

everything else are programs doing what programs suppose to be doing

e.g. the gurus


past always catch up to the inner body

unless, of course, we dont have the inner body

then the chain of causation is neutralized

there no body to give it inner support

- pg - 13 becomes rated g

and so hell within compassion e.g. eternal fire  is better than heaven of the inner body 


i see no suffering" means we not see your inner body ; perception of the real body

without inner body ...

"having realized ... the nature of (dharmadatu) just as it is those of understanding are released from birth, sickness, aging and death"

- uttaratantra


our task is to slow the obstacles to perception

if everything reinforces the inner body

we counterbalance the one way flow

- vision hunters


the five elements have inner/outer

as inner they need not be compounded


nothing dissolves because the inner body was never there in the first place

like the inner / skandhas body

it not even suppose to be there


vision is dependent on conditions which do not truly exist


like inside water there no wetness

inside zero there no numbers​

if inside endless space

there no emptines


the appearances we see is not empty

bult also not real​

it is not solid and also not empty

like it  malleable ?​

to binary mind it a perpetual paradox

otherwise it not


discriminating wisdom

"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord."

- 2 corinthians 5 : 8

as inner movement

we are to separate out the memory body wave - to be absent from the false programming body/place

past life


a person may choose to start over

reinvent himself

he leaves behind the non essential

possessions and links


follow yuan​​


the essential dont leave him

"walking away from power and status is easy

- and he wont be going back -

but from those he loves dont know why he would"


"he didnt have to

they may not follow him

but they always near"

- jim

he may not remember them from past

but they remember him



kindred spirit/soul friend

if they together for a thousand years

"then it may be difficult for the other


one not the same person anymore ...​

but they still have the connection



start over


this place is of the mind

so you can reinvent yourself

it can mean moving somewhere new

- jim


the old world is no more

anything is possible in a light /vision




"walking away from power and status is easy

and he wont be going back"

they have the writings and all that he can teach

he fulfilled promise to return to teach

writings can cross parallel worlds 


no need to challenge/measure his strength

he just back to say hi

not to compete for anything/nothing to prove

even if this chewpiland

he may just keep moving


this place allows us to explore all options 

if month ago

we still wanted to do  the show

now, if to return, we would walk away from all


go spend time with parents

maybe find a companion we can trust


if get to start over ; we would be alone

maybe a friend or two​

learning is never ceasing

"all the people of  realization is alone"

- mei​


it useful this place

answers curiosity we have about fame and power​​

- we are grateful for the opportunity

but we choose to walk away



this just yet the place/time to start over​

a new situation will naturally present itself​

be alone at last 


inner keep elevating in quality

yet outer illusion remains same

"there be a point where they both as one"

- jessica

but if it is all fong chi

why aren't you laughing ?

- poop summoner

(e.g. your name here) lookth to the horizon

"because i am a fong chi master ..."

"wow ..."

the studio audience looking impressed

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 12.27.16 PM.png

The next station

it is ... going into a monastery 2004 ?

yes, a monastery  bodhgaya

but return be different time

- gyaphal


maybe not( bodhgaya ) but place similar

it a place "similar" in the "old" world

"close (to it) but it actually neither (bodhgaya or bhutan) but in same area

- mic



these (next stops) are options

you dont need them now

nor can they pull you

wait for the (veil) to drop off 

- hu


maybe august/early sept

 time travel/return to late 2015 (oct)

- bud ha



you should take baby steps ; explore beaten path but not too far off track or you get lost​

- you travel through your writings ; you can help them just by writing from here ; may not need to go there in person

- glen​

if travel back in time

you would have extra obligations / under someone's control and may have to go through all this again 

- la lady​

it be like taking one step forward and three steps back ; what would that get you

- glen​


we not in control but if given choice ...

then until we get settled and see clear

no need travel any portal


this not a guess ; i feel it be hopiland

- calvin

if it not work you can come back here

- bud on 2015

"not soon, but 9 months

your appearance would return to that being - similar"

- bud ha

on copper colored mountain



bud/vajradharra the primal buddha is another dharma / rainbow body level deeper

​has qualities very unique/precious

he is my guide

- page

i am happy you have him as guide

- la lady

"dont need ask/know how 

he will guide you"

- hu


"so zangdoklpari is a concrete place

yet a place of no place"


that may be the buddhist/walpi/gompa/india/2015 they speaking of  ?

so it not be looking back but returning old home where our family and friends spirit are

where our spirit body is 


"so it the old home, whatever we call it"


"that where we belong"

- mic



so we all end up same place

people we said good bye to all there

- john

sometimes you need that

a time to be away

- pollett , aka poop summoner


the vajra/void body (2)


"from the pure space or original purity

wisdom mind instantly manifests

like jewel discovered in the depth of the ocean

dharmakaya is uncreated and uncontrived by anyone

- grab dorje

"without needing to make any effort, wisdom mind instantly manifests. if one recognizes or is instantly aware of it in the way that lightning strikes, all the cause and result of the suffering of samsara that exist from the past are purified by themselves, unlike purifying with great effort as in the tradition of common vehicles"

- sole panacea

separate out seperable

the compassion body  is spontaneously manifested in present moment


memory body wave is based on antecedent cause 


the rainbow body  not need the memory body wave antidote/panacea

it instantly manifests from akanishita

so is called sambogakaya

the part of inner sill subject to antecedent cause is the past which yet give trust to the future


separate out seperable

the compassion body  is spontaneously manifested in present moment


memory body wave is based on antecedent cause 

the rainbow body  not need the memory body wave panacea​

the part of inner sill subject to antecedent cause is the past which yet give trust to the future


it is something else

if body changes e.g. older/younger 

it not due to antecedent cause nor not 

it is something else

if there ant bite ; it not due to ant nor no ant

it is something else

dharmakaya is not a visualized body nor anything our mind can get hold of

so it is something else


ultimate medicine/sole panacea has deepening levels

bud ha showing us a deeper one

dont exit train until what can be learned is learned - for future benefit


if mind empty enough/focus only on emptiness

the energy of body is just there


that spontaneous inner energy not of the inner five element energy - it something else

the same way if empty enough receive new ideas

that idea not from/of the old binary mind


there is perception/reception

"we perceive what we receive"​

how to be receptive to what we need to perceive

how to perceive what we need to receive ?

"dominic read this book titled so powerful i can't talk

sat under the hopi tree

mara came and tried to move him

first with five daughters etc.

with money and power etc.

three genie wishes etc.

free vacation anywhere etc.

even offer eternal life etc.

but each time ...

dominic just sat there

speechless and smiling​


then mara used most powerful ...

asks dominic "will you be my god?"​

dominic still yet to settled into the reading

so just smiled

finally mara gave up

"oh i just can not pull you "​

mara then disappeared/vanished ..."

- story teller





"this is very high knowledge

you only need to trust him"

They don’t exist because nothing happened! That seems to be the basic point. That all took place at a nonexistence level. This is very hard to understand if you look at it from the perspective of trying to understand.  ... But now what we are trying to get to and to understand—or not understand—is the unbornness of the whole thing."

- chogyam rinpoche

here, in this timeless space

every thought every beginning of inner movement , every memory , down to every detail of body etc. is created dharmakaya wisdom

even what we write see sense  and what others say etc. - preset

if we rely on outer form for answer instead of the timeless - the wisdom plays games with us - keep us circling - we wont get anywhere

if we simply trust it - compassion

the emptiness, boundless space, dharmakaya

it will show the way 

there more to go - the impossible becomes possible and it gets better in this sambogakaya


there are other buddhas . we have our own buddha, which is the emptiness within ourself

we  call it compassion - she/he is great teacher ​

we are his messenger


e.g. tax  pandemic etc. - it all created by the source without antecedent cause​

if try to counter it with same intelligence

nothing happens​

but only within timeless

impossible becomes possible


"That all took place at a nonexistence level. This is very hard to understand if you look at it from the perspective of trying to understand."

e.g. tax - we have present moment thought of - we already filed it etc. - the thought is created by the emptiness, not us​

within timeless

that is just an present inner movement 

it is without antecedent cause

like present dream we believe we filed it

but there no antecedent cause which can exist

in the present moment - it just a memory

an memory are not facts  in quantum world​

"in timeless reality anything becomes possible"

- the gift show

that there , in additions to countless parallel worlds - a unified field which is timeless genderless placeless  dharmadatu


"self appearing subject and objects are the power of the baseless ultimate truth

- longchenpa

it different from watching our own thoughts

because there the thoughts are our own

here they are "rays of light" created by the ground/dharmata​

it is not karma  - cause/effect, but something else


e.g. can we then make it not filed etc.

that also be another thought created by compassion

as long we try to solve it at that level

it will keep circling us with counter thoughts

- wont get anywhere​

the present inner thought of we have filed it will keep emerging - to teach us a wisdom​

you get point


e.g. #2​

we have present thought of pandemic last year

in timeless that also present created

vs. in karma it is a settled thought which not change until it released etc.

if we try to counter it at same level

it just another present thought created by timeless - to teach us wisdom

they not our thoughts

and if we think they are our thought

that thought also a thought created by it

the thought they not our thought is also created by it - to teach us wisdom

by then we already getting wise - this how compassion upgrades the quality - e.g. from there is pandemic to we can slow this to we can stop it to ...​

you get point

it liberates the cycle


so if we see it ... then we see it not us

it inherently from emptiness

the wisdom mind wisdom body wisdom thoughts 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fearis that we are powerful beyond measure. ... As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

- nelson mendela

once purified in this way

it also liberates others 

"without needing to make any effort, wisdom mind instantly manifests. if one recognizes or is instantly aware of it in the way that lightning strikes, all the cause and result of the suffering of samsara that exist from the past are purified by themselves, unlike purifying with great effort as in the tradition of common vehicles"

- sole panacea​​

seeing it as inherently empty vs.

seeing it as created by the empty


like eternal fire - how did it start ?​

if inner try to start it but outer wont comply​

he keep try to light it maybe as inner he was emptying out - then maybe a small lightening may flash from the ground​


it resets to zero in timeless

but same codes/numbers can come out

but if stay with it, the codes transform into pg-13


the wisdom mind / big mind​


my mom calls facetime

it also wisdom mind created  to send love


e.g. #4

maybe we perceive our body differently today than say 10 years ago

- an upgrade

that also the ground created thought​

but an upgraded one



we are humble channel of compassion in thoughts words spirit feeling sensation appearance  perception and movement​

our thoughts etc. originated from it 


we to trust our feeling/inner sight

more than the outer news

if ... there not seven billion here

then paradigm shifts 180

e.g. there another view of the pandemic

that it can be without inner antecedent cause

even if there was outer one ...


​百病 不 生 

time transforms into timeless​

this the real lesson whether it vision or real


samsara is the real pandemic

- ​


it the motivation​

doing for self vs. help others future

then inner fear upgrades into pg - 13


by help/protect other's link to their 100th birthday - more likely to have own 100th vs. just for oneself​


the current may just pull you


yes, but by staying with compassion

we get pull by its current



samsara the dragon lord spell

if within compassion

the mara of compassion uses it to liberate 


no outer cause without inner because "cause" is just a way of perception


we have memory present of we were born

so there no birth as cause without that perception


there only present moment appearances moving

so birthdays are nice but it can also give inner pull to that perception 


this is a vision of million vision hunters

it a collective effort to slow and stop and ...

- pandemic hunters

and because inner authority is easier to see ​

we can it inner authority hunters​

you get point​


time has cause/effect - past cause future

timeless is without inner antecedent cause

both see the same appearance

e.g. mic not subject to time 

we like to learn

​百病 不 生 的智慧


attending bison shaman teachings

in a vision, if you have choice and you choose to comply then you give it - illusion-  power 

don't get pulled by the rip tide

- bison shaman

wise words

"we relate to people out of fear or out of love​​"

- atyea show



the current may just take you

you should receive the antidote

please sign the easement

etc etc.

as inner - we no need get pulled by memory

and when speaking with them, we also not need get pulled by the inner current 

we follow what our future guides us

if it gives feeling of opposing, we will wait


on airport - the future just says find out who is behind this and deal with it from there /that level

what do they really want ?

on pandemic

future says if we know what they know

it would take out the challenge of counter balancing it


in script

in a mara illusion

the inner pandemic has an architect

- vision hunters advisor

in sambogakaya illumination

mara of compassion is a wise being

like mara vs. buddhasatvas



in vision/dream

a pandemic has its architect

buddhist calls him mara

he not creator of the ground nor vision

but is able to create movements within the vision ground

like we able to create movements within same ground

- ​

you gonna wait for him to come to you ?

- bison shaman

well, my friend say if he reveals himself he is taken by the guardians


deepening of compassion 

can see the compassion within the pandemic​


future there be those who will say thanks to it they avoided something etc.​

no choice - as inner see the compassion within inner haze/darkness

then there may be a gift within

e.g. a wisdom to be other than the skandhas body​

- that maybe an option has been shown

we trust this future / current​

"are you able to do nothing"


this is time travel/vision

there an illusion maker


"trust first your feeling

not the appearance/news

that is especially true here"​

if your feeling clearly tells you not yet

but it logical / "one would like to do it"


in non vision we may listen to logic

but  in a mara vision we must give attention first

to our feeling​ - non of us if know we in vision

would go against our feeling 


something new on 5-20

future tells us to "just wait"​

first gain clarity of vision

then will know what to do

and because we know it a vision

so we to trust the feeling more than others


There is a temptation to fall in with the evil element offering itself-a very dangerous situation. Fortunately circumstances prevent this; one would like to do it, but cannot. This leads to painful indecision in behavior. But if we gain clear insight into the danger of the situation, we shall at least avoid more serious mistakes.

- i ching



that this is seen now as a vision

this the most important insight ...​​

had this not been a vision

then that very different

we to not go against the wisdom feeling if there choice​


discriminate 3/4/5 d from 6d

6d news vs. 3/4/5d news

what 6d would do ?


fong chi 


"So come on baby, won't you show some class
Why do you have to move so fast?
We don't have to be wiliam su 
To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance and party all night
And drink some cherry wine, oh ..."

- robert

yea you wish ....



wow .. so romantic ...​

- studio audience




this place is of the mind

so nothing is random 

- jim

abugee is the same as  mic

so on top his own - above all us

our circle is not under any others


in a visiontrust first your feelings overthe apparitions 


what we really need/the medicineit will come to us if we ..."are you able to do nothing"


we beginning to see the vision's makeup

and may be able to rival its maker

- the forward time layer

we begin to be able to anchor in the layer/sphere  independent of the forward wheel layer 

because this is a vision/dream

it an extraneous layer/adventitious layer

it can be dissolved ?

- vision hunters

once have a deeper basis

then don't inner need the forward time layer

so their actions different for different reasons than what forward circle think 

e.g. william su is taiwan top ten sexy not because anything in the forward time layer


"this place is all of the mind

nothing is random"

so the goal, or the potential - is we can change everything created

and unlike real  world - the vision is present created code - it need not be there that way

we just have to get to the vision creator

and not try to deal with it on surface

e.g. use airport - we to get to the basis of this vision creation - there someone creating it present moment - let call him mara or white wizard - then it over

you get point


so now there a new dawn of the "view"

we see it as all "of the mind"

in vision, there the natural program - mountains rivers etc.

vs. adventitious interference


"outside heaven the world controlled by the prince of darkness (illusion maker)"

- steve

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."

Ephesians 6:12


this own sambogakaya/inner world

we to take over and evict mara

- guardians chief


in script

a quantum hologram/parallel reality

information stored inside to be decoded

if airport and pandemic are programs written

they may have information hidden within 

e.g. wisdom of the ultimate medicine and neutralizing false inner authority etc.

it was a pre designed plan of wisdom mind

since there no others (or few) within

the event itself is just codes 


searching for newsmaker to uproot the event

and/or maybe both

we dont know, but something is going they know but we dont  ?

future is guiding us on this


shift in how we perceive the consciousness of time/space, then things may happen

because it a multiverse and/or what we see is just consciousness - anything is possible

even what has happened cane be reversed / replaced from quantum view


if our body is quantum hologram

then potential of it is limitless

it just a program of  energy/light waves

quantum light waves that not of five elements

- potentially program not subject to any rules 


in quantum hologram

a friend visit us

it not same body and may not same mind


he replacing our skandhas body with the body of ultimate medicine​


we trust him


it is here in vision 

it can not be here in same vision

it need not follow time


discriminative wisdom

if this vision

if we talk to friend and they fear

if we watch news and it fear etc.

it just vision

they do not exist outside what perceived present moment

second floor

it a test/challenge

which direction we choose

it is much easier to go with the apparitions 

but then there may be rewards etc. for choosing the ground too


not going  with the mainstream

takes courage and sacrifice

because of that, we believe 

the future takes/accepts us and rewards us

we trust first feeling before others advise

-  i ching is secondary advise

on the antidote question ; the two times we asked the line moving were follows :


Since the hexagram is the picture of something that is retreating, the lowest line represents the tail and the top line the head. In a retreat it is advantageous to be at the front. Here one is at the back, in immediate contact with the pursuing enemy. This is dangerous, and under such circumstances it is not advisable to undertake anything. Keeping still is the easiest way of escaping from the threatening danger.


this was few months ago ; it also how we felt then


recently a friend  try to pressure us

we open minded - so asked i ching again : 

coming to meet

If an inferior element has wormed its way in, it must be energetically checked at once. By consistently checking it, bad effects can be avoided. If it is allowed to take its course, misfortune is bound to result; the insignificance of that which creeps in should not be a temptation to underrate it. A pig that is still young and lean cannot rage around much, but after it has eaten its fill and become strong, its true nature comes out if it has not previously been curbed.


There is a temptation to fall in with the evil element offering itself-a very dangerous situation. Fortunately circumstances prevent this; one would like to do it, but cannot. This leads to painful indecision in behavior. But if we gain clear insight into the danger of the situation, we shall at least avoid more serious mistakes.

- i ching


we also asks question -

if there not seven million in wa state

then how many has received the antidote ? etc.

if this not vision, then it may be different



guardians asks us to clear first before do anything

no matter what peer pressure want us to do - because they not them - maybe just programs

that is there something about this pandemic they not telling us  ?

that if we know what they know , what we do ?

we know what people all want to preach , we know what they know

but we also observing the few who are aware - we may not know what they know 

there much mystery here 


i ching points to completion of cycle

writing also indicates same

bud talks of a month from now journey

one day at a time

"just wait"









we working for our past

the future not need us

so we not pulled by any temptations to benefit  future if it means we help less of past

- we not go future which moves away from helping 2020​ ; sending from source the current of compassion 2020 called the ultimate medicine

whether we can stay loyal to 2020 beacon

- that the next beacon which has won will only link to this compassion


what would compassion do ?​

if this just own vision - we only one here

then only need to say no to what not feel right

if this seven billion planet

if 80 % are still in  inner fear / 20% can take temporary inner refuge (it not the rock house)

if we to leave the path - we may be safe in the mind of others, but not be within protection of compassion



this line shows the man who must act as father of a family or as head of his kin. If he were to plunge recklessly in to danger, it would be a useless act, because those entrusted to his care cannot get along by themselves. But if he withdraws and turns back to his own, they welcome him with great joy."

- i ching

the road is clear but stay  on it not easy 

but if we do, past 20 years it has looked after us and our circle​

without it - e.g. had we not go canyon and instead stayed with our career, the spirit not be here but others would think we better off without it



we believe in book reading but we do not believe we should force others to read

- middle party

future needs us to set standard both for present and future - you get point


some just want protection from the pandemic

some wants protection also from the antidote

to do that - have both

they will need help from our own guardians future

they to team up in future to help past​

that the first assumption :​

that there is a higher power which can easily protect us​

for some, it a knowledge, not just assumption​

if we learn  that power, there long term benefits 



-  they may slow it down in old world - they may have done enough​




whether it compassion ?

we to each decide ourselves

- the big man​​

if it dims your light do not accept it

- sir walter mathews



if three circles rotating then it not conflict with that energy/inner movement​

it an energy which not want conflict, but if 3 circles not rotating, then the energy conflict seen as darkness/haze

after over a year,many physical consciousness have adopted naturally to this energy ​

many have not and have developed an artificial barrier​

what if without such natural adaptation

we need get ready for the next challenge ?​

for those who need it they must be given

for those wanting to keep defending it naturally

the fruit of their effort  may be of importance in future​


the clown university

annual fong chi science conference

the science of fong chi  seminar

"where fong chi is strongest is where it appears most serious - the polarity intermingle in a new way"

- fong chi science professor

yes, the appearance can be deceptive when it comes to not laughing ; one moment we believe it something not laughable ; the next moment we find ourself laughing inside for no reason

- fong chi scientist nods


the class nods in agreement

yes, yes, i could not have put it in a better way .... once the urge to laughter reaches its overflow 

that inner laughter emerges as outer laughter

those who are inwardly aware of their laughter already know they will laugh

they can feel their future

- fong chi science professor nods in agreement

the class listens pensively 


dharmakaya /sambogakaya - the last stop

nirmanakaya originates from sambogakaya

from dharmakaya

there a realm where the phenomena originates as inner movement 

within inner movement there a realm where phenomena originates

"Source of phenomena or qualities ....  defines dharmodaya as that from which phenomena devoid of intrinsic nature originate...

Their source, dharmodaya, is the pure realm, the abode of all buddhas and bodhisattvas, the place of bliss, the place of birth; it is not the place that discharges blood, urine, and regenerative fluids, i.e., the vagina. Source: Stainless Light

- wikipedia


you want be somewhere you there

- raja

there dont need to eat or sleep

there really no house needed  because can sleep outside anywhere

- mei

there is perception/reception

"we perceive what we receive"

how to be receptive to what we need to perceive

how to perceive what we need to receive ?


zhong xiao

it the feeling those who want take from you are not here
and it not just people and places
but also second floor/ skandhas pull
the memory wave has no pull
and what remains is all we need

it a place protected from that
by the guardians


who is chewey ? my canyon spirit

if chewey appears things always been alright

body feels extra layer of power

chi gets stronger 

he is there when we need help​

so we trust our own spirit 

his ways are reverse

it is here this house

maybe why this land not get pulled


in script
it was a long journey
the villagers of the humble village
welcome the return of the story teller

going to tacoma may not excite those from buffalo the same way a kid from taiwan in 1978
if you from tacoma
you want them to see tacoma that way
it the feeling not the outer movements

same way now, it the feeling, not the outer news - we coming home



you can now feel it

first return and then go from there

- bison


When talk of change has come to one's ears three times, and has been pondered well, he may believe and acquiesce in it. Then he will meet with belief and will accomplish something.

- i ching


we getting closer and closer to "that" future

we now can feel that next beacon



what would compassion do ?

it would go on an adventure

it wants get off main road and explore the beaten path - maybe travel 

meet new friends new community

may the force be with us



"you not seeing it ...

but you went back there 3 times"


this will take little more time to understand



it would resolve writer's questions - whether he has to leave behind those he loves - and what happened to old world/people ?​

if return to that place - home base - then all of it are still there same time and can be accessed



that all we need do to get there

is to keep sending this to our past

that our future which is there doing

just looking back at us

we also don't need anything here 2021

we pass on the current to 2020 beacon

only upon reflection

like the hours at the fire night lost

that was it ...

vajra/void body (3)


they are first here then whichever world vs.

they first in this world then are here

it is not stained by the human realm

human realm not separated from heaven realm​

there the present moment

that deeper than any inner movement/worlds

stay with deepening of  compassion


we trust the message

this has purpose of teaching us the compassion body​

there is present moment - that the compassion body vs.

there is present memory of e.g. this am 

memory waves present moment is like green field below - why certain memory chosen over others we dont know 

present moment is eternal and unchangeable

- the ultimate medicine body

- memory body can pull us if we let it

into the green field/cycle

you get point


it easier to bifurcate/separate out separable this time last year than this time this year

there no choice as inner

either we stay with it or get pulled into cycle​

now there less people  resisting the pull 

it just means the teaching is almost over

there still few things we can gain/learn


once they lose ground - they at mercy of the cycle, even if it a comfortable one

if not get pulled - there may not be options for time being

but maybe there those who wants to emerge from this with realization of the new light body - not pull-able by second floor/green field

then they may gain something of perennial value

the heavenly realm cannot be stained

you get point


they know what all know

peer pressure may be test of faith/make stronger resistance to the pull etc.

they may also have relationship to a different wisdom that others not relate to


we can go to highest heaven etc. where it all peaceful 

but if not gain the wisdom it just matter of time before we get pulled by samsara​



attaining the state of "heaven/human as one


is also taoist term for immortal

"reverse old returning to young"


taoist term for the effect of it


"if sun rotates around you

where is your body ?"

in vision/dream

the planetary movement also an inner movement

a deeper inner movement/the unconscious

there deeper layers


rainbow body has different levels

the rainbow phenomena is the effect of discovering the secret aspect of body

inner/outer/secret (void body)

a body spontaneously  present from the void


the power of silence/emptiness

it consumes everything inner second floor

the "cosmic consciousness" transforms our physical consciousness into non dual body consciousness


we cultivating the power of this ultimate medicine

- it an inner army of quantum perceptors

it gets stronger with every pull resisted

that the real inner defense

they cant pull us out of current of compassion

protected from the pull


cause and then effect vs. inseparability of cause/effect - that something else

- chicken buddha

e.g. chicken  buddha's body has no first a cause then an effect

it is not in time


dark energy matter = dark energy body/place


five element energy/matter = five elements body/place




if this one big multi player game

if you dont like the game maybe just maybe you can change it


not whether it real / not real and/or how to exit

the drought/pandemic etc.

but can we use that knowledge to change it ?

to help others who wants to improve

e.g. using "cosmic consciousness" to de-materialize the  drought consciousness


inner movement cannot resolve cause which is outer and vice versa

if this vision it an inner movement

any antecedent cause is an inner movement

any solution of "outer" is not inner - it be placebo in effect

only inner can resolve/uproot inner cause

- so first discriminate between inner/outer


our power of inner movement/perception is very primitive

it not high tech like our outer ​

just visualizing/affirmation etc. 

but once we see the car and not the mirror - the inner is seen as inner​

then in time quantum perception can make things happen


it like looking at  the car in the mirror vs. looking at the car

- pollet

immortality has mot ,much appeal

compassion which is eternal has great appeal

- the big man


in vision there no others

everything is symbolic

it the choice we make which makes difference




a drought/pandemic is a program created ; program hacking program 

all in present moment​

they second floor ; dont get pulled​​


our future already won


if atom is five element world

then dakinis word for sub atomic


if just had dream of gas station attendant

the people we see - there no others

the body we see if also of the mind

all pureland is of the mind

so if dream of a .... drought

there no others

whatever happens is from the dream mind

it not caused nor not caused by others 

that view a second floor pull

our inner choice of not get pulled by what we see is more important 

e.g. if we lucid/aware within dream

what is important is not get pulled by memory if a body/place /time 


that there no past climate in a dream, only memory of present 

you get point


the airport is a symbol in a dream

it may be there to represent second floor view inner authority etc.

but this one gentle rated g

it easy to discriminate / separate out separable

and so it wisdom if know "how to use it"

the ... drought in pureland also symbolic

represents second floor view of planetary world

- if lucid/aware - that the sun we see in dream is outer and not a dream - is a second floor view

it not the only view available in a dream

and if lucid and have discriminative wisdom

the maybe the dream can shift/change as easy and effortless as shifting into the next dream

you get point

dont get pulled by second floor


"in a computer generated reality anything is possible"

something/one else is behind the events

pandemic can simply cease overnight

world can all be at peace  all of sudden etc.

don get attached/pulled by the illusion

there is no body here - unless we believe it

it of the mind

there is no other nations /world people

- only people/place we see - unless we believe it



it a feeling - earth is out of balance and more so since 2020

we should do a rain dance 

the past/present/future guardians need get going ...


drought has inner/outer
the root of inner need be balanced
something taking more than they should

that place where need to get to and/or the state where we need be
is a place protected from the takings / pull of the skhandas

it is protected by its guardians
if guardians do their job
there no pull of memory wave inside

then there is a way ...


it a place where the people are of kindred mind
to shield the false from pulling
"they dont want you to see the light
they want you to stay"

they want take something and/or they want you be pulled by same

those who do dont really belong to the first place
those who dont not really belong to the second place

a good example may be money energy
those pulled by it vs. those not

they in two different inner worlds
those get pulled dont want you to stay there
they want you to be pulled by their wealth energy

another one is fame
the celebrity/paparazzis come as twins
you no need get pulled to be famous
vice versa

the real celebrities , the ones been around long time - they more resistant to get pulled and enjoy presence of people less pull-able

if we need inner pull water
we need first resist getting pulled by inner fire

fear of inner death is due to lack of counter balance
it just a present moment inner movement
if protected inner
then can walk through valley of darkness and fear no inner movement

the point is

the world which is balanced inner is protected by their guardians from the ...

it then easy to resist pull of false programming

the world lacking knowledge and constantly stimulated by outer pull
it not easy to stay where they are



in vision, cant counter a vision content with another vision content - even if strongest, something bigger will pull you

- we to trust the source

which we trust is our future now


unlike real world, in vision, antidote  no really work

the illusion maker can just create another memory of an antidote etc.

in pure vision - like seeing dream clearly

there only what here/no antecedent cause

in their present memory of drought

- there no antecedent cause

and it the source which creates the vision

in vision, we not in control that way

and if allow pulled by other programs - then hacked by other programs -


the point is :

cause/effect is different in a vision

it something else - like quantum physics different from conventional physics

- we not for/against 

just want people to see the picture in different ways

when in vision

you get point

- potentially this vision can be without the drought

vs. blame it on antecedent cause


that what we waiting for - everything else is not the rock house we need for the next wolf pack

and then we be where we should be

whichever body/world we in


if protected by source

can take out the programmer  from either same realm of the programmer or beyond

and/or both

- vision hunters

"we feed it we empower it"

yesterday but present memory

we see yesterday outer world a present inner movement

then the cause/effect chain is neutralized



in quantum perception

- no antecedent cause 

"if something not observed by collective consciousness

it cease to exists until it is observed again


if particle not there until observed

how can there be  a past

past is determined in the present


reality a process

it not there until observed"

- mandela effect

it talks about how if the world is a simulation and memory can be implanted - but for some they didnt forget thus creating the mandella effect


cause and then effect vs. inseparability of cause/effect - that something else

- chicken buddha

e.g. chicken  buddha's body has no first a cause then an effect

it is not in time


dark energy matter = dark energy body/place


five element energy/matter = five elements body/place

there ancient culture know how to initiate ready people into that energy/matter world


"we feed it we empower it"

yesterday but present memory

we see yesterday outer world a present inner movement

then the cause/effect chain is neutralized


the stream of antecedent cause/karma be cut

by the present emptiness



not that it real/not real but simply we see only what is perceived 

that others dont exist that way - with a body when we not perceiving them ?​

e.g. page bud  chee jessica pollet not exists as separate body when we not perceiving them ?


there no one here until activated by perception

and it all codes/programs

they not here in body when not perceived

no matter what tales they make up

- that the cause/effect is different

do what do outer ; but as inner - if we give it inner power ; we may get stuck longer​

you get point

computer programs speak what it programed 

we need to listen to own future/feeling


we use the four powers 

abundance silence intelligence and beauty

false programming vision/impure vision

replaces the four powers with its own pillars

non dual intelligence replaced by logic one way thinking

silence of space/dharmadatu replaced by a vision ground/inner body as basis

natural power of justice mercy vs. force based on fear/desire

no need of body abundance/quantum body

replaced by skandhas/memory  body​

impersonal love/big love

vs. personal selfish love​

- vision hunters

point defiance 8-11

vision maker's desire is also his fear

- vision hunter scout


like inside hologram watching same news as other world

our writings get through to many worlds

Death Hunters 

fear of death/desire to live same 

that night lost

once sun sets/rises

the fear of death/desire to live​

so it never felt so fear and

never felt so good to be alive

only at the fire

there neither fear nor desire

that was real peace

that was liberation


now you feel like sunrise of that night lost

waiting to get out

- mei​

yes, once sun rises/enough light

the current will take you to go

but i am also looking back at 2020

and not just trying to get away from it




death hunter of the week :​

"My delight in death is far, far greater than

The delight of traders at making vast fortunes at sea,

Or the lords of the gods who vaunt their victory in battle;

Or of those sages who have entered the rapture of perfect absorption.

So just as a traveller who sets out on the road when it is time,

I, Pema Ledrel Tsal, will not remain in this world any longer,

But will go to dwell in the stronghold of the great bliss of deathlessness."

- longchenpa​

he is still around ...

in the stronghold

and can return to this world as traveler


death is just a word/inner movement

our inner programming either never had a counter balance program to it or some program hacked it ​

you get point

we to create a current ; we call it death hunters​

- death hunters strategist

we can hunt death by stalking desire

accumulating the vital energy once inner death is seen as what it is - inner movement​

win win



the canyon spirit  

the dark energy/matter world

the dark side of the compassion force

that chewey



the way padmashambhava teach is simply by showing an exception

e.g. his miraculous birth​​

e.g. #2

he appears/emanates to our vision

we see him, even just once , as rainbow body

- and that alters everything


in their rain dance
great sacrifice and offers are made
pleasing the  gods to bring rain
- bison shaman

a middle world they enter
without the skandhas body
there joy they share
- chewey

you dont need to dance to create rain
- bud

the rain clowns do that better
- poop summoner

to please the rain clowns
we dont need to dance
- the big man

we simply need to offer our inner male ego
that a bigger sacrifice than any
- bd smith


to do  that
we play with  the rain gods 
to a game of fong chi
- buffalo butt fong chi

tacoma heyokas nods in readiness